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Internet Soul Mates

   by Deanna Rose

    Productiones Deanna
    01 April, 2000


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Editorial description(s):

From the Publisher
My best wishes to you in your soul mate search. Please keep an open, positive mind about dating on the Internet. It is the new dating alternative, and will be around for a long time to come. Internet dating is no fad, and with a little practice and patience, you will find it to be an easy and fun way to make new contacts, friends, and, perhaps, even your dream soul mate!

From the Author
My Internet dating journey began by placing two free personal ads on the Internet out of curiosity. To my surprise, I received over 10,000 quality responses within a four-week time period. I proceeded carefully to select and meet 80 of the 10,000 responses received, and flew all over the world meeting these individuals, while at the same time receiving hundreds more responses. The opportunity of meeting quality individuals within such a short time period was a bit bewildering.

Please carefully read this book and find out how you too can meet your future soul mate. Even a small-town girl such as myself was given the opportunity, with the aid of the Internet, to meet a diverse number people one could only imagine. My goal is to bring single people together all over the world, one by one.

--Deanna Rose

About the Author
Deanna Rose grew up in Eugene, Oregon and graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor degree in Accounting, plus an additional concentration in Sports Marketing. She also has an AA in Business Management from Lane Community College. Deanna is currently a personal fitness trainer and author in Portland, OR. Before becoming a personal trainer she worked for two years as an Inside Sales Manager and Buyer for Tektronix (Maxtek) in Portland. She additionally has five years of experience as a Marketing Director as well.

So why might Deanna Rose be qualified for writing a book about finding your Soul Mate Online? Deanna is not a relationship expert by any means via a college degree, but she does know the art of bringing people together from a networking standpoint over the Internet. Making hundreds of contacts online, and then traveling all over the world to meet these people in person (with no bad experiences) is more than just luck on her part. She knows the art of placing Internet Single ads online and has also interviewed several other successful people who have met the love of their life online. With this knowledge she hopes she can lend a hand to your success of meeting a new quality acquaintances online too.

Her greatest passion in life is combined training which consists of (dressage, stadium jumping, and cross country jumping). She has competed in equestrian sports over the last 15 yrs and loves horses in every sense as they are a great part of her soul. Her hobbies include: Running, singing, downhill skiing, Ice skating, Jazz dance, and helping less fortunate animals. Deanna has also taken a great liking for dolphins and is anxious to learn more about the magnificently intelligent creatures.

Her main aspiration in life is to own property where she can help rehabilitate abused horses and let underprivileged kids bond with these horses during their recovery process. She is very active in community with regard to saving neglected, abandoned, or injured animals and teaching awareness.

Author's favorite books include:
The Celestine Prophecy, Conversations with God series, The Alchemist

Author's Favorite Singer: Sarah Mc Laughlin

Author's Favorite Movie: The Black Stallion

Future projects include:
Deanna would like to someday create a TV show that would teach current and future companion pet (horses, dogs, and cats) owners how to take care of their pets physical and emotional needs. She would teach pet owners how they can prevent pet disasters from happening before they start, by teaching common sense tactics pet owners should know about their four legged friends. Perhaps a book will follow to coincide with the show.

Excerpted from Internet Soul Mates by Deanna Rose. Copyright © 2000. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved
Pros and Cons of Dating on the Internet

Are you frustrated with waiting for your soul mate to somehow evolve into your life? Are you busy with work and travel and tired of joining every organization in hopes of meeting that right person? Have you searched under every rock and in every corner of the world for your mate-- work, school, the gym, organizations, friends and family, and your hope is dwindling? Do you pray that someday your mate will materialize before your eyes and touch your heart and soul in a way no one else can? Let your computer do the work for you, and meet the quality people that you are looking for! Stop praying that this person will appear out of the blue. Stop wishing and wondering when it will happen, and do something about it!

Fate may provide some help, but unless you are in the public eye, your chance for meeting quality people becomes difficult. The greatest tool to date is the World Wide Web and it should be incorporated into your dating life to complete your dreams. The Internet dating days are here, and it has been estimated that in five years one-third of all couples will meet over the Internet. People that you could only dream about meeting before can suddenly be replying to your Internet ad within hours.

It is amazing how many people go to bars in hopes of finding a soul mate. At the same time, its difficult to approach potential mates without sufficient background information on their personality and values. How many of you have been physically attracted to a person from across a room, and when you finally get the guts to approach them, they open their mouths and spoil your vision of them? Dating is an interviewing process, and what better way to interview someone than from your own home or hotel room, in private, without having to approach people who may not be your type.

