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All information current as of 01:03:34 Pacific Time, Tuesday, 1 March 2005. How Everyday People are Using Forbidden Mind Control Psychology and Ruthless Military Tactics to Make Millions Online

   by Mark Joyner

    Steel Icarus Books
    01 September, 2002


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Editorial description(s):

Robert Anton Wilson, co-author of "Illuminatus!"
"The best book of the new millennium!"

Robert Allen, author of "Multiple Streams of Income"
"Just one idea in this book could make (or save) you millions."

Joe Vitale, author of "Hypnotic Marketing"
"Riveting. Mind-expanding. A by-god masterpeice."

About the Author
Mark Joyner is the CEO of and one of the early pioneers of Internet marketing. He is a frequent guest expert on national TV and radio. Formerly a U.S. Army Officer and cold war veteran of U.S. Army Intelligence, he turned his fledgling one-man Internet business (on a shoe-string budget) into a multi-million dollar international corporation.

He is responsible for creating many of the top 100 most visited sites in the world, and has helped other sites achieve this status as well.

Mark speaks Korean fluently, plays guitar and sings for a Los Angeles band, does his best thinking "hanging upside down in inversion boots," lives in a Hollywood flat that was once the home of Errol Flynn, surfs the beaches of Southern California ("poorly," he adds), works out two or three times a day, is involved in various philanthropic activities, and can be found chatting with panhandlers on the streets of Hollywood Blvd. from time to time ("For my benefit, not theirs," he says.).

To find out what Mark is up to now, you can sign up for his free newsletter. You'll also learn the latest in "Mind Control Marketing" and get free mind-altering lessons that will change the way you do business.

Book Description
This highly entertaining book (complete with hillarious and shocking cartoon illustrations that forever stamp your brain with these valuable lessons) describes in precise detail the sneaky mind control psychology anyone can use to get people to do their bidding. Of course, the focus of this book is on the Internet, so it's over-flowing with examples of ways you can use these ideas to turn your website into a busy cash register.

Reader review(s):

** Mind Control Marketing** now equals 'Marketing Success', September 24, 2002
Mark Joyner has always fascinated me with his online marketing expertise and I've tried to model it. But now, after reading this fascinating and revealing book, I understand the "why" behind his genius. I actually feel 10 times smarter today than I did yesterday - look out world!

As Dr. Proactive, I am always looking for examples to explain the 5 parts of proactive thinking to others. I usually find one or two examples in a dozen books. But Mark has delivered dozens of great examples in one superb book.

I read the whole book in a day and now I'm going back and studying it, memorizing it, and most importantly, putting it into action by redoing my "Success Bound" and "Proactive Success" marketing plans and websites to make sure they incorporate every strategy from "".

After his great discovery of relativity Einstein said, "The answers have changed." If he were alive today, he would have to say that again.

If you are planning for a successful future -- if you want to be proactive -- then you must come to grips with the fact that Mind Control Marketing now equals Marketing Success.

I read a lot more books than I review because I only want to rate those I highly recommend. This is one review I couldn't wait another moment to write, and if I could give it a 6 star rating -- I would!

Randy Gilbert, best-selling author of "Success Bound" and
creator of "Proactive Success: The Amazing NEW Science of Personal Achievement"

Great examples for each concept!, November 5, 2002
This book provides great examples for each concept that is talked about. And the great thing is that Mark actually shares his personal experiences with each concept he introduces in each chapter.

And the pictures in the book are of great help too, a little wierd, but they work really well with getting all the points across.

Stunning! Perfect for Beginners and Experts, October 28, 2002
I've been teaching Marketing at various schools in Australia and the U.S. for 30 years now, and I've read just about every book on the subject of marketing and influence there is. This book ranks right up there with "Selling the Invisible", "Guerrilla Marketing", and "Scientific Advertising" as one of the absolute greats. If I were to recommend 5 books on marketing, this would be one of them. This is one of those rare books where the beginner will instantly grasp profoundly valuable concepts and the expert will walk away with new information and a new understanding. Anyone who isn't blown away by this book has got to be a little daft, I think. A book like this comes along perhaps once a decade.

Far better than money in the bank!, October 2, 2002
If your bank account was filled with money or your head was filled with the wisdom in this book, you'd end up far wealthier with the information that Mark Joyner so masterfully provides in this delightful book. Take all the marketing courses you want. Read the books. Listen to the tapes. Buy the tee-shirts. Still,you won't come close to learning the really crucial insights that are presented in "" Mark Joyner not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk, as attested to by his list of glowing Internet accomplishments. The only amazing thing is that he'd share his enlightenment with the world. Consider yourself lucky to have a chance to read this work of pure genius.

As the author of the "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books, I've written a lot and read a lot. But this book goes to the very top of my list.

Willie Crawford's Review Of Mind Control Marketing, September 28, 2002
Mind control marketing is the best book I have read (in my 5 1/2 years of online marketing) on the topic of why your prospects behave the way they do. Mark explains what and why they think the way they do when they see your promotional material. Mark taps into his training in psychology and his training in Army Intelligence to explain how to harness that knowledge and use it to virtually guarantee you will make sales. The book gave me tremendous insight into how the human mind works, group behavior and circles of influence. If you sell anything online or offline get a copy today. You can't go wrong.
Willie Crawford - Internet Marketing Consultant and Speaker

Loved it!!, November 4, 2002
I know that I have tried many things to get my business going and I have also spent a lot of money doing it. After reading this book I realized I should be doing a lot of things differently.

Mark has done an amazing job at putting a great book together with information that can help anyone trying to get their online business going and making money with it. I think that any person, especially those that are just starting their online business, will benefit from this book and save a lot of time and money.

No surprise, book is a must buy!, November 1, 2002
I read the book in one sitting and I have to tell you that it met and exceeded all my expectations. I've been following Mark's work for a few years now and this guy knows alot about how an online business can succeed.

I've already started changing some things about my online business after reading the book and I'm very pleased with the response.

Conclusion: It's a must buy!

Excellent and informative book that is fun to read., September 29, 2002
Excellent and informative book that is fun to read. Seriously, I enjoy reading this book, not to mention the excellent illustrations. It is well laid out and organized. The author doesn't fill the book with extra useless fluff that wastes your time like some authors do. The author gets right down to the point and explains concepts in a concise and clear manner that anyone could understand. What's truly powerful about this book is that once you understand these concepts and the ways to implement them, you can apply them to any marketing environment such as the Internet. Not only that, most of these concepts will not get outdated with time since it plays on human nature and behavior. As someone who is trying to figure out how to market my services on the Internet, this book opened my eyes.

I would recommend this book to anyone!, November 1, 2002
I thought there was too much hype surrounding the book and I honestly didn't think that the book could really show me how to make money with my online business. But, I was so wrong.

I borrowed a copy from a friend and it blew me away. I learned so much and after reading the book and I had nothing but great things to say about it. And I realized that the hype was for real. It's truly a great book.

Go out and get this book or else you will regret it.

EVERYONE should read this book!, October 5, 2002
When I found out Robert Anton Wilson called this "The Best Book of the New Millennium" of course I had to check it out. I was not diappointed. Though I have no interest in marketing whatsoever, I found I could not put this book down. I think this book transcends marketing and addresses some serious issues common to us all. Anyone who wants to live a fuller life, protect themselves from "manipulators" (be they Big Brother, or your older brother), and actually achieve something in life should read this book. I found myself energized and enthralled by the end (I read it in one sitting). One of the most entertaining and enlightening reads of my life.

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