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Virtual Foreplay: Making Your Online Relationship a Real-Life Success

   by Eve Eschner Hogan

    Hunter House (CA)
    09 June, 2001


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Editorial description(s):

From Library Journal
As the web becomes more accessible, once-timid nontechnical types are using it to shop for everything including love. Hogan, a relationships adviser for, stresses the importance of learning about ourselves from the ways we interact and describe ourselves online. Through a series of questions in each chapter, readers perform a self-assessment, which will, according to the author, help them understand what qualities are important to them in a potential mate. Unlike some recently published Internet dating manuals, this book does not offer a list of hot spots and things to say the first time you "meet." Instead, Hogan addresses the concerns of individuals seeking mature, long-term relationships. This book is not for beginners, as the author does not adequately explain Internet terminology or the various means of Internet courting. Likewise, veterans may feel put off by the commonsensical advice and the concentration on professional dating services. Nevertheless, this title does offer some useful guidance and can be considered for libraries with Internet-savvy patrons. Jeanne Larkins, New York
Copyright 2001 Reed Business Information, Inc.
"Virtual Foreplay is packed full of practical ideas on how make the experience of online dating fun and fulfilling."
"... shows how to reconnect with our own soul first, forming the deeply honest intimacy that forms a healthy relationship."
"Virtual Foreplay provides a unique approach to dating: using the online experience as an opportunity for personal growth! Totally refreshing!"

From the Author
Online dating provides us with an amazing way to make introductions to hundreds, if not thousands, of potential partners. The challenge is that unless we have the interpersonal skills (and often fortitude!) to turn that introduction into a lasting face-to-face relationship, an introduction will only take us just so far.

Let';s face it, the rules of dating have significantly changed! Online dating is exactly backwards of the way we have dated traditionally and guidelines for using the internet to build relationships are few and far between. As technology allows us to present ourselves instantly to the world, searching for true love or titillation, new questions face us: How can we keep our "virtual" selves real? Can we be honest and still be intriguing? How do we protect ourselves from flakes and predators? Does sex online "count" as sex? We've all grappled with the morality issue of sex before marriage, but what about sex before meeting!?

Virtual Foreplay describes how to make meaningful contact online and then successfully shift that love offline. Topics include choosing online dating services, handling online rejection, "fifty ways to delete your lover" and the emotional and safety concerns of the first real-life encounter. Virtual Foreplay is much more than just a "how to date online" book!

You';ll also learn how to make your email more romantic and appealing, while at the same time, discovering how online dating can raise your self-esteem, help you establish clearer boundaries, and enhance critical interpersonal skills that will positively and powerfully impact your ability to create lasting and joyful love--online and off!

Virtual Foreplay works hand-in-hand with Intellectual Foreplay: Questions for Lovers and Lovers-to-be!

About the Author
Eve Eschner Hogan, M.A., is an inspirational speaker and a relationship specialist. She is the author of "Intellectual Foreplay: Questions for Lovers and Lovers-to Be," (Hunter House, 2000) "Virtual Foreplay: Making Your Online Relationship a Real-Life Success" (July, 2001, Hunter House) and co-author of "Rings of Truth" (Health Communications Inc, 1999). She holds a Master's Degree in Confluent Education, a Bachelor';s Degree in Cultural Anthropology, a Teaching Credential in Hawaii and California and serves as Director of Education for Motivating the Teen Spirit, LLC.

Eve is an online relationship advisor for,,, and serves as the "Wizard of the Dating Realm" on She is also a labyrinth facilitator, a wedding officiant and co-owner with her husband, Steve, of Makena Coast Charters Scuba Diving on Maui. She has appeared on Lifetime TV's "Love Letters of a Lifetime" special, "Woman to Woman" on CBS, Fox News National, in Cosmopolitan and Bride Magazines, among several others.

For over thirteen years, Eve has been facilitating seminars for corporations, schools, organizations and individuals seeking to improve their quality of life. As an agent of change, Eve has assisted thousands of people to achieve greater self-mastery and to create more productive, healthier relationships, whether in the workplace, the schools, the home or the heart--and now, on the Internet!

Book Description
Entering the world of online dating can be daunting and even dangerous. Virtual Foreplay addresses the need for a guidebook to this still largely unexplored area, but the author takes an unusual approach. Using real-life examples, she helps readers find their self, soul, and passion in a way that makes presenting themselves online an honest and satisfying experience. Chapters like "Fifty Ways to Delete Your Lover" and "Don';t Talk to Strangers -- Except on the Internet!" keep the discussion lively as well as informative.

Reader review(s):

For the Internet clueless primarily, September 2, 2002
Hogan's previous book with her spouse, Intellectual Foreplay, is reference in this book often. In fact, I suspect that readers would get the most from this book if they read the previous one. Virtual Foreplay is a very simple guidebook to the Internet and the various resources available to find a partner. Hogan clearly believes that face-to-face encounters are superior to online ones so if you were looking for a guide to getting cyberlaid this won't do the job. A word of caution: anything about the Internet or the Web can get outdated quickly in terms of addresses and sites so don't be surprised if you can't find the same sites she does. Overall the advice is very sound but the book is really for those with questions about dating, finding a partner, and learning the Internet. For anyone else, its not very useful.