The Internet allows you to explore a persons soul before meeting them face-to-face. It also allows you to safely search through thousands of ads and potential responses before deciding to communicate further with a person. Why not expand your search to the entire world? Or, if you are adamant in finding someone near you, then search your state, city, or local area. Dating can not only be time consuming but very expensive, so why not preview your dates first and get to know them via email before investing more emotion and capital? So much effort goes into the initial dating process, and the surroundings and tensions present tend to hinder effective communication. The Internet allows you to express your thoughts logically before going on your first date. You also get to know someone from the inside first. When you finally do meet your Internet date, it is almost like skipping to the third month of dating, due to the amount of previously established communication. You will have a much more relaxed and successful first date.

Misconceptions Of The Net

Over the past several years since the Internet flood gates have opened, several misconceptions have been publicized regarding the safety and effectiveness of Internet Dating. Unfortunately, Internet Dating has been associated with the sex chat groups. I would like to take a moment to explain this misconception, and set the record straight.

The news media tends to focus their stories on negative publicity, while minimizing the success stories of Internet dating. To date, the majority of Internet surfers are educated professionals who utilize the Internet daily in their careers. Whether you meet someone in a grocery store or over the Net, one must use common sense, while trusting your intuition (read Chapter 6: Safe Steps to Take in Meeting an Internet Date in Person). At the same time, do not be overly cautious. Be willing to take calculated risks such as sending photos, and to eventually meet a few people you feel you have communicated with su ccessfully. We all take risks in everyday life. Internet Dating if conducted properly by following the guidelines in this book can be very successful.

What made you turn to the Internet for dating purposes? You might often hear in replies, You must be lowering your standards by searching for someone through the Net. Do not let people put you down for placing an ad online. Others will be following your foot-steps shortly after seeing how successful you are. You are raising your standards, if anything, by being specific and going after exactly what you want. The Net will be one of the smartest tools you can use if done properly, as long as you use a bit of common sense.

Book Description
Finding the Love of Your Life Through the Internet (Cant find who you are looking for? Let them find you.)

Find out:

* How to meet the soul mate of your dreams-- from your home or travels, and for Free!
* Step-by-step guide to placing an ad and meeting online without hitting the bar scene including tips in todays Internet protocol.
* How you can save time in your busy schedule AND reach the people/contacts you want to meet right away.

Reader review(s):

Internet Soul Mates just the ticket for finding love on-line, May 27, 2000
With millions of people on the internet, and millions more joining the technology forefront each year, it only makes sense that age-old rituals of courting would eventually find their way to the computer screen. But, with so many information options bombarding the average internet user, experiments with finding one's "soul mate" on-line can often times produce a frustrating, overwhelming and intimidating experience. That's why Deanna Rose's new book "INTERNET SOUL MATES" is a timely and credible read for internet soul searchers. The book strikes deep into the heart of the internet dating scene with clear and concise information culled from Deanna's extensive personal experience with on-line personal ads. INTERNET SOUL MATES is the result of her experience with receiving over 10,000 personal ad responses, some coupled with in-person meetings around the world. Closer to home, it leads the reader through the advantages, pitfalls, strategies and protocols of today's internet dating scene. Written for the internet dating novice, the book gives the reader step-by-step guides to placing and responding to personal ads, acceptable and unacceptable internet dating behaviors, web sites of reputable internet dating services and common-sense rules for protecting oneself when placing an ad. INTERNET SOUL MATES is must-have for anyone seriously interested in using the internet to find their once-in-a-lifetime partner.At $9.95, it's half the cost of the typical monthly internet access charge, but provides invaluable information on how to maximize on-line time for today's would-be romantics on the cyber-highway.

ABOUT THE REVIEWER. J.P. Molnar has been Editor of two national newstand magazines, has written several book features and has more than 150 feature articles published in numerous periodicals. He has been a computer user since 1977, and has been surfing the internet since 1993.

Helpful and easy to read, June 6, 2001
Internet Soulmates was an easy compass navigating a person through the labyrinth that is attempting to find someone on the internet. Its obvious that the author went through a lot...good or bad...and shares those experiences both in personal and instructional fashion. Reading Deanna's book saves time and money for those looking for a soulmate. There's also some really good humor in the book and its very easy to read and understand.

This straightforward text offers readers an honest and insightful view of internet dating. The future is here with the internet becoming a part of people's lives more each day. Before you realize it, old ineffeicient methods of finding a partner- soulmate will be long gone. For an up to date guide to the internet dating scene with references to the more traveled websites (free ones at that!) check out this book. It will guide you through the do's and dont's to help make your search for the "ONE" safe and efficient.

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