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   by Denise A. Reynolds / Douglas Reynolds / Denise Reynolds / Doug Reynolds

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    01 May, 2000


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Editorial description(s):

Bert, Marie and Gia Oliver

Weston, Florida

QUIXTAR really does present the on-line consumer with a virtual mega-mall experience. QUIXTAR has anchor stores, brand name smaller stores, and a large number of some of the most esoteric retail offerings available on the Net. With something like 15,000 pages and 100,000 internal links, even seasoned on-line shoppers can find navigating around QUIXTAR a little daunting, especially the first few times. Since those that shop at QUIXTAR are offered financial incentives, there is a higher than average interest in understanding the site and being able to navigate quickly and effectively. Visitors to QUIXTAR can profit in more ways than one from the input of a knowledgeable guide. That guide is Doug and Denise Reynolds. The time this couple clearly spent at this site is way more than I could ever spend on my own. This book is accurate, helpful, visually engaging and easy to understand. It saves us time and thats one of the reasons we shop at QUIXTAR in the first place. We recommend it highly to anyone using this site - five stars.

Don Bates Fort Lauderdale, FL
The mysteries of Quixtar revealed! A five-star manual for both beginners and experienced computer users. As a real computer neophyte with basic apprehensions concerning online shopping, I was delighted to acquire click-by-click, a just-published book by Denise & Doug Reynolds. Written in a breezy, natural style as though you were sitting across the table with these personable instructors, click-by-click gives the reader a step-by-step guide to shopping with Quixtar that even I could understand and follow and folks, that is the same as admitting that anyone could benefit from it. The authors know their subject thoroughly and explain it well. Without a doubt this book is not only useful but a must reference for Quixtar users. Actual illustrations from the Quixtar web site are included to further assist the reader. For Quixtar veterans, the chapters on My Business, Virtual Office, and My Organization should prove invaluable.

Laurie Geronemus Westchester County, New York
Good to the Last Click

In this comprehensive guide to the nuances of Quixtar, authors Doug & Denise Reynolds explore, click-by-click, a world of online capabilities that a novice will easily digest.

Each segment of the Quixtar site is explained in finite detail, enabling the sophisticated, cyber-savvy user, as well as the e-commerce newcomer, to utilize a phenomenal business opportunity to its fullest. Vivid illustrations complement skillful instruction, making click-by-click a five-star tool for success.

About the Author
Denise & Doug Reynolds live in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Graduates of the University of Virginia, Doug & Denise are independent business owners who divide their time between their keyboards and the people and activities that matter most in their lives.

Book Description
The wait is over! Heres exactly the book youve been hoping would come along. click-by-click will become your trusty, dog-eared companion as you navigate the Quixtar website for profit or pleasure. Join the people who've made this site a sensation and see why it has experienced millions of hits a day since its launch a few months ago.

Dont worry. This isnt one of those five-pound bricks with tons of technical terms and trivia that only an Internet guru could understand. This is a guidebook for people just like you IBOs, Members and Clients who want to get the most out of this amazing site but just dont have the time to learn all of its features on their own.

And we know youre no dummy. So we wont talk down to you either. Well just be there, by your side, to lead you through each area of the site. Take a guided tour of the highlights of the site from the comfort of your favorite easy chair. Then, head on over to your keyboard, login, and take yourself for a ride on the web site. Once you get past the first few clicks, jump around to whichever sections interest you most.

Youll find Income Options. Member Perks. Virtual Office. My Quixtar. Customer Service. And Go Shopping. And shopping couldnt be more simple. Discover the Seven Types of Shoppers and determine your personal shopping personality. Then shop the way you want. By using the Product Index. Alphabetical Listing. Shopping Directory. Or Search features. Shoppers short on time will appreciate the Quick Order and Ditto Delivery features. And those who have a passion for shopping can browse til their hearts content.

Youll find handy tables that summarize each Partner Stores offerings and show you the points or Q-credits youll earn when you shop there. The Catalog City chapter includes a listing of each of the hundreds of participating stores along with a description of the merchandise they carry. That information alone will save you hundreds of hours of surfing time.

Because we know a picture is worth a thousand words, were including screen shots for each section of the site. Registration. Ordering. Expert Advice. Ladies, see for yourself how you can create a look thats uniquely yours by using the Virtual Face to try on all the hottest new cosmetic shades. Complete My Assessment to receive customized recommendations to simplify your life in the My Home, My Health and My Self sections of the site. And dont miss the Hot Buys. Special Offers. And Store For More merchandise from hundreds of name-brand manufacturers.

