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Internet Dating (Find Your Mate in 90 Days or Less)

   by David D. Abernathy / David Abernathy / Naomi C. Ballard

    One Dana Press
    May, 2004


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Editorial description(s):

Dr. Burton Reis, Web site review, June 15, 2004
This book is a blueprint that can guide you to use Internet dating to find your mate within 90 days.

April Huang, Web site review, July 23, 2004
The Chapter on photographs was fantastic. Everyone that posts photos to a dating site should ready this.

Amy Spraker, Web site review, July 28, 2004
The thirteen week plan is a wonderful guide to help people stay on track and motivatied to find their mate.

About the Author
David D. Abernathy, Ph.D. and Naomi C. Ballard, Ph.D. are trained and certified clinical sexologists. They are co-directors of the Clinical Sexology Center in Southern California and have counseled over 1,000 clients. Internet Dating is the result of their research and work with men and women who share an overriding desire to find that special person with whom they can share their life and love.

In counseling singles in search of potential life mates, the advantages and resources afforded by Internet dating sites became obvious. Their research into these sites provided the foundation for this study.

Book Description
This book, Internet Dating, is a reference guide to help you use this exciting and new way to meet your mate.

Basically, this is a HOW-TO book. It explains HOW-TO select a dating site, HOW-TO fill out a personal profile, HOW-TO use email and telephone contact to communicate and still maintain a high degree of privacy and anonymity and HOW-TO make that first meeting and future dates a success

The advantages of Internet dating are explained in detail. These include: convenience, biographical information available, safety, diverse choices, accessibility, close to home, anonymity, inexpensive and relative high success rates.

It is very important to use quality photographs in the profile. The photos are the first cut in the selection process. Most people do not use their photos to the best advantage. Detail descriptions of mistakes people make are compared to techniques on how to take the most flattering photos. Eight color photos are shown using poor photography and these are compared to eight quality photos.

Stragetic planning is required if you are to find your mate in 90 days or less. A thirteen week plan is described which outlines the objectives and action list for each week.

One of the highlights of the book is the description of "the first meeting". The authors recommend a first meeting as a prelude to a first date. The location should be a coffee shop. The main objective is to verify the information that has been exchanged via email and phone. By meeting in a coffee shop each person is committed to only the time that it takes to drink a cup of coffee. If there is chemistry, then a future date can be arranged.

Reader review(s):

Week-by-week objectives and recommendations, October 30, 2004
It's a new age when the computer can be more effective in helping a man or woman to meet than bar hopping or church dances. David Abernathy and Naomi Ballard collaborate in Internet Dating: Find Your Mate In 90 Days Or Less to help their readers navigate this new means of forming connections. Navigating preparations one should undergo, the criteria for selecting the right internet dating service, what to expect, week-by-week objectives and recommendations, and much more, Internet Dating is a serious, nuts-and-bolts outline and a welcome supplement especially for singles just getting used to the information highway.

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