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Internet Dating: Tips, Tricks and Tactics

   by Roman Griffen

    Roman Griffen
    12 February, 2003


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
If there was ever to be a definitive text on the Internet dating scene, this would be it. A straightforward commentary, filled with insight, by an author who not only researched the scene but was actually a part of it.

The information within will make your Internet dating experience a much smoother ride and save you much time by letting you know what to look for and what to avoid to make the experience fun and above all safe.

If you're serious about placing an ad on a web-personals site, this book is a "must have."

Reader review(s):

Very BASIC, October 4, 2003
This book is good for people with virtually no Internet experience. It is also good for anyone who doesn't always use the best common sense - and I'll grant that there are a lot of those folks on the Internet. The book, however, is not good for anyone who is fairly savvy and just wants some extra tips and suggestions as to how to enhance their online dating experience.

Informative, Concise, and to the Point, December 4, 2003
This book offers a great deal of helpful information without bogging the reader down with too much information. If you want a quick, easy, and effective way to improve your internet dating experience, this book it the way. Definitely a fun and helpful read for anyone.

One of a kind book., June 11, 2003
I've read a lot of books, and I have written many reviews, but never before have I enjoyed a book on dating as much as this one. In the most entertaining fashion, Roman Griffen leads his readers through the landscape of Internet dating, pointing out roadblocks and hazards along the way. In his insightful manner, he outlines the do's and dont's of posting an Internet singles ad, and more importantly, how to identify the ads that are of interest to you.
This book really 'decodes' Internet dating AND it's a pleasure to read. Insigtful, ironic, and oftentimes downright funny. I'd really like to read Roman writing about other topics as well! Excellent book.

Instructive, Amusing, and Insightful!, April 15, 2003
This book is hilarious. But it is also a sensible and highly informative step-by-step guide to meeting someone through the web personals. I wish I had read it before subscribing to a major website for meeting singles - Roman's useful suggestions kick in even before you set up your account and start creating your "profile." And although he takes you all the way from the initial soul-searching that he recommends - am I ready for this? - through the first date (who you will find thanks to his sound advice), this slender primer is a quick and easy read. You can walk into your last singles bar on Friday night, enjoy this delightful little book, get a friend to take some digital photos of you (without your children or ex, and not all with your dog - advises Roman), and be up and running on one of these websites before the weekend's over. In addition to offering practical ideas on how to describe yourself and the person you'd like to meet, Roman explains the theories behind his suggestions, which helps resolve questions you'll have throughout the process of searching for and interacting with singles on-line. He offers tips (and yes: tricks and tactics, too) about safety, the searching process, how to grab someone's attention, and about how to be found that you wouldn't otherwise think of. And if you're a novice on the computer or an inexperienced web-user, this book was also designed for you: it provides basic instruction on navigating the web-site screens. But whether or not you're a member or considering joining the fast-growing community of on-line singles, Roman Griffen's book is worth reading for its candid comments about human nature. He confronts in an amusing way some of the fascinating issues surrounding the whole internet dating scene - what people find attractive in others and what makes for chemistry between two people - through his unapologetic defense of the role of photographs in the search for that special someone. The thought-provoking essay he includes at the book's end - "Lust" - examines a related theme. I highly recommend this book.

Great Help, Great Commentary, Funny!!, June 11, 2003
My girlfriend and I met via a web personals site. A friend of her's told us about Roman's book and said we would enjoy it (even though we no longer needed it). She said we would enjoy the commentary. We ordered a copy and we both read it. Let me tell you, it is fantastic! We both found more than a few things that we never thought of and never would have. This book is a wealth of knowledge and if you have ever gone the internet dating route you can identify with 100% of the book. He not only touches upon some very important aspects but makes it all so entertaining. The book is downright funny and fun to read. I just wanted to say that my girl and I have been there and if you're looking for a book that gets to the guts of it without the fluff, Roman Griffen's is the way to go. This could easily be classified as a sociological study as well. It's great!

Great Book!, March 31, 2003
This very entertaining book took me step by step through the process of online dating. I've been an 'online dater' for some time, but never got as many results as I would like. Roman's advice showed me how to word my profile and how to keep it coming up on top! More than once I said to myself, "I would have never thought of that!"
I really enjoyed the essay included in the appendix--I searched for more books by Roman Griffen but couldn't find any. I did find his web site though.
This book was an excellent resource, and it was entertaining enough to be worth reading even if you don't date online. A definite hilarious sociological study.

Very Informative and an easy read, March 18, 2003
Being a little nervous about the internet dating scene I'm glad I bought this guide to help Me on My way. The Author's personal experiences and research make this a must read for anyone like Myself. Along with usefull information such as the amusing use of the "" web site, Roman Griffen shows he has a knack for interjecting humor into what could be an uncomfortable situation. What I like most about this book is Roman Griffen fit more than enough information in this paperback for anyone to get started as soon as you finish it. I now feel comfortable jumping into the internet dating scene. Thank you Roman Griffen. I am now looking forward to your next book.

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