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Antique Clocks Identification and Price Guide CD-ROM and Internet Resource

   by Jeff Savage / Ryan Polite

    eCollectica Publishing
    October, 2001


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Editorial description(s):

Pamela Wiggins, Guide
"A must for anyone collecting or dealing in antique clocks."

Don Johnson, Antique Week
"...offers everything found in a print book and more. It's the wave of the future!"

Pamela Wiggins, Guide
"A must for anyone collecting or dealing in antique clocks."

Don Johnson, Antique Week, August 2000
"...offers everything found in a print book and more. It's the wave of the future!"

From the Publisher
This work pioneers an important new form of reference book for clock collectors, dealers and appraisers. Until now, the publishing process has locked words and images to a fixed medium, making it impossible to quickly change or add to paper-and-ink bound reference books. Many of the illustrated clock price guides found in bookstores today are woefully out of date due to the time needed and high cost of revising, printing and distributing new editions.

By combining CD-Rom text content with the Internet component of this guide, users gain the largest possible knowledge base. Thousands of high quality color photographs can be shown without regard to the high printing costs or physical space limitations imposed by traditional print methods, Keyword searching allows users to find relevant information quickly, and choices of display options offer flexibility that is unavailable with print.

From the Author
It has taken two years to create this one-of-a-kind resource on antique clocks. I did so because, many times during my 25 year career as an antiques appraiser, I have wished I had a price guide like this to help me in my work. I've found that good pricing information on antique clocks is generally hard to come by. The few other price guides that are in print are either woefully out of date or provide very little information about the condition of the clock or the source of the price. Most have very few color photos and a limited number of clocks. It is important for me not to make a mistake when determining the value of a clock! Having up to date information and full color photos of thousands of clocks in an easily searchable database, with every price source given, was something I needed in my own business. I felt other antique clock dealers, collectors and appraisers would want it too. Judging from our readers' response, I was right! I hope you will enjoy using the guide and profit from your decision to buy it. I always love to hear from my readers, so please let me know what you think! - Jeff Savage

From the Inside Flap
Click-Clock! Click-Clock! Click-Clock! 4,000 antique clock values and 6,120 color photos at the click of a mouse! More than just a price "guide".

See prices, photos and descriptions for clocks actually sold at auction and offered for sale by retail dealers worldwide. Covers major American and European makers such as Seth Thomas, Ansonia, Chelsea, Waterbury, Ingraham, Marti, Junghans, and hundreds of others.

You also get an identification guide to 49 most commonly collected clock types; details on dating clocks by style and patent numbers; an appraiser's explanation of different types of clock values and how to use them to your best advantage; a wood identification guide; direct links to online clock dealers, auctioneers, and a wealth of Internet resources from around the world - and more. Over 4,500 pages of text and images!

SPECIAL BONUS: Includes a 353 page biographical dictionary of more than 10,000 American and European clockmakers!

Requires Internet Connection for full utilization of the guide. Questions about this product? We'll be happy to answer them.

About the Author
Jeff Savage, ISA, is a veteran antiques appraiser who has evaluated more than $500 million in property in the last quarter century. Jeff is an accredited member of the International Society of Appraisers, the nation's largest association of personal property appraisers. He specializes in providing expert court testimony and litigation support where the value of personal property is being contested. He received the ISA's Outstanding Member of the Year award in 1999.

Jeff resides with his wife, Maxine, in a rural area of Sonoma County, California, along with their three Chihuahua';s (Henry, Chiquita and Duke), two cats (Miso and Slinky), two miniature donkeys (Donkey-Hodie and Donkey-Shane), and two Toulouse geese (Peepers and Poopers)

Ryan Polite is a Web professional whose specialty is designing dynamic, database-driven websites. In 1999 he sold his partnership in Rhythm Net Design Group, a Los Angeles multimedia design firm, and relocated to northern California to join Jeff in the development of the Antique Clocks Identification and Price Guide CD-ROM and Internet Resource. Educated at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, he combines more than 20 years of computer knowledge with a passion for the field of interactive electronic information and entertainment.

