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How to Get Rich On the Internet

   by Ted Ciuba

    Parthenon Marketing Inc
    October, 2003


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Editorial description(s):

Terry Dean
"One promotion generated $33,245 in three days. With an online informational product, 95% of that net income was profit."

Jay Conrad Levinson
"On a recent promotion we earned $625,000 in 4 months without one single penny in advertising costs."

Forbes Magazine
"If we could be alive at any ONE time to get rich, it would be now, because of the Internet!"

Book Description
*How To Get Rich On The Internet* features 21 top-gun Internet *entrepreneurial* experts & millionaires sharing the inside scoop on what it really takes to get *rich* on the internet... In record time, at costs approaching the disappearing point.

Experts include Ted Ciuba, Terry Dean, Jay Conrad Levinson, Robert Allen, T.J. Rohleder, Ron LeGRand, Armand Morin, and many more!

About the Author
Ted Ciuba, author, copywriter, Internet Marketer, seminar promoter, ex-University professor, and ex-oilfield workder, is known as America's Foremost Internet Marketing Consultant. His specialty is helping unknown, beginning Internet Marketers make massive money in minimum time. His students have made $4,737 in their first weekend, $10,822.16 from startup to 72 hours, $17,000 in a single day, and $18,895 in their first 5 weeks. He even had one student who earned $749,543.28 from the application of two of his ideas..."

Reader review(s):

Do as I do, not as I say..., May 9, 2004
Ted's got the formula alright, and even though he doesn't teach you this in his book: here it is:

1. In exchange for the blatant promotion of THEIR products, over a few month's time, get a bunch of highly respected authors to barely scratch the surface of their stories -- publish those stories as a "product" on your site. Charge $19.95 a month for these sales pitches disguised as "late breaking news".

2. After the data is stale (long enough so that the paid subscribers who got it online don't get pissed) grab a number of those interviews, and stick them in a book.

2. Include a BUNCH of authors so you can make it seem like you're delivering a TON of information. This way, when the interviewees all end up saying a lot of the same stuff, it can be written off "agreement among experts", and then it's just reaffirming the original points, rather than redundant crap.

3. Make sure that you select the interviews that focus around a central theme, but not really deliver any deep data, just lots of short stories about how much money you can make on the internet in only xx days, yy hours, or with zz cash expenses. Make sure that the main points these interviews deliver tie in with step 4.

4. Dedicate 50 pages at the end of your 280 page book (20%!!!) to pitch ANOTHER product at the end, after the reader has been reading for hours, but is still hungry (because there wasn't any REAL meat), claiming to teach how to make all of those dreams come true that your entire book has essentially been one great big sales pitch for. Make sure THIS product is incredibly high-priced though. This will help you find the REAL suckers hoping to get rich quick, who've been worked up into a frenzy by your interviewees all telling their stories of "internet riches." Price it SO high, that people think you're product is ridiculously valuable -- you're handing them the secrets of wealth, after all. Those who can afford it will try.

Okay, now that I've taught you how to follow Ted's REAL method to internet riches, I'll review the book:

A few of the interviews are decent (but somewhat evergreen). These authors are doing a "good" job pitching their products by truly generating an air of competence. Do yourself a favor and get THEIR books, instead of dumping a ton of cash for the "seminar" pitched. The other interviews are just lame, containing the same tired old information/pitch that are in hundreds upon hundreds of "free articles" being republished by nearly every newsletter author in the world.

I'm not sure who should be more upset -- the people who pay $19.95 a month to get these salespitch transcripts "live", only to find that the same thing they're paying for is now in a book for $20


The people who bought the book, realizing that this data is pretty much just a stream of "sales pitches" from 20 different authors/companies with one GRAND SLAM sales pitch at the end.

If you want to learn how to get rich on the internet... apparently you have to buy Ted's $1,500 home study course. The book doesn't have it.

If you want to read a great salesletter... $20 is a decent price for 280 pages of example headlines, and the 50 page salesletter at the end is a doozie, too! Buy it? Maybe... But not for any of the reason's you'd expect. Make sure you buy it used though -- I'm sure people will be dumping them soon.

Old, stale and tired, May 14, 2004
I agree with the reader from Aurora, CO - there's NO solid information here, just a bunch of tired articles that have been around online for ages and most of which have already been given away as free bonuses.

The much hyped "Special Reports" are nothing more than over-long sales letters for an internet marketing seminar. The famous "Ken Kennet" story is just that - a story that a guy at a seminar got given a web business which brought in a lot of money that weekend. No details of the business, no details of of what was sold, how and to whom. It's just a plug for the next bootcamp.

I'm so angry at being ripped off, that for the first time ever, I'm returning a book to Amazon for a refund.

Not really a "How to" book, January 4, 2005
This book is a real deception.It is compound of several old interviews about how other people got rich in the Internet without giving any real specific details. Finally, the author uses 50 pages of the book you are paying for to promote other products.