A must read for online dating., September 29, 2001
Eve takes your hand and walks you through the world of online dating. Her book is well laid out, starting with an introduction to cyerspace. She tells you what to look for in an online dating site, and briefly describes the major sites. Eve uses real stories, from real members to give you a look at the world of online dating. Eve's book was an easy read, and very informative. I highly recommend her book to those interested in online dating, as well as webmasters of dating websites! There's alot to learn here ;-)

Edward Orysiek

Would You Date You?, August 17, 2001
I've always considered myself a bit on the cutting edge of trying new things. The one area I've not really embraced until now was meeting a love match on line. Then I discovered Eve Hogan's terrific on-line weekly dating suggestions at a site called WZ. That's where I also learned of her latest release, Virtual Foreplay. Great real world tips, and thought provoking insight on how to turn my on-line fantasy in to off-line reality was the bottom line I walked away with. I bought the book for obvious reasons as most people would from the title. However, the bonus came in what I learned about myself. Would I date me? Virtual Foreplay has given me a proactive way of communicating to others exactly who I am and what I really find emportant in a relationship. With these new skills, I'll no longer shy away from being me on line. I know I'll attract that love match in real time. More importantly, when I do connect to that right person, they will really get to know me, not just another cyber name. It also occured to me that this would make a great gift for people from teens to seniors. It literally covered valuable advise for all ages. Never thought I would be considering the same holiday gift for my teenage son, newly single mother, as well as enjoying a copy myself. I guess this will be an entirely new conversation around the holiday dinner table this year.

Internet Dating 101 in 224 Pages!!!!, July 23, 2001
I had to read this book! Someone told me about it and since I'm single and have extensively dated online, thought that one can never know too much about anything. What I liked most was that Eve didn't just give an online dating blueprint, but took it to another level and gave me something to think about as far as my part in a relationship. It was kind of like getting a 2nd book free. Whenever the online dating subject comes up in conversation I recommend they check out Virtual Foreplay. I'm known by my friends to be a great resource and am quite critical, so they listen. So before you take the online internet leap...check it out, you won't be sorry...if you don't pick it up... you may be sorry you didn't!!!!!!!!!

A Valuable Resource For Dating On The Web, December 31, 2001
I'm a beginner at the "art" of dating on the Web, and felt that any insights would be of value before starting the "journey". I found Eve Hogan's book, "Virtual Foreplay", to be a great resource in understanding the process, and how to to proceed with the best opportunity for success in making contact with, and maintaining connection with my "soulmate" (who's out there, waing for me to find her). It also provides a comprehensive collection of "tools" that address the questions and answers that must be considered before starting any search for a potential "significant other". I now believe that I'm ready to begin my "adventure of discovery".

Expertly Crafted Overview, June 27, 2002
I work for an internet personals site [URL] and have read many different books on this subject, as well as being personally involved in developing something that fills this need. In Virtual Foreplay, Eve expertly addresses every facet of this subject, from how to get started to how to remain safe. I hightly recommend it as a great place to begin.

Virtuality and Introspection=Mutually Designed Relationships, March 16, 2003
Engineering has always required a great deal of thought. Intimacy engineering should, in theory, be no different. The too soon physical relationships of the past often preclude the possibility of introspection, assessment and evaluation that can come from remote relationships, aided by virtual contact confined to honest, intellectual and emotional exploration without investing enormous amounts of time and effort, or incurring levels of risk that are typical of spontaneous encounters commonly found in seductive settings. In theory, good planning is more likely to produce satisfying relationships by examining the facets of personality and intellectual interests, as well as cultural style and values that comprise the individuals before adding that extra impulse of physical love and affection that become the emotional habits that are difficult to break. Designer love configured to encompass all parts of a person are much preferable to sharing only a small piece typecast into the kinds of relationships that amount to the co-dependency coupling that seeks only superficial satisfaction. Ordinarily, only direct communication can accomplish the breath and depth of exploration to accomplish this, is not always possible or desirable in person, and may, at times, be more comfortable using letters or remote methods to achieve the same goals in addition to those typically used. Virtuality offers valuable additions to, rather than substitutions for, opportunities for self expression, a healthy benefit for relationships in context, and upon demand serving to fill the gaps that might not be able to be so easily filled otherwise. Such a conscientious use of technology can provide an alternative nexus for making beautiful and healthy relationships according to the needs of the parties, and designed by them to be an ideal mix of psychological, intellectual and emotional exploration of their unique personalities, the requisite for satisfying strong foundations.

Love At First Click, June 20, 2003
Times have changed and so should online free personals. Some match making sites are re-inventing the free personal ads business using new technologies that are a breakthrough in the online dating singles market. I found this book to be current with this new trend. After reading it I developed the courage to place an ad at one of these single online dating sites found on the net, Love At First Click, otherwise known as The book gave me the much needed skills to sort, search and find romance and excitement. The book and the effectiveness of will help you find a community featuring sincere and honest single individuals that are looking for other like-minded people that are quite eager in meeting their match in this fun world of online free personals. It helped me meet plenty of hot women. I'd recommmend this book, and too!!

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