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Creating GeoCities Websites

   by Ben Sawyer

    Music Sales Corporation
    01 March, 1999

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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
This book is a full-color comprehensive guide to specific GeoCities Website building tools, services and online marketing concepts. It was developed in conjunction with the experts at GeoCities to ensure technical accuracy and complete coverage of their services and tools. This title will help you build a good-looking Web site in an affordable manner. It teaches you to include graphics, audio clips, video snippets and multimedia objects on Web pages to spice up your site in a low-cost and efficient manner.

Book Info
Guides you through the GeoCities services and demonstrates how to build dozens of different sites from scratch. Softcover.

From the Publisher
As a free service, GeoCities has blossomed into the largest community on the Internet. This color book guides you through building a great looking site using the free tools provided by GeoCities. A must for anyone who wants to build and maintain their free site effectively.

About the Author
Ben Sawyer and Dave Greely have written numerous books and have a track record of writing about exciting and innovative new computer technologies. They own Digitalmill, a new media company that specializes in writing and marketing.

Reader review(s):

Makes GeoCities A More Respectful Place To Set Up Shop!, June 16, 1999
The costs of many computer systems, software packages, and Website hosting schemes have been coming down quite drastically these last few years. It is now possible for most people new to the online scene to set up an online presence with little expense involved. The GeoCities Website service has offered millions of people the opportunity to set up their Websites for free. Learn how you can take advantage of this service to get online today!

Ben Sawyer and Dave Greely have teamed up to offer a first-class presentation of the GeoCities service with the publication of their book, Creating GeoCities Websites. Long regarded as merely a place to set up shop with loads of advertisements to wade through, GeoCities actually has quite a lot to offer in the way of exposure and benefits for those who know the service and know how to take advantage of it. With very little effort anyone can quickly set up a Website for just about any purpose.

Readers are invited to take a tour of the GeoCities service via their Website to gain familiarity with the many options they have to choose from. The authors thoughtfully provide a detailed explanation of basic membership information to operate by including benefits of the service, the rules to follow, and specific restrictions placed upon them.

Website design is made much easier by following the simple instructions in the book. Readers will learn how to use design templates and incorporate a bunch of features into their Websites such as sounds, graphics, linking, and credit card use. The authors offer words of warning to help prevent accidental overriding of files and provide basic information on copyright restrictions to prevent possible legal action. Plenty of helpful tips, design layout and effective marketing ideas, and online resources are also provided that make this book an excellent design guide!

This book contains many colorful examples of Websites and Web pages readers can easily create themselves. It is beautifully illustrated, easy to read, and its instruction fun to follow. I enjoyed reading through the book so much that I may eventually set up a GeoCities site of my own. This book is must reading for those considering hopping onboard the GeoCities bandwagon of users. It will help ease most objections raised about GeoCities in the past. If you can live with GeoCities or want to know more about it, this book is for you!

A good reference for GeoCities members, June 1, 1999
Others have reviewed this book as a web page design reference. However, this book is actually a reference to the tools GeoCities provides for making the most of your hosted website. I would think of it more as a "help manual" for GeoCities. Excellent for beginners and a definite must for GeoCities community leaders.

If you are looking for a website design book, then this book is not for you. However, if you have or want to have a site hosted at GeoCities and want to know as much as you can about the tools and programs provided, this book is an excellent reference guide.

Excellent book for all GeoCities Homesteaders, June 11, 1999
I bought this book to get a better grounding of GeoBuilder, because many of the questions I get from Homesteaders deal with GeoBuilder. As a Community Leader for Geocities, I also bought this book out of curiousity, and am glad I did!

some books should be dropped in the trash at once, May 29, 1999
This book is not worth the money you spend on it, there are so many other books on making home pages out there, which is worth much more than you pay....and they includes so much more than this does. Why go for the second best?

There are better choices out there., May 20, 1999
This book is a terrible resource on designing web pages. I suppose if you wanted your site to look like every other pitiful GeoCities site out there, then you could find a use for this book. However, as far as web designing in general, there are MUCH better options. Mr. Sawyer clearly does not have a good understanding of how to create a well designed web site. (By the way, Mr. Sawyer..."web site" is two words.) The book was a complete waste of my time and money and I would encourage anyone interested in making a web site on GeoCities (or preferably anywhere else) to pick up one of numerous other books on web design.

This book is a JOKE!, May 14, 1999
This is absoluately a laugher, an entire book on how to design a website for ONE specific free webpage server, and unfortunately, a heavily contraversial one with their excess amount of involuntary advertising of themselves using pop-up ads, superimposed logos on top of your own content--ones you have to stick on yourself and their own automatic cattle-brand/waterstain/tv-logo in the corner, and their own URL which everyone can see already. Boycotts and opposition to any of Geocities policies is met with deletion, including its paying customers, yet on the flip side they allow pornographic advertising where kids could see them at random. For those who don't know HTML, XML, Javascript, etc. this book does teach some, but there are many many other books out there that teach all of HTML's ins and outs, but they are tailored to a much wider audience. It is better for everyone to learn webpage design without this specialized service, in this case the GeoDesigner, and instead use a word processor that will save pages in HTML format (I prefer WordPad, cause most others bloat files with unnecessary HTML codes). You should also design your webpages on your own PC instead of on Geocities itself, in case they find some reason to delete you. Frankly, several have left Geocities for other web services (including myself), and of course this book won't teach you how to work XOOM, FortuneCity, or many of the other dozens of them offering space. This book alas, is a lot of shameless advertising of itself, where most people don't give a rip they're looking at a Geocities site. Pass on this one...

Excellent Book!, May 13, 1999
I am a Community Leader at GeoCities, and I bought this book out of curiosity. It covers all areas of GeoCities in depth! So if you have a website at GeoCities or are planning to get one, I would suggest buying this book!!

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