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The Ultimate Man's Guide to Internet Dating: The Premier Men's Resource for Finding, Attracting, Meeting and Dating Women Online (Ultimate Man's Guide)

   by Howard Brian, Jr Edgar / Howard Martin, II Edgar

    Purple Bus Publishing
    01 August, 2003


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Editorial description(s):

From the Publisher
Whether you are considering online dating, currently involved in it or frustrated by a lack of success, this book is for you. The authors will lead you step-by-step to greater online dating success than you ever dreamed of, and give you all the tools you need to:

- Determine your real dating wants and needs

- Build a profile of your perfect female

- Zero in on the right dating service for you

- Craft an attention-getting profile

- Use email to attract the women you want

- Read between the lines of a woman';s profile

- Conduct free searches to quickly locate any kind of woman

- "Meet" hundreds of new women every week

- Find dates on short notice for any occasion

- Make better choices for long-term relationships and marriage

- Discover the woman of your dreams

Book Description
Proven methods for men who want to quickly and easily find sexual success, companionship or romance with women online -- without spending a small fortune or meeting the wrong women.

Reader review(s):

This book sucks, April 20, 2004
I've been dating online for about seven months or so (collectively), and after reading this book with that much experience under my belt, I can say that there are FAR better books out there on this subject.

The authors talk at length through the entire book about how they started getting all these responses from women, but I know that cannot possibly be true because women almost NEVER initiate contact in online dating unless they're undesireable and desperate. That doesn't come from just my experience, it comes from several people I've talked to and other books I've read. Men almost always initiate contact with women, not the other way around. Sorry but if these guys were getting three or four new messages a week, they must have been living in NY or LA and all the responses were probably from very unattractive women. It's a fact..... attractive women-and I don't mean supermodels, I mean just average, moderately attractive women-are way too busy with the responses they get from guys to initiate contact with other guys too.

The authors also have this chapter on "the women of online dating" which stereotypes the different women they say you'll encounter online, but it's really just a stereotype of women you'd meet anywhere..... which means it's just another stereotype of women. Truth is, some women you meet online will be one of these types, some will be combinations of two or more of these types, and some will be none of the above and not fall into ANY category or stereotype......which makes this chapter pretty worthless.

The rest of the book is bunk. Basic, useless information, pointers and tips that I know for a fact from personal experience are incorrect and misleading, and a generally misogynistic attitude toward women.

Instead of this piece o' hud, get "I Can't Believe I'm Buying This Book" by Evan Marc Katz or "Online Dating for Dummies." Both of these books are not only better, but useful for both men and women. And when you have a book that gives pointers to both sexes, you learn a lot more about what the other sex is after.


Loved this book! A clean, fast useful read., December 8, 2003
I wish someone had written this book years ago, it would have saved me so much time and frustration! I think it presents a very fair and balanced look atdating today.

I especially like the fact that this guy found the love of his life online and it's not just a "How-To-Pick-Up Girls" manual.

If you're a guy looking for a good place to start that can save you months of trial and error GET THIS BOOK!

Just another excuse to make money, December 4, 2003
I am sorry but after reading this book, I have to admit that the feminists are right. Men are pigs and the only reason this book was written was for the authors to make money.
The book tries to justify its existance by saying it is designed to help you find the love of your life on the internet. It actually only helps you find the love of your night. If I had actually used any of the tips in the book, I would have had alot of sex but I doubt finding my soulmate would have been possible. In fact I doubt anyone using this tips would find their ultimate mate, it would be inspite of the tips not because of them.
An entire chapter is devoted to sterotyping women, though the authors do try to explain most women do not meet these types, then the list over 10 to watch out for.
I am glad I did not actually pay for this, I would have demanded my money back.

Not reader worthy, December 1, 2004
I bought this to review it for content and usability, I can't believer what I read. This book has nothing useful in it! It don't tell you anything about what to say or even how to figure out what type of woman you want let alone how to get her to respond to you. It's just full of useless information like horoscopes I culdn't believe it, it even had the chinese horoscope taken off of some menu in a restaurant! This book doesn't do anything buy take your money and waste a tree.

From skeptic to believer in two weeks, June 2, 2004
I decided to try Internet dating because I am so busy with work, I could never find the time (or energy) to go to clubs to meet women. I was listening to a local radio morning show and heard these guys talk about Internet dating and bought their book. You can get good looking women to e-mail you, and I found the key to get them to e-mail me back when I emailed them. If you follow what this book says, you will have dates in about 2 weeks! I have had 10 dates with great looking as well as fun to be around women. I now have one great gal I am dating and when she read the book, her quote was: If more guys read this book, she wouldn't have had to read so many stupid emails!! Thank you Ultimate Man's Guide for a great read and a better understanding of what women like.

Great Advice for Guys, March 7, 2004
These guys make a great case for finding Miss Right or Miss Right Now on the Internet. There's lots of common-sense advice that literally saved me hundreds of hours in wasted time and thousands of dollars in wasted dating money. The "Women of Internet Dating" section had some very funny stereotypes and I even learned something from their astrology section. Following their advice helped me find my future wife in less than 30 days! This little book is worth it's weight in gold.

"The Ultimate Mans Guide to Internet Dating" is the best., November 25, 2004
During the first week of September 2004 I finally decided to find the lady of my dreams through internet dating and subscribed to eHarmony with no results for one month.
I decided to learn more about and purchased six books on Internet Dating including "The Ultimate Mans Guide to Internet Dating" which is the one that is helping me the most. This book is geared towards men and it is based on 18 tips which had made me aware of very important details that otherwise I had missed or learned only after long time experiences.
In addition, it gave me great advice and direct help with my profile which I feel now reflects very well my personality in a way that is very effective.
Even if I am a Latino, 65 years old and I have some unusual activities for my age, I am receiving plenty of replies from quality American ladies proper to my personality and life style.
The book gave me sight to pick the two best online companies in the US.
It didn't took me a lot of my time to read important effective information in this "Ultimate Mans Guide to Internet Dating". Some of the other books wasted plenty of my time with useless blah blah blah information.
In my opinion, this is the very best of the six books I bought.

Great tips., November 11, 2003
This book is very easy to read and gives great tips on how to use the internet to get the best results. If you have not used the internet for dating or you have not had huge success with it, you must check this book out.

Not much of value..., January 24, 2005
The closest to valuable information this book has is: The % of emails you received compared to the number of times your profile is viewed. There is nothing else here that isn't already listed on most dating web sites themselves. Don't waste your money, just read the information provided by the site(s) that you are a member of.

It also appears that this book was sponsored by two specific companies (3 sites) as their name appears all over this book, and the 100's of other sites are ignored.

I was surprised to see that this book was only written by two people. It has the disjointed feel of being written by a large group of people. It jumps from talking down to people only looking for sex, to praising how easily you can get sex, to talking down to people whom consider religious compatibility important. And that's just one example. I truly thought that it was written by at least five different authors, and edited by people who didn't speak to each other.

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