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Electronic Federal Resume Guidebook

   by Kathryn K. Troutman / Kathryn Kraemer Troutman

    JIST Works
    23 February, 2001


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Editorial description(s):

Paul Light, Vice President and Director of Governmental Studies, Brookings Institute
There's no smarter way to get promoted or get a civilian job. ...the best investment an applicant can make.

Michael S. Dobson, Author of "Managing UP!, Enlightened Office Politics"
Kathy Troutman is the master of the Federal Resume. Follow her advice and you'll have the competitive edge.

Margaret Riley Dikel, author of "The Riley Guide", co-author of "The Guide to Internet Job Searching"
Kathy Troutman knows all the ins and outs...this new book shows you how to create the best resume you can.

Mike Causey, former Federal Diary Columnist, Washington Post
"When it comes to getting a federal job, few people know more than Kathryn Kraemer Troutman..."

Dick Irish, Leadership Search Author of "Go Hire Yourself an Employer" and "If Things Don't Improve Soon, I May Ask You To Fire Me!"
"Run, don't walk, to acquire Kathy Troutman's new publication -- on a disc for convenience and practicality..."

From the Publisher
Kathryn Troutman is the a renowned resume writing expert with 28 years experience writing resumes and helping job searchers write about their skills, expertise and accomplishments. This book was written based on her in-house training workshops with real job searchers. Read their accomplishments and stories. Look at their job descriptions and understand how the key word electronic job search works. Kathryn is friendly, personable and cares about the success of her clients and readers.

From the Author
I wrote the Electronic Federal Resume Guidebook while training more than 1,000 employees who were struggling to write their first electronic resume. They didn't know where to start. I had them consider their Hats, Nouns and Skills in their jobs (looking for key words). We discussed their accomplishments (key words and skills). In clear, concise real words we wrote their resumes. The book is easy to read and is about real people who are writing their electronic resume. Their careers depend on it! The samples on the CD are superb! The key word lists are a great boost! Good luck with your electronic resume! Kathryn

About the Author
Kathryn Troutman is credited with being the pioneering designer of the Federal resume for the Federal government in 1995 with the publication of her book, The Federal Resume Guidebook.Through 30 years of work with Federal jobseekers and their complex employment environment, Kathryn Troutman of The Resume Place has emerged as the leading expert on Federal job search techniques. True to her nickname, the "Federal Job Search Guru," Kathryn spends much of her time training others on how to most efficiently navigate the complicated Federal hiring system. Since 1995, she has trained more than 25,000 people in the best Federal work search processes.

With this accomplishment, Ms. Troutman is recognized as the leading expert on Federal resume writing by Federal human resources directors and civil service senior executives. As the founder and director of The Resume Place, Inc. in Baltimore, Maryland, Kathryn and her team of writers have written more than 100,000 resumes since 1973. Her Federal job search expertise covers both Federal-to-Federal and private-industry-to-federal - each being different and uniquely challenging.

As a career motivator, Kathryn has also trained more than 25,000 Federal employees in 33 Federal agencies in the U.S. and Europe on resume and KSA writing techniques that result in promotions and career change in government. She is a keynote speaker and trainer for human resources professionals who want to stay on the cutting-edge of applicant challenges.She is a popular radio and TV talk show guest on the subject of Federal employment and host for human resources training videos, adding a real human element to the complex Federal job search process. She is a fast typist and a popular Federal job search advisor on the Washington Post';s Federal Diary Live On-line programs with Steve Barr.

In 2002, Troutman established a unique certification program for Federal Job Search Training. Offered to career professionals and trainers, this certification enables Kathryn to expand the availability of the Federal Job Search workshops. Troutman is currently the main instructor for this cutting-edge coursework. Since the first certification class graduated in November 2002, she has certified a total of over 150 trainers. Along with the Federal Job Search Training, Kathryn has developed the Federal Résumé Writer and Coach Certification, for individual résumé writers and coaches.

Kathryn is a passionate proponent for change in the Federal hiring process and has been quoted in numerous on-line and print publications and Web sites concerning changes needed to simplify the hiring process. Most recently, Kathryn has been invited to serve as';s Federal Career Coach.

Kathryn travels extensively, training throughout the U.S. and Europe, while directing the résumé writing and federal job search consulting services provided by her expert team of federal résumé writers out of Baltimore, Maryland. When she has time in airports and evenings, she writes books that help people land their first Federal job or get promoted to a new position in government.

Kathryn';s publications include: Ten Steps to a Federal Job, Ten Steps to a Federal Job: Jobseekers Guide, Ten Steps to a Federal Job: Trainer';s Guide, Federal Resume Guidebook, 3rd Ed., Electronic Federal Resume Guidebook, Reinvention Federal Resumes, 171 Reference Book and Creating your High School Resume, 2nd Ed.She is a member of many professional résumé-writing associations. She is a founding board member of the Nation

Book Description
and Europe to teach Resumix Resume Writing to military personnel and civilians who are seeking promotions and career change.

The use of electronic resumes by the federal government creates an entirely new set of rules for tackling this step of the job search process. Fortunately help is just a few clicks away! With her insightful new guidebook on e-resumes, leading federal career consultant Kathryn Troutman has drawn a road map for your success in this new territory.

Through a look at the Resumix e-recruitment system,Troutman has created a primer on a resume writing style that will be effective with any electronic human resources system and e-resume builder. In addition to resume-writing tips, the author also provides relevant background and job-search strategies.

Inside this cutting-edge guide, you'll find:

-The history behind the development of the computerized recruitment systems, including Resumix.

Helpful insights into how automated human resource systems work.

-Guidance for assessing your work history and determining the skills you want to emphasize.

