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Internet Business Intelligence: How to Build a Big Company System on a Small Company Budget

   by David Vine

    Cyberage Books
    15 April, 2000


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Editorial description(s):

About the Author
David Vine owns and operates a computer technology company and contributes to Internet World magazine. He lives in Princeton, New Jersey.

Book Description
Business Intelligence-the acquisition, management, and utilization of information-is crucial in the global marketplace of the 21st-century. This savvy handbook explains how even the smallest firm can use inexpensive Web resources to create an Internet Business Intelligence System (IBIS) that rivals the multimillion-dollar systems of Fortune 500 companies. IBIS tracks competitors, explore markets, and evaluates opportunities and risks. It can also be used to launch a business, find customers, test new products, and increase sales.

Reader review(s):

Don't Bother, December 19, 2000
I don't think I ever came across a more useless book in my entire life. Not only the author bases himself on cliches which are completely out of date, he fails to introduce any new concepts or ideas. The whole content of this book can be summarized in about one sentence: "Gathering Information for your business is important" - great ! I really did not know this - "and the internet is a great source for that information - no ! Really ! I am amazed he found a way to spend 405 pages to tell us that. There are some useful URLs in there, but a bit of research on Yahoo or any other search engine would have given the same results. Basically if you are about to embark in a new business and you feel the need to read this, I would suggest you rethink. If you don't already know what's in this book before you start, then look into a career in the arts or something. This is a great book if you are 18, don't know anything about the world. Don't bother.

"Must" reading for successful internet business ventures., May 4, 2000
Build a big company system on a small budget with the help of a guide which discusses strategies for maintaining an information edge on the net. Chapters will especially appeal to medium-sized business managers as they survey different systems options and set-ups.

Rebuttal, June 23, 2002
The anonymous "reader from the UK" is very misinformed at best and, at worst, is a plant. The book is a very comprehensive treatment of the subject. Please judge for yourself by looking at the table of contents.

Thank you,
David Vine

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