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Love, Lies and the Internet

   by Anne Papina / Steve Syrmopoulos

  Mass Market Paperback:
    TWIMO Publishing
    01 May, 1997


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Editorial description(s):

About the Authors
S.T. Syrmopoulos is an assistant professor of Finance and International Business in Phoenix, Arizona. He has travelled all over the world in his work. The online experience of the last several years has allowed him to continue his travels, sometimes without ever leaving his home.

Anne Papina, a native San Franciscan, is the Marketing Director for Glenbrook Systems, Inc., an online content provider. Her extensive experience in computers and the online environment has been an invaluable asset in all aspects of this work.

The authors met online and have a very successful personal, working and business relationship with one another. This is without a doubt the very best relationship success story of Love, Lies and the Internet.

Book Description
Love, Lies and the Internet brings to life the heart of the Internet through stories of the people who use the Internet socially. This book walks the reader through the stages of online relationships, illustrating each phase through the true stories of everyday Netizens.

As the Internet is becoming more integrated into the lives of people throughout the world, many are discovering the social value of this medium. Where else can you meet in virtual rooms, exchange thoughts and share a comradery with people from every corner of the world? The Internet, as well as online services, help facilitate this mode of communication.

While Love, Lies and the Internet does provide a description of the technologies involved, the intent of this book is to tell the stories of the people. Woven throughout the book are the adventures of Dr. Rock'N'Roll and TechnoChick, two intrepid cybernauts who experience the ups and downs of online romance and share their tales with readers.

While telling the stories of the people, Love, Lies and the Internet also presents the reader with solid information about socializing online, including:

*Stages of Online Romance
*Online Etiquette
*Safety Tips
*Software/Hardware Considerations
*Cyber Cafes

Love, Lies and the Internet takes an up-close and personal look at the people involved in online relationships while educating the reader about socializing online. This book allows the reader to see the world of online relationships through the eyes of the people who have experienced them.

Reader review(s):

Great Online Fun!, June 8, 1999
This book was "fun" reading, simply put. It's fascinating to see how people relate to each other on the Internet! If you're looking for something relating to online romance which is light and easy to follow, this book is for you.

amusing, light reading!, April 30, 2004
seems to capture the heart of internet relationships but published somewhat before its time. the interviews are fascinating -- would love to see whether some of these relationships survived the long haul. can we expect a sequel soon?!

A waste of time!, April 6, 2004
This book is a waste of time. It is basically the authors' desire to see themselves in print through their own voyeurism. What a waste of trees for paper this wonder it was self published...can't imagine a reputable publisher that would have bothered with this book. Love can be found on the internet...but this was just junk writing. Good thing they didn't quit their day jobs...wannabe authors. Lousy attempt at being authors! Don't bother!

Total Trash, March 30, 2004
This book is a waste of time. It is obviously the authors' intent to exploit a sexual addiction and the internet happens to be another way of doing that. Pathetic writing. Don't bother! A waste of time! A bit of voyeurism at best. A total waste of the trees it took to publish this book. Obviously someone had a "dream" to be an author...and obviously publishing a book doesn't require much talent!

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