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Internet Law and Business Handbook: A Practical Guide

   by J. Dianne Brinson / Mark F. Radcliffe

    Independent Publishers Group
    August, 2000


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Editorial description(s):

The authors have put together a "comprehensive, practical guide to the legal and business issues that arise in various aspects of using the Internet." Even though new issues arise daily and laws are changing almost as fast as a Napster user can download a favorite recording, this guide provides a solid legal foundation for Internet entrepreneurs and users alike. Brinson teaches at San Jose State University and at Berkeley, while Radcliffe practices law in Palo Alto. Their Handbook builds on their earlier guides, Multimedia Law and Business Handbook (1996) and Internet Legal Forms for Business (1997). They first explain the laws that apply to Internet use, such as those on copyright, contracts, defamation, privacy, and publicity. Then they focus on creating Web sites and Web products (covering development agreements and requirements for permission or licensing to use preexisting content) and on Web marketing and e-commerce (covering product and domain names, the law of selling, and site links). Other miscellaneous topics include music on the Web, union concerns, distance learning, e-mail, and service-provider liability. Appendixes list other information resources and include sample contracts in print format and on the accompanying disk. David Rouse
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Book Info
(Ladera Press) A comprehensive practical guide to Internet legal and business issues. Topics include the basic legal principles, licensing, lawful use of material found on the Internet, Web development agreements, using music on the Internet, U.S. and Canadian e-commerce laws, email and linking legal issues, and more. Softcover. DLC: Internet (Computer network).

About the Author
J. Dianne Brinson is an Internet law professor. Mark F. Radcliffe was named one of the "100 Most Influential Attorneys in the United States" by the National Law Journal. Both live in Portola Valley, California.

Book Description
Use of the Internet as a business, research, and personal communications tool is growing at an astounding rate. This practical reference uses simple language and clear explanations to help businesses and individuals with all aspects of Internet usage-setting up business Web sites and personal home pages, putting existing material online, creating material specifically for the Internet, using material found on the Internet, e-commerce, and educational aspects of the Internet. After examining and explaining particular aspects of Internet law, real-world examples are used to illustrate how these rules affect individuals and businesses. Includes a disk containing 15 sample contracts and additional resource information

Reader review(s):

Excellent resource for anyone needing internet IP help, October 2, 2000
I found this book to be packed with useful information on how to determine who has rights for what content on the internet, and how you can avoid getting yourself in trouble if you would like to use another party's content. Packed with examples of copyright, trademark and patent information, it lays out a sound approach. Also there are several templates on the accompanying disk that are great, including confidential disclosure agreements. A must-read for anyone "doing" internet content publishing and management.

An indispensable reference, November 30, 2000
In an environment where technology has made change commonplace, one can still look to the rule of law to engender a stable foundation upon which business can be conducted. The "Internet Law and Business Handbook" cogently weaves time-tested laws with the new demands that technological progress has exacted on modern organizations. This is an indispensable reference for the conduct of business in a tech-driven marketplace. It is thoroughly researched and handily crafted to make the arcana of law accessible to the layperson.

Useful, but be careful., February 17, 2003
The forms needed a lot of tweaking, there were parts that referred incorrectly to other parts. And it is heavily client-centric, I think the book was written much more for the person looking to hire a developer than for the developer.

A comprehensive guide to Internet legal & business issues, January 23, 2001
This comprehensive guide to Internet legal and business issues provides an important key to understanding the law as it relates to online products, internet development, and copyrights. From lawful use of Internet materials and privacy policies to email and linking legalities and service provider issues, Internet Law and Business Handbook goes into quite some depth on the latest issues and law.

Probably a good book ,..if you could get it delivered, February 2, 2005
I ordered this for a class only to find out on the estimated delivery day that it is not available from any sources. This happened at 2 separate and different sellers, one being amazon and the other being a college bookstore. Apparantly it is a difficult book to obtain. If you need this book for a class I highly recommend you buy it from one of the used book resellers and not as a new book or anyone else who sells it new and gives a future shipment date. Be sure that it is actually 'in stock' before you order it and check that it is the correct edition.

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