Use the Lingo boxes to get up to speed on unfamiliar computer terms and impress your kids with your new vocabulary. Check out the QuickTips to get insider info and shortcuts that will make you into an expert before you know it. Youll find lots of suggestions for increasing your volume or your Q-credits, too. Plus a wonderful index to help you look up the answers to specific questions you may have. All right here, in click-by-click.

Reader review(s):

Great book on the site and power of idea behind it., August 14, 2000
I really enjoy this book. Shows the power of the site and gets me fired up everytime I read parts of it. Great how to but so much more, shows the different partner stores and some of the items they sell. Also goes into Ditto delivery with great detail and this is a big help.

Now this makes sense, May 25, 2000
Quixtar Click by Click is a no nonsense quide for anyone who wants to make money or shop online. It's written simple enough for a first timer and has enough information to guide an old vet in new situations. The style is casual, conversational and to the point. The Reynolds offer a new understaning of how easy it really is to both shop and make money with Thank you!

A very good FAQ on Quixtar, June 17, 2000
This book is excellent explaining the website. However it does not do dreambuilding. It's not something that is really read for fun but rather for reference. ButI recommened it to any IBO.

Everything you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask, July 22, 2000
Have you: Ever thought"There has to be a better way!"? Ever felt like this whole Internet thing was happening without you? Ever wondered if you were the only one that didn't know how to really "surf the net"? Ever wished for someone you could ask all those (stupid) questions? Ever heard the name " Quixtar" and not known what that was? Then this is the book for you! In an easy weekend read, let Denise take you by the hand and show you all the secrets of an inspiring site. Learn how to shop till you drop without breaking a sweat and how to turn all that buying power into FUNDS for your family! This is the best friend you were looking for, delivered to your door in an understated wrapper. Best of all she'll be there when you want to know. A great source for anyone looking at the business of E Shopping or just wanting to now what this "hoopla" is all about. Well worth the minimal investment of your time and money!

don't waste the time (or money), June 26, 2000
This is one more example of how the Quixtar (i.e Amway) people have figured out a method of making money from those who need to learn about how to navigate a web site; if the site were that good it wouldn't take detailed instructions to navigate. The Quixtar model is another failed attempt to capitalize on marketing, using an antiquated (MLM) business system that has no place in current retailing. Shame on the authors (independent IBO's that they are..) and their mentors (Yager, Britt, et al) who have apparently taught them the only real way to make money in the Amway-Quixtar system is by foisting books and materials (at substantial profit) on the unsuspecting masses that hope to capitalize on their "dream". Save your money - visit the Quixtar site and realize for yourself that it is poorly designed, appeals ONLY to Amway/Quixtar IBO's, and will not save a cent in terms of shopping dollars.

click-by-click is quick and fun!, August 4, 2000
This easy-to-use book is by far the most pleasurable Internet reference guide experience I have yet to encounter. Within mere minutes, I found myself actively engaged by its casual, easy-to- follow conversational style. Why would you choose the drudgery of trapsing around from store to store, when you could easily find everything your heart desires at the best site of the new millennium -!

Whether you want to make money or just get the best deal available, you will benefit greatly from this exceptionally well written guidebook. Ordering this book today will save you precious time and money. JUST DO IT!

Guide to Hearing Cha-Ching, June 2, 2000
Who on this planet ever dreamed of shopping and making money at the same time? Using Reynolds' research as your guide to finacial freedom is a solid first step. There isn't a question you can conjure concerning Quixtar that isn't answered in this book. With both an excellent, extensive Table of Contents and Index, information is easily accessible. Read the lavender, "Lingo" boxes, and you'll feel like a pro. [cha-ching] For those of you who ignore manuals, this book is amusing and readable with its choice of anecdotes and analogies.(see p.53) Partner Store pages 76-81 and the chapter on Catalog City are worth the price of click-by-click. [cha-ching] Whether you're high tech, low tech, or no tech really doesn't matter, you NEED this book. Click-by-click causes your brain to register cha-ching, cha-ching. ($$$$$)

Great for Quixtar Neophytes, August 1, 2000
This would be a great book for the Quixtar neophyte. It isn't a "must read" for the advanced user though all should be familiar with it as a reference for assisting low-tech & no-tech IBO's.

e-commerce freedom, May 8, 2000
I believe quixtar is going to be the first company on the internet to exceed one billion dollars on the internet. because they have the high touch and high tech. Because people are the key to this bussines,we step in to people's lives and serve them and become thier friend. Buiding relationships with people is the key to freedom.

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