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Internet Prophets: Enlightened E Business Strategies for Every Budget

   by Mary Diffley

    Cyberage Books
    15 December, 2001


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Reader review(s):

Create A Profitable Online Business Presence!, April 12, 2002
Despite the downturn in the corporate business world, the Internet still exists as a means for enterprising people to market their business ideas to make a living. Opportunities are boundless and growing numbers of people continue to give the Internet a try. There are plenty of resources available to help them succeed.

Internet Prophets offers readers an excellent collection of business concepts, strategies, and instruction to help them start online businesses. The book features information about creating sound business plans, managing businesses - including money matters, creating effective Websites, marketing business Websites, online resources, and general business information that will make an impact on the way people do business - while being mindful of operating budgets!

Throughout the book readers are reminded about setting clear goals and objectives. Planning every stage of one's business is of paramount importance - the business plan, the Website, marketing, search engine strategies, and knowing what the competition is doing are all aspects of a business that demand close attention to detail and determination to carry out.

Most fascinating about the book - in my opinion - are the business strategies provided. Readers are exposed to some exciting and very practical ways to draw attention to themselves and to maintain professional and profitable business-client relationships. Strategies include establishing online communities, setting up auction services, creating portals, providing visitors access to information, joining e-marketplaces, adding interactive tools to Websites, hosting live online events at Websites, adding dynamically updated content to Websites, and thinking globally when planning the action.

The tone of the book is serious and the rewards for gleaning from it are enormous. The strategies are sound and the resources provided will put people in touch with the companies, products, and services they need to develop a meaningful online business presence that will produce positive results for them. The book is ideally suited for start-up business operations and those existing businesses that want to and probably should make the move to the Internet to promote themselves. Essential reading!

Covers both strategies and marketing costs, April 11, 2002
Innovative business ideas for the internet range from products to services and provide advice which will enable executives to conduct more business successfully on the web. Internet Prophets is the first to assess proven e-commerce strategies, matching techniques with budgets of large and small companies alike and presenting 'Internet Prophets' for four different budget ranges. Covers both strategies and marketing costs; rich in specifics.

A Beacon in the Ocean, February 7, 2002
This book was invaluable in figuring where to begin in the sea of e-commerce choices. The four internet prophet business strategies helped me figure out where my business was... and where I wanted to to go in designing an e-commmerce plan for selling online. I wish this book had come along years ago. But I'm glad it's here now.

Real-life e-commerce strategies, December 24, 2001
This is a book for any small business that's thinking about how to use the Net to build their business. Thank goodness, this book is past the Internet hype and on to what really works in the real world. Chapters cover topics such as online shopping, digital delivery, "think globally, click locally", and (hello!) customer service.

Although it purports to apply to small, medium and large businesses, it's most appropriate to smaller businesses who need a practical guide to moving their business on the net. I especially liked the chapters on "Marketing Your Web Site" -- practical, spam-free advice on raising your profile online...

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