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An Internet Experts Guide to Starting an Online Business

   by Christina Bultinck

    January, 2000


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Editorial description(s):

About the Author
Christina Bultinck has performed Internet research for Fortune 500 companies since 1994. She has been researching online longer than the popular search engines have been around! She also wrote The Recruiter's Bible which is read by 1,000 of online recruiters including Microsoft and Lucas Entertainment.

Book Description
This book is for the person who wants to start a business, but needs a little direction, as well as for the established online company.

With millions of web pages out there, and consumers using search engines more and more, it is vital to have a key placement. John Doe is not going to click and click until he gets to your entry on page 62, line 7.

Our book will show you how to

Make sure you offer as many resources as your competitors--and then some.

What can you do to insure you acquire a key search engine placement and keep it!

Where does the competition advertise and should you be utilizing those tools as well.

Link to every site the competition is.

Target new and niche advertising opportunities.

Learn how to barter and advertise for free.

Find nich directories and associations for advertising opportunties.

Need proof this works?

Go to Alta Vista and perform a search for "free resumes".
The Recruiter's Bible should own the first 10 pages or so.

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