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Internet Buddy: Web Journal

   by R. Mark Clements

    Web Support Services Llc
    01 October, 2000


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Editorial description(s):

From the Publisher
It's ironic. Most of us have an address book to record the addresses and telephone numbers of people we may only write or visit once every three years. And until now, with the publication of InternetBuddy Web Journal, there hasn't been an organized address book for websites we visit each week. This book was written to make its owner more organized and efficient in using the Internet. Use Internet Buddy and never forget a password again. And Internet Buddy also uses separate Security Cards for recording especially sensitive passwords and account numbers, such as to our financial sites, enhancing the security of access information to these sensiitive sites.

This Journal was written to make using the Internet more fun and efficient. One of the largest and best printers of address books and appointment calendars was chosen to print IntertnetBuddy Web Journal to insure quality the user can see and feel. The book is bound in Burgandy vinyl with Gold embossing, and it lays perfectly flat when open for ease of writing. Start using this book and notice the improvement in accessing your favorite websites.

From the Author
Before I wrote this book, my children and I were recording the passwords to our favorite sites on 3x5 cards scattered in desk drawers or across my desk top. I also heard complaints from co-workers about losing the names of favorite sites or forgetting passwords. I knew this book was needed by my family, and if so, by yours too!

About the Author
R. Mark Clements is an electrical engineer who sells advanced technology that allows firms to monitor and control running machinery and systems over the Internet. His passions in life are astronomy, history (the Old West and Medieval), restoring old Buicks (now working on a 1961 convertible), and camping.

Book Description
InternetBuddy Web Journal is foremost an "address book" for websites that require user registration. The first section allows you to record the websites you are registered at, their URL, your "User Name", "Password", and "PIN" or "Account Number"--in general--the site information required to gain access. Many people find their "User Name" is more dificult to remember than their password. For example, some sites don't permit spaces, some sites limit you to eight characters, and if your name is Smith or Jones you have to add a number after your real name to register. Using InternetBuddy Web Journal is much safer than recording your passwords on your computer's hard drive, which can be read while you are on-line by clever hackers. All of us take our computers in for service or upgrades by computer store technicians--and a hard drive crash could destroys bookmarks, and would leave us without our access information to our favorite sites.

The second section of the Web Journal allows the user to record all best sites visited in 45 general subject areas like "Science", "Film Reviews", "Health and Fitness", etc.

The third section of the book is used to document purchases made over the Internet. Disputes with vendors can be avoided if you use this section to record the terms of purchase, including: item, warranty, any rebates, price, shipper, shipping date, the telephone number of the firm and any miscellaneous information.

Reader review(s):

This book simplified my Internet use!, March 7, 2001
This book helps me keep track of all my usernames and passwords for each different site I'm registered at. I used to record my Internet usernames and passwords on stickies all over my monitor and desktop. Now all of that information sits neatly on the shelf next to me. All of the sites I visit are listed alphabetically so retrieving information is quick and easy.

Before I started using this book, if I forgot my username or password, I had to register with a site again. I ended up having two or three different accounts at some sites. Also, I had only one or two passwords which I used again and agian. Now I can easily use a different password for each site I belong to.

This book is easy to use and is a fantastic organizational tool. You won't be disappointed.

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