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The Visual Learner's Guide to Managing Web Projects

   by Chris Charuhas

    01 February, 2001


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Editorial description(s):

Richmond Times Dispatch
"Early on, it's easy to see value. The books include a ton of illustrations accompanied by clear language..."

Starting Point online monthly

The Kleinman Report
"If you're interested in getting started with creating web should definitely check out Visibooks."

Detroit Free Press
"If you're the type who learns by watching or doing, Visibooks should be right up your alley."

Cincinatti Post
"Geared towards beginners, Visibooks guide users through each step of their computer projects."

Inside Business
"Instead of lots and lots of text, Visibooks feature lots and lots of pictures. It's basically Computer Training for Dummies on steroids."

From the Publisher
What Readers Say:

"I think they are great. I totally agree with the concept you are working on. Some of us, myself included, work better and understand more quickly what we see than what we read." -Bob Morris,

"I just wanted you to know that I think your visibooks for visual learners is an excellent concept. I am a visual learner and have reviewed your html & dreamweaver visual tutorials. They are excellent." -George May

"As a college instructor, I'd like to thank you for making these electronic books available. Getting student to spend a lot of money on textbooks becomes more challenging every year, but you have given me an option tht I am sure will be appreciated." -Jim Babbage, Centre for Creative Communications

"I have started going through the books (all of them) and they are quite good for beginner level. Looking forward to seeing more of them!" -Pat Stewart,

From the Inside Flap
Goes beyond the nuts-and-bolts of site-building to show the process and principles behind effective Web sites. 124 diagrams and photos show how to:

-Plan a Web site so it delivers what users want -Train staff to be skilled site-builders -Organize sites to be user-friendly -Build exactly the site desired -Maintain a site so it stays consistent

Includes an illustrated scenario tracing the progress of a sample project, and a site-building checklist for creating new sites.

About the Author
Chris Charuhas has been building Web sites and training others to do it since 1996. He has taught Web publishing classes nationwide, and developed Web training programs for Johns Hopkins University and the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

Book Description
Goes beyond the nuts-and-bolts of site-building to show the process and principles behind effective Web sites. 124 diagrams and photos show how to:

-Plan a Web site so it delivers what users want -Train staff to be skilled site-builders -Organize sites to be user-friendly -Build exactly the site desired -Maintain a site so it stays consistent

Includes an illustrated scenario tracing the progress of a sample project, and a site-building checklist for creating new sites.

Reader review(s):

Finally, clear HTML recipes with explanations!, July 16, 2001
Finally, an HTML workbook that is clear, fun and eminently useful for people who not only want to learn the code, but to understand WHY the tag creates the look. After working with HTML editors and page creating programs, and becoming very frustrated because these programs don't always do what I want, I thought it would be fun to try to create a web site that looks sophisticated and learn the language at the same time. Well, I did it following the step-by-step instructions of this wonderful book. Each section has a minimum of text, clear examples, short exercises and quiz questions to reassure you that you actually know what you're doing, and it's all so simple! Anyone with interest and a little patience can easily create a well-designed web site with tables, graphics, and even forms. Useful additional files are freely available on the Visibooks web site. I recommend this book to the novice as well as the more experienced web page designer-to anyone interested in mastering the basics of HTML while understanding what they're doing!

Great resource for new and experienced development teams, June 18, 2001
I found this book a great resource for communicating with clients that have no clue about IT development as well as a refresher in the right way to plan and execute website developmnet that is often rushed and overlooked.

It is a good reminder of how to alter one's language when working with non-technical clients as well as explain what to expect. It gives an easy to understand overview of the steps in the process to create a website so that everyone is on the same page (no pun intended).

It is well worth having in one's library!

The Visual Learner's Guide to Managing Web Projects, June 15, 2001
I really loved this book, especially since I'm new to Web development. I am a "visual learner," and I appreciate text that's adapted to my style. Good book!

A great way to learn about web page development!, June 7, 2001
As a visual learner, this book is exactly what I was looking for in teaching me how to build a web site. It is clear and easy to follow with helpful illustrations and a checklist to help users along the way. Anyone trying to develop a user friendly and efficient web page should be pleased with this book.

A Visual Learner's "Essential" Guide, June 5, 2001
I have read through Mr. Charuhas' "Visual Learner's Guide to Managing Web Projects" several times. It is a most excellent resource. Having built several sites prior to reading the Guide, I know the frustration of not wisely planning ahead. Mr. Charuhas takes the reader through the necessary steps of preparing to build a web site: define the audience, purpose and success criteria; create a blue print and work plan; etc. We are then instructed in how to build and maintain the site, the author suggesting various software packages to make our efforts easier. Also included is a fictional scenario allowing the reader to observe the progress a web design team follows from conception to launch. Very inspiring! Finally, the book includes a check list so we may be assured that we have covered all the important steps in building our own site. An excellent and essential guide!

Introduction to In-house web site building:, January 12, 2002
If you are planning to manage to build your small business web site with the help of your own staff, this may be the first book for the introduction to the subject. It may be the last if you decide not to get involved. There are lots of pictures, drawings, tables, windows in this book and very brief information is written down, definitely a visual book. There are base data given for the time to be allocated, costs involved and the description of core personnel for the in-house web building team. Team building and decision-making strategies are examined briefly. Major web building and graphics programs are compared. There is also a training program proposed for a green in-house web building team. An introductory web site plan and its implementation process is briefly explained. Some 30 odd pages are also spared for an in-house mock web project scenario that adds nothing to the content of the book but repetitions with half-empty pages. You may just skim through this book in order to have some vague idea about your in-house web site building project for your company. If you decide to proceed with the idea, you definitely need to look for other competent sources that cover this subject.

Jumpstart your web project!, June 1, 2001
This book proved to be a valuable reference tool when developing a new web site for my company. It guides you through the process of building a web site step-by-step in a format that was easy to follow and understand. I particularly liked the book's use of case scenarios and project checklists, and its emphasis on practical advice. It has earned a permanent spot on my bookshelf!

Managing Web Projects, May 30, 2001
This book is an excellent tool in attaining a firm foundation in managing web projects. Dividing the book up into five main topics ( Plan, Train, Organize, Build and Maintain ), gives the reader a great baseline from which to learn. It does an excellent job of thoroughly explaining each step of the process, and supporting the text with a graph or photo. I really like the last section of the book, which depicts a scenario of a made up web project. One gets to see the actual application of the concepts that had just been reviewed, in a real life situation. I truly believe this brings what ones learned to life and really reinforces each point convered. Again, the photographs in this section, along with the accompanying dialogue attached to each photograph, were the keys to brining it all together. A great book and an excellent choice if one is looking to manage a web project.

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