Reader review(s):

"Everyone Has an Antique Clock!", November 26, 2001
I am a personal property appraiser in Birmingham, AL, with a specialty in antiques. It seems to me that in almost every appraisal I have there is at least one clock. Most old clocks are not only very beautiful, but they run forever! They are passed down from one generation to another, and everyone wants to know a little history about their clock and its value today. Jeff Savage has opened a new tool of research for individual owners or professional appraisers. This book supplies a tremendous amount of information about the history of clocks, helps in identification, names of makers, etc., PLUS the unique feature of being able to go to a special web site and see pictures of thousands of clocks and with their up-to-date values.

I have already used it several times in my appraisal work. It is very easy to use. You do not have to be a computer expert to navigate the web site.

Everyone has an antique clock. Find out about the one you have...or call an appraiser to do it for you!

Bill Carner, ISA CAPP
Birmingham, AL

Clocks for Everyone, November 25, 2001
Anyone with an interest in antique clocks will throughly enjoy this book. Perhaps the most comprehensive and useful clock reference I own. As a residential contents appraiser, specializing in antiques; I own many types of clock price guides, value guides and reference books. This will certainly be one of my favorite and most used.
It includes an exceptionally well written history of clocks, with tips to dating clocks, patent numbers, British registered design numbers. The glossary of types is illustrated with comprehensive discriptions.
The authors include many wonderful on line links to dealers, museums, shops, organizations and other resources.
Values shown are the actual auction realized prices. This is so helpful for buyers, sellers, appraisers, or anyone who loves old clocks.
Other particularly interesting areas are tips on buying and selling, determining age, types of value and what a clock appraisal should include.
4000 clocks with thousands of color photographs, American, English and Continental; this book is a must have for my library.

An Outstanding Reference, August 13, 2002
Jeff Savage has done an outstanding job in putting together a convenient database for the clock collector. Thousands of clock sales can be accessed using key words to narrow the search. This reference is probably the best way to determine/estimate the value of clocks. It also provides links to dozens of useful internet sites for the clock collector. It is the best reference that I have found and worth its price many times over. I would also recommend that collectors contact Jeff Savage to learn about his even more complete database which is offered through a yearly subscription.

A great tool for my research!, November 25, 2001
This is an excellent resource for me. I am an appraiser and am familiar with clocks, but this guide goes the extra step for me. It gives me a wide group of the similar clocks, showing ranges of values. There are values from the retail market, from the auction market, and other markets as well. Not only is this a "Price Guide" , but assists you in learning more about the different types of clocks. It assists you in learning a little more about the maker of your clock; there is an illustrated glossary; helps you in dating clocks. This cetainly will not make you an instant expert, but it will open your eyes to more than you ever thought you could learn. This is only one of my most important tools I use on a daily basis. It mostly deals with the middle market up to upper market clocks. I am thankful for this, as it expedites my hours of research for each of my reports, but does not replace actual inspections of the property in question. Great addition for appraisers and other affilated fields.

Appraiser's View of Antique Clocks ID & Price Guide, November 25, 2001
This Book is a very complete History/Information Guide of Clocks of all kinds, spanning 3 Centuries, with lots illustrations & wonderful pictures, clear & concise text, lists of pertinent dates and facts, Current Prices & Locations of thousands of clocks. Excellent tool for buying, or for research of any kind. As a Certified Appraiser, I have spent many hours digging for this information that is all together here in one package. There are so many internet resources listed, more specific information could be easily found. This feature alone is worth the price.

Appraiser's view of Antique Clocks ID & Price Guide CD, November 25, 2001
This is a most comprehensive Guide to the world of Clocks, covering 3 centuries. Extensive history, illustrations & pictures, lists of important facts, as well as so many internet resources for pricing or buying any type of clock, are included. As a Certified Appraiser, I have spent many hours digging for the information that is all right here in one place. The format is easy to follow, the text is clear and precise; the amount of information seems endless; the many internet locations provide more paths to anything you would want to know. An excellent tool, well worth the price. 5 Stars!

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