Instruction for searching the Web for relevant openings.

-Tips for incorporating "keywords" highlighting your skills into an e-resume so that hiring officials can find them easily electronically.

-A detailed system for crafting an outstanding electronic resume.

-Specific instructions for applying for DOD civilian jobs within the different military branches.

-Motivation for getting over your fears of self-promotion.

For over 27 years, Troutman has trained workers like you to apply for federal jobs. Constantly keeping current on the latest trends in hiring, she's the perfect person for you to turn to now for help in creating your electronic resume. If that's the challenge before you, don't sweat it! This book has the answers you'll need !

Reader review(s):

Electronic Federal Resume Guidebook, July 16, 2001
Book offers resume-writing tips for Defense civilians

By Kellie Lunney

Federal employees and those aspiring to work in the government need to master the art of electronic resume writing, according to a new book from a federal resume expert.

Kathy Kraemer Troutman's Electronic Federal Resume Guidebook provides readers seeking civilian jobs in the Defense Department with advice on navigating Resumix, the department's electronic database for managing resumes.

The Defense Department uses Resumix software to manage resumes and search for qualified candidates. The transition from a paper-based system to an electronic system means that Defense employees and potential applicants have had to brush up on their computer and resume writing skills, according to Troutman. Under the electronic resume system, applicants submit their resumes for specific positions, and hiring officials search the resume database to find an applicant with the right mix of qualifications.

"I believe the electronic system is here to stay and that it will be better in the long run. If you can write a good resume and understand the application process, you can master this," writes Troutman.

Troutman, a former columnist on careers for, includes advice on writing and editing resumes, a brief history of the Resumix system, and a soup- to-nuts description of how automated human resources systems work. A CD-ROM that contains electronic resume samples and official job kits accompanies the book.

Special tips ("One resume is the best for today's electronic job search") and inside information ("Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force agencies require self-nominations for announcements") are sprinkled throughout the book, and Troutman provides a review summarizing the section's main ideas at the end of each chapter.

Most of the book is devoted to crafting the perfect electronic resume with tips ranging from how to incorporate keywords that will yield successful job matches through Resumix to avoiding bureaucratic jargon.

A list of dos and don'ts in the electronic resume process includes:

*Do research keywords, skills and industry language.

*Do limit experience to recent jobs and jobs that directly support your qualifications

*Do keep acronyms to a minimum.

*Do write with nouns and verbs in the active voice.

*Don't submit extra documentation unless requested. *Don't use phrases like "responsible for," or "worked with." *Don't fax your resume.

*Don't repeat yourself.

The Electronic Federal Resume Guidebook is Troutman's second book. The Federal Resume Guidebook was published in 1995.

Worth the money (do the math, it's easy) ..., January 25, 2002
Bought the book. Landed a GS-9 job.

How's that for a book review?

The math: The book is on the expensive side, but you have to think of the cover price as an investment. Put another way: now I'm making more money than I made when I was on active military duty (I'm a retired grunt; retired Sgt. First Class pay plus GS-9 pay equals more than active duty Sgt. First Class pay).

Federal Resumix Guidebook how-to in short: It teaches you how to organize your past employment experiences into a consolidated nonstandard resume that contains the actual words GS managers may be using to search for employees.

The book causes you to think of the Resumix system as a search engine looking for you. Does that make sense? :-)

To all,

If you are applying for a job online or through Resumix, there's a new book you might be interested in. It's called the Electronic Federal Resume Guidebook. It gives you tips on writing a winning resume. It shows you how to format your resume -- using selected keywords -- to present yourself in the best possible light to get that next job or promotion. It has "how to apply online" instructions for civilians seeking jobs and promotions in DoD agencies.

I'm not one to brag, but the reason this book is so darn good is because I made a tiny contribution to this book. My resume is featured in this book. Really. Actually, the reason this book is so terrific is because it addresses the nitty-gritty of writing an online resume (especially for Resumix) that will get you noticed. It contains strategies that few people know about.

Note: This email is not endorsed by anyone. The opinions in this email are my own. I don't get a single cent from the sale of this book. I just wanted to let people know that there is a good source of information out there for people writing and submitting online resumes.

Kathryn: I received your book and think it looks great! Thanks loads!! Congratulations on a product that's certain to help a lot of government employees succeed where otherwise they might not. Having served on numerous selection panels in the past, I often wondered why so many employees "missed the boat" on putting together a "sellable" application. Now, that shouldn't happen anymore. Good luck with your book. R, Don

What a great book!, August 5, 2002
I received this book and think it's great! Thanks loads!!
Congratulations on a product that's certain to help a lot of government employees succeed where otherwise they might not. Having served on numerous selection panels in the past, I often wondered why so many employees "missed the boat" on putting together a "sellable" application. Now, that shouldn't happen anymore. R, Don

An Excellent Resource, February 16, 2005
As a former federal personnelist and now a professional job searcher and writer/editor of electronic resumes and KSAs, I can tell you that this book is an excellent resource. I believe that soon all federal vacancies will be filled via the online application process (rather than the traditional paper application process), which makes this a very timely book for the federal job seeker. There are numerous sample plaintext resumes, KSAs, skills sets, and templates in the book and on the accompanying CD-ROM. Also provided are numerous relevant "buzzwords," "keywords," and "noun phrases" essential to ensuring that applicants will get "hits" in an agency's searchable resume database. With all the samples and templates provided, your RESUMIX resume is practically already written for you. All the reader has to do is fill in information relevant to their own experience.

If your serious, this is what you want, July 24, 2002
If your planning on filling out a resume online for a fed job (especially DOD). It would be insane not to buy this book.

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