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Internet & Computer Ethics for Kids: (and Parents & Teachers Who Haven't Got a Clue.)

   by Winn Schwartau / D. L. Busch

    Interpact Press
    01 April, 2001


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Editorial description(s):

Bonnie Cangelosi, Principal
"What a great tool for teachers in the classroom!... is a tool that no 21st Century classroom should be without!"

Peter Smith, Information Technology Association of America
...the driver's education course for the Information Super Highway.

Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO)
"The chapter on Cyber Parenting should be on the reading list of every parent whose child has access to a computer."

Bonnie Cangelosi, Principal, Seminole Elementary School
"Internet & Computer Ethics for Kids is a tool that no 21st Century classroom should be without!"

Congressman Tom Tancredo - R-CO
"...impressive collection of situations and references which aid in defining where the Internet has been and where is it going. ."

Bob Bales, Founder and former President The National Computer Security Association, Founder and CEO,
"...importance of dealing with these issues and filling the void by providing a key tool for parents, teachers and kids."

From the Publisher
Internet & Computer Ethics for Kids (and Parents and Teachers Who Haven't Got a Clue) is not a rule book, but rather a guide to ethical behavior in cyberspace.

From the Author
This book is written not only for kids, but also for parents and teachers dealing with ethical issues in this technical age. Whether working for a Fortune 100 conglomerate, a small business or the government, the ethical questions relating to computers and the Internet remain the same. "Internet & Computer Ethics for Kids" is designed to be read and discussed, to foster debate and open dialogue about applying ethics to technology. The language is simple so both technically-savvy kids and their not-so-savvy parents and teachers can operate on a level playing field, discussing real examples laid out by an industry expert. The chapters are outlined to walk readers through the ethical questions that they should be asking their children and themselves, helping create guidelines and suggesting limits while explaining how the law actually works. "Internet & Computer Ethics for Kids" serves as a practical guide for the ethical navigation of cyberspace.

About the Author
Winn Schwartau

Author of "Internet & Computer Ethics for Kids"

An leading author in the field of information security, Winn Schwartau has authored and contributed to more than a dozen books on the topic. As one of the world's foremost authorities on Internet security, information warfare and infrastructure protection, Schwartau has testified before Congress, advised foreign governments, consulted with domestic governmental agencies including the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, FBI, NASA and NATO, and served as an expert witness on numerous issues ranging from cyberwar to electronic privacy.

Schwartau is president of Interpact, Inc. a consulting firm that develops innovative and entertaining information security awareness programs to educate and achieve higher levels of security in organizations, corporations, governments and schools. Schwartau is also the founder of and the US/EU InfoWarCom conferences. He maintains a hectic writing schedule and international lecturing circuit.

Schwartau's latest endeavor is a book titled "Internet & Computer Ethics for Kids (and Parents & Teachers Who Haven't Got a Clue)." The father of two Internet-savvy children, Schwartau began thinking about the concept of this book back in 1992 when he found his daughter hacking passwords at Office Depot stores. The final decision to put all current projects on hold and write this book came when he discovered his youngest son hacking into the neighbor's computer. It was right then and there that he decided that the need for children, parents and teachers to understand the ethical issues surrounding computers could wait no longer. "Kids have more power at their fingertips today than an entire nation did only two generations ago," says Schwartau. "We've got to get to the children. It's time to make cyber ethics for kids a national educational priority."

In addition to writing his latest book, Schwartau chose to utilize his security expertise and personal experience to co-found NiceKids.Net, Inc. , a national campaign that provides information and tools to help parents and teachers communicate with kids about the ethical and legal issues surrounding Internet and computer usage.

Schwartau's expertise in part stems from his work developing COMPSEC security technology, and the ENIGMA and ENIX.SYS security systems. His work has received a coveted slot on the National Computer Security Center's Evaluated Product List. Schwartau's authoring experience includes the prophetic 1991 novel "Terminal Compromise," which details a fictionalized account of an information war waged on the United States. His 1996 book, "The Complete Internet Business Toolkit," was one of the first books ever to be banned from export out of the United States.

With hundreds of credits to his name, Schwartau's thought provoking insights and often controversial editorial pieces have appeared in hundreds of publications. Profiled in magazines and newspapers around the world, Schwartau is often recognized as the host of Hacker Jeopardy-a role he has played for the past six years at the annual DefCon conference in Las Vegas. Schwartau appears regularly as an expert on US, European and Asian television shows, as well as hundreds of radio shows worldwide.

Book Description
Internet and Computer Ethics for Kids (and Parents and Teachers Who Haven';t Got a Clue) The Book of cyber-ethical Questions for the Information Age

The Title says it all.

Internet and Computer Ethics for Kids (and Parents and Teachers Without a Clue) is going to be one of the most significant books of 2001.

It discusses, in a non-technical language that everyone can understand, one of the most serious issues facing us today:

Hackers, Hacking and Cyber-Ethics.

1. How should kids behave on the Internet?
2. How can parents help their technically fluent children?
3. What can the schools and teachers do to assist?

Cyber Ethics is an important mission that you will want to be a part of, and this book is only the first of a series of books that will be appearing in the coming three years on the subject, all talking to a wide variety of issues.

CyberEthics for Kids and Families!

Internet and Computer Ethics for Kids is the first book to actively promote family and youth values and cyberethics in an entertaining, colorful way.

All About Internet and Computer Ethics for Kids!

Internet and Computer Ethics for Kids is a colorful, extensively illustrated book written in an easy to understand, non-technical format. No other book has been specifically targeted at non-technical parents, teachers and kids who are in the greatest need of ethical education on issues they don';t understand.

This lack of cyber ethical knowledge:
-Hampers a parent';s ability to raise their children with the appropriate amount of teaching and ethical foundation.
-Creates a greater schism in families
-Ultimately raises children with no cyber ethical guidance, which as we all know, if bad for business and society as a whole.

Unlike the small handful of older books which preach ethics and tell people how to behave, Internet and Computer Ethics for Kids does not preach or suggest what is right or wrong behavior. Instead, it provides situational conundra for the reader, the parent and the educator to discuss, evaluate and form the basis for personal ethics.

Internet and Computer Ethics for Kids is written so everyone, from all walks of life and education can read it - and understand it.
School Districts
Information Age Workers
Government Employees
Corporations to Teach Staff Ethics
Technical Conferences

Reader review(s):

A Great Book, May 16, 2001
After I saw this book on Tech tv i had to have it and its well worth it..

Even teens will like it..., February 12, 2002
We have to use this book in our Information Technology course, and we were all a little hesitant at first, but from the first page this book had us laughing...and thinking. It provides you with great resources and plenty of opportunities to flex your mind muscles with hypothetical situations and challenging questions. I actually enjoy using THIS text book! Everyone who has a computer should get it, if for no other reason that to laugh and think!

For Parents and their Kids together, December 2, 2001
This book is well written. It uses language kids can understand, and also points parents and teachers to additional resources. A great book for parents to read WITH their kids, with lots of discussion suggestions at the end of every chapter. It can really help parents guide their children in the Internet age.

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