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Rod Cook's How To Start Your Network Marketing Or Internet Multi-Affiliate Company

   by Rod Cook

    Insights Pubishing
    January, 2004


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Editorial description(s):

Wave 4
Rod Cook "tells it like it is" and a true pleasure to work with" RICHARD POE AUTHOR "WAVE 4"

Fortune Now Oct 2003
"Rod's new 'How To Book' is a 'must-have' to start an MLM Company. Tom Schreiter (Big Al)

Networking Times Nov 2004
Rod';s writing is always factual and right on target, brutally honest and educational --Editor NWT

Book Description
"How to Start Your Network Marketing or Internet Multi-Affiliate Company! "NEW -- 14th Edition Jan 2004 by Consultant Rod Cook; B.S., M.A., M.B.A. Certified Consultant by the National Bureau of Certified Consultants. Honest MLM consulting and free MLM software come with this book. We have over 30 years of industry executive experience. The best way to quickly grow sales using NetWork Marketing (MLM) or Web Multi-Affiliate Marketing. This MLM Startup Book gives you detailed information in easy to understand consulting format, almost 300 pages 8.5" x 11" and you get the 200 page MLM Internet University with "Internet Multi-Affiliate Killer Marketing Tactics!" There are over 500-diagramed pages of pure, distilled, powerful illustrated information! Moreover, you get an hour of personal complimentary consulting from the industry's top consultant! Your market? Over 5 million new people joined Multi-Affiliate Marketing on the Internet from 2001 to 2003. A new "boom" in Web and conventional marketing is being created. Millions of dollars are being made in MLM, Multi-Affiliate, Party Plans and Network Marketing! You get full detailed information on all, plus how to boom on and off the Web! Have financial experts told you combinations of Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, or Party Plans are the "new wave" in corporate divisional diversification or startups? There is some risk, however, to starting Multi-Affiliate, Network Marketing, MLM, or Party Plan companies. You automatically reduce risk through knowledge! That is why the original book was born thirteen years ago! The NEW latest book has been honed to an edge to give you the competitive startup advantage! This NEW monster book (480 pages with the E-University) and your hour of FREE consulting can catapult you to success! If you like people, want to help others, and like money, this easy to understand startup book is the way to start your corporate future in Affiliate, Network Marketing or MLM Party Plans on or off the Internet! These are the most fulfilling businesses to be in today. You can financially secure your future through helping others find financial freedom!

About the Author
B.Sc., Business Administration/Computer Science
*Summa Cum Laude. University of Nebraska, Kearney
B.S., Psychology, University of Nebraska, Kearney
*Summa Cum Laude
M.A., Human Relations, Webster University, St. Louis, MO
M.H.A. (M.B.A. equiv.), Baylor University, TX

1984 MLM Compensation Pay Plan analysis as paid consultant
1987 First MLM publication (and MLM support tools company)
"The Golden Opportunity"
1992 America's MLM Consultants started to help the MLM Industry, worked as Executive onsite and did operations for multiple companies.
2003 -- You get to access almost 40 years of MLM data from : the master MLM knowledge base!

If you look behind the history of any current booming MLM company in the U.S. currently you will find Consultant Rod Cook. Market leaders like Life Force, Legacy USA, Xango, and others have Rod's footprints in their growth! MLM Mortgage and Real Estate companies are using Consultant Rod's "Supra" bonus concepts to maximize Mortgage lending and Real Estate sales growth!

Our MLM marketing, compensation plan and strategic consulting from party plans to Real Estate is top tier. It's the best if you want to save money, time and protect your investment! Consultant Rod won't let you be scammed!

America's MLM Consultants was started to help you (an entrepreneur yourself) protect you, and save you money. That helps everybody when starting a company in the MLM arena that Rod Cook says, "Is The Only Hope For The Little Guy In America."

Reader review(s):

Rod Cook's How To Start Your Network Marketing Or Internet M, June 3, 2004
This book saved me about $80,000.00. If I had not read this book I would have gone with a "bad" software company and would have been left in the forest for lack of money. I was right on the tip of signing when I found this book on Rod's web site Thank you Rod

Rod Cook mlm hero, May 17, 2004
Wow, Rod really spent his time in the MLM Company trenches!! No wonder he has such great testimonies from people! I love what Rod has done for the MLM industry, his material is beyond excellent. I would have been dead in the water and lost a lot of start-up money, if I hadn't come across his book, thanks! My name is Janine Witty and I've been involved with the MLM industry since 1987. My business name is "Laugh N Grow Rich" (Lngr). Rod's book information was solid gold for creating an MLM driven `positive' (no R rated) publishing web site (Web Magazine) that will encourage it's subscribers to contribute their intellectual property such as: thoughts, stories, articles, ideas, poetry, music, art, photography, games, humor and all other forms of intellectual property. In our hour of consulting that came with the book we really were amazed at the lightening speed that Rod took us into a focus group think tank. No pushing for additional consulting or anything. He was wonderfull! Thanks and Thanks! Janine

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