Yes, I regret that I bought this book.

Astounding Stories of Internet Succeses, April 27, 2004
Finally, something other than diet and politics on the top 100 list of Amazon. Ciuba discloses the secrets of 21 internet millionaires, and shares his ideas on how I can do it also. The book is based on interviews with highly successful marketers conducted on his radio talk show program. The interviews are concise and informative--right to the point. Although the author has proclaimed himself "America's Foremost Internet Marketing Consultant" I can't argue with the logic and persuasiveness of his many examples and techniques of internet entrepreneurship presented in this book.

This book is a fascinating read that lends credibility to the economic opportunities the internet promises. Ciuba cuts to the chase in his interviews and doesn't fool around with touchy-feely garbage that wastes the reader's time. This book is packed with concrete advice and ideas for building an Internet business. I plan to re-read this book soon, and hope to apply some of the techniques discussed in this excellent how-to business book that is both practical and pertinent to entrepreneurs today.

Isn't it Funny....., May 4, 2004
that this book was published in fall of 2003, yet most of the reviews are from late April 2004?

Could it be because Mr. Ciuba and all his cronies blasted their newsletter lists offering bonuses if you purchased from 10-1000 books? And it stated right in the solicitation that the goal was to be #1 on Amazon...and all their prizes were good for only one day so they could do it.

I had to laugh when one of the reviewers said the book is so good he gives it away to his friends. Perhaps that's because he can't fit his car in the garage because it's stacked with Ciuba's books???

Just another example of how average people are manipulated in their quest for wealth on the Internet!

Blatant attempt to get readers to spend more money, May 4, 2004
Having read this book and attended an "internet summit" with Ted Ciuba this book does not provide the solution to getting rich on the internet, rather it promotes more of the products of Mr Ciuba and his buddies. This of course is making Mr Ciuba and his pals wealthy but not the average joe.
The information is out of date and often technically no longer valid.
If you want to spend $1,000's of dollars more, Mr Ciuba and his buddies will provide you with some insights to marketing on the internet, all with a worthless freebie thrown in!
Don't bother...

Ted Ciuba - How To Get Rich On The Internet -, April 28, 2004
It's often the little ideas that count, the one's you already know but with the info load had just plain forgot or not got around to trying. This book is a candid discussion between many in the know. It will be best kept close to your desk or your bed for regular review. 'Highly Recommended Reading'

'How to get rich on the internet'
Whether your just starting out or been at it a little while, this is a great read. Follow the leaders until you become one!
Anthony Roger

You Can open the Door to Opportunity....Or wonder forever, April 28, 2004
Ted Ciuba is a proven internet Marketing Success Story. In this book Ted shares the secrets of his success and the secrets of 25 other successful (make that very successful) direct and internet marketing millionaires. This book can be the launching pad to creating, not just a job, but the lifestyle you've only dreamt about. This book is a key that can open the door to a future you've only fantazied about. You won't be able to find all the infomation from all the success stories in one book, anywhere else.
I guess you can tell I really enjoyed it. I keep buying extra copies and giving them as gifts. What better gift to your good friends then the secrets of a worrying free lifestyle.
You can't afford not to have this book. This not one to be put on the bookshelf. This is a daily reference guide.

Ted KNOWS his stuff!, April 27, 2004
Ted Ciuba NOT ONLY explained what HE did to make money on line, he interviewed several OTHER experts that are also getting RICH on the internet!

Hey, even ONE interview with someone making money online is WORTH $20! This book has SEVERAL well known(in internet marketing circles) EXPERTS that are "walking the WALK" as well as talking the talk.

I admit it, I AM partial to Ted. He has helped ME become MORE successful on the internet. Now, let him and the others in the book help YOU! For such a SMALL price as well!

All the best to you!

The REAL Secrets to Internet Success, May 8, 2004
I got an email from a colleague telling me about Ted Ciuba and his book, *How To Get Rich On The Internet*.

I guess it's part of my nature as an attorney, but I got suspicious. I bought the book just to tear it apart.

But what I found was SOLID info, revealing the real secrets that people REALLY are using to get rich on the Internet.

Ted has guests in the book who really HAVE gotten rich on the Internet, such as one man who earned $625,000 in 3 months with NO advertising costs!

And two other people who decided to push the envelope and see what really was possible. One earned $72,930 in 24 hours, the other earned $94,532 in 24 hours.

These are REAL cases, not bombastic hype.

It's hard to believe this is genuine money, it seems to come so easily.

But my favorite story is a case study of a normal guy, named Ken Kinnett, who earned $4,737 his FIRST weekend at one of Ted's events.

If you're really serious about discovering the secrets on Internet success, you must add this book to your collection.

This stuff would stand up in court, I'll take the case!

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