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I Buy: A Loose-Leaf Binder System for Tracking Your Online Auction Purchases

   by Lynn A. Wilson

    All Aboard Inc
    01 August, 1999


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Editorial description(s):

About the Author
Lynn Dralle is a 3rd generation antiques dealer. She is an ebay power seller who sells up to $20,000 a month at online auctions. She is an award winning author and her books I Buy and I Sell will help you keep track of what you buy and what you sell at online auction. Lynn Dralle teaches classes around the country on how to buy and sell at online auctions. Her video series "Trash to Cash" will also help you get started buying & selling at online auction!

Book Description
Book Description i buy As seen in ebay magazine.

Do you buy from online auction houses such as ebay and yahoo? Do you find yourself writing notes on this & that piece of paper? Never quite knowing what you need to pay for and what you have or have not received?

If this is you, you need i buy, THE BEST WAY TO GET ORGANIZED!

i buy is an 8" x 9" 3-ring binder system that comes with 200 double-sided i buy tracking sheets, 5 tab dividers and instructions. Once you have personalized your tab dividers, they will help you keep track of:

* Which auctions you are bidding on
* Which auctions you have won
* Which auctions you need to pay for
* Who needs an email
* What you have & have not received and
* What feedback you need to send

Written Record Keeping is super important. Why?

1st: Good Written Records can help you acquire and maintain a high feedback rating. Sellers leave feedback comments based on how quickly emails are answered, how quickly items are paid for and general follow through. Using i buy sheets will help you to take care of these things in a timely manner.

2nd: Most online auction houses only keep records for 30 days. i buy sheets are necessary for when the computers purge your information.

3rd: i buy record keeping is super if you are buying for investment purposes. This written record can be used for both resale and insurance.

4th: i buy records are invaluable if a package that you are expecting never arrives or is delayed. You will have all your dates of correspondence, payment information, and tracking #'s at your fingertips. This record is also valuable to check the description of what you purchase against what you actually receive.

5th: These records are great to use for trend analysis. Who is bidding against you? How much are they typically willing to pay? i buy can help you spot bidding trends and plot your bidding strategy.

6th: If you work at different computers, your written i buy journal is invaluable.

Good record keeping takes little time and the benefits are enormous! Get i buy and Get Organized Today!

Reader review(s):

Don't buy this.. get shareware programs instead, September 6, 2000
There is nothing here that Microsoft Excel can not do.. or many other shareware programs floating the internet to track your bid for you, insert your e-mails automatically and send congratulations e-mails automatically. Plus who needs another book or notebook on their desk when you can use a program?

Organization from Chaos!, December 2, 2001
This tracking system is SIMPLE, QUICK and works with my busy life! Finally, my notes, post-its and tracking is together in one place, and it's easy to reference and find info quick-n-easy!
I'm all for timesaving and working smarter, not harder.
For me, it has taken the hassle out of buying and selling for extra $$$$$$$$
Thanks Lynn!

Get organized, and have a fabulous feedback rating--easily!, November 30, 2001
I've tried many systems for tracking on-line auctions, and nothing works as great as "i buy"! With this loose-leaf book, you'll have all the information at your fingertips--not only what you paid, and the shipping charges, sellers info, but more importantly, a record of emails back and forth. You an record when you paid, how you paid, when the item is received, and if you have sent feedback for the seller. It's all there, neatly organized on one page, and it's soooo easy!! With the section dividers, you can group which auctions have been paid, which have been received and you need to do feedback, etc. Now I don't have stacks of papers on my desk, wildly hunting for a particular auction, and sometimes miss paying on time. You can be sure to have a pristine feedback rating, and save yourself alot of grief, by using "i buy". I love it!

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