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Teach Yourself Linux

   by Steve Oualline / Eric Foster-Johnson / Steve Oualline

    17 February, 2000


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Editorial description(s):

Book Info
Designed to help you master LINUX from installation to using LINUX commands, shells, directories, and the X Window System. Softcover. CD-ROM included. DLC: LINUX.

From the Back Cover
Teach Yourself Linux
When you need on-the-spot answers -- Teach Yourself! Learn fast with short, clear steps Find the answers you need easily Explore the Web for related topics
Red Hat Linux 6.1 included on 2 CD-ROMs!

About the Author
About the Author Steve Oualline is the author of Discover Linux. Eric Foster-Johnson is a software developer who works on Linux, UNIX, Windows NT, and a variety of other systems every day. An experienced author, Foster-Johnson's books include Graphical Applications with Tcl and Tk, Perl Modules, UNIX in Plain English (with Kevin Reichard), and Linux: Configuration and Installation with Patrick Volkerding and Kevin Reichard.

Book Description
If you're an intermediate or advanced computer programmer looking to master Linux, then Teach Yourself Linux is your key to success.

Written in jargon-free language, Teach Yourself Linux is full of cross-references, visual step-by-step procedures, and real-world applications that enable you to master the Open Source operating system that's taking the PC world by storm. This book helps you become proficient by explaining the following:
Two bonus CD-ROMs are packed with Linux software, including Red Hat Linux 6.1 and Internet access programs, as well as information on how to upgrade your Linux software.

Reader review(s):

Out dated and over-rated, February 24, 2002
I bought Teach Yourself Linux as recommended by Tech TV. They said that this was one of the better Linux books for newbies. Though the book isn't bad, it has many problems.

Firstly, it's very outdated - Red Hat Linux 6.2 is included with it! This distribution of Linux is very very old. Right now Red Hat 7 is out!

Secondly, the book focuses too much on this single distribution! I was hoping to find a book that taught Linux in general, but this one is very Red Hat specific. Generally, Mandrake Linux is suggested to newbie users because of how user friendly it is. Why the authors chose to write about Red Hat is beyond me.

Lastly, the book focuses too much the GNOME Windows Manager. Of the many Windows Managers that come with Linux, there are two very popular ones - GNOME and KDE. Why they chose to talk more about GNOME also boggles my mind. Simply put, GNOME's interface is ugly! I planned to use KDE, the much nicer looking Windows Manager.

Instead of buying this book, I recommend buying the newest distribution of Mandrake Linux from the store, and use the books that come with the software. They are very good and cover the same stuff these guys do, but are up-to-date and explain things alot more clearly.

This book WILL help you setup Linux, April 11, 2000
I've tried a couple of different books on installing Linux and this is the only one that was of any help. In one evening I set up my sound card, printer, and network!

The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that it lacks any discussion on Perl or C that you can find in almost every other Linux book.

An Incomplete Book, November 12, 2002
The book did well in getting you started. It went through step by step the installation and setup of Linux. It taught you how to use the included applications and some basic terminal commands.

It left out one key subject area that is a mystery to most Linux beginners: how to install programs that didn't come built-in.

Not for anyone who wants to get serious with Linux, January 1, 2002
This was my first book on the subject and i could definately have found a better book. The title "Teach yourself linux" couldn't be more true, you need to teach yourself Linux because this book wont be much of a help. The authors don't go deep at all, just scratching the surface, not explaining much. Important things as the installation process, the structure of the system, and some bits here and there are written poorly and will almost definately leave a beginner helpless. As the authors say, this book is for a beginner but in my opinion it's a bit too confusing for a beginner.
Don't buy this book if you want to get serious with Linux, there are far better books out there.
The Red Hat CD + RPM-packages CD and a useful section about text-editing barely makes this book a two star.

Not worth getting, April 4, 2003
... but I wish I hadn't bought this book. It may be that this was a good choice when it came out, but it's not very valuable now. It includes Red Hat 6.1 (RH 8.0 is available now), which kept crashing when I tried to install it on my PC. A friend recommended that I try Mandrake. That installed with no problems. Using this book (which is a blow-by-blow Red Hat guide) with Mandrake is just awkward. (Once I got Mandrake up and running, I didn't have much incentive to download RH8.0 to see if this book works.) To be fair to the authors, it looks like they tried to write an interesting book. But as far as my goal - to move from linux virgin to linux newbie - this book didn't help me.
If you already bought this book or find it in a garage sale for cheap, I'd recommend you download RH 8.0 and try that from the start. Maybe you'll have better luck than me.

Bill Gates- your money is safe, January 8, 2002
I read somewhere that Linux is free if your TIME is worth nothing. Its true. Unless you are a true geek and spending hours tweaking a operating system sounds like fun to you, don't waste your money or your time.

Looked GREAT! Maybe the IDEAL 1st Linux book!, April 4, 2000
I looked at this in a store, and it seemed superb, for the price. Covers what a competent/ computer-literate person needs to get a LOT out of Linux. I esp. liked that it includes RH 6.1 cd. But I haven't seen it for sale anywhere else, and it looks like it's not immed. avail. here ;-(

DON'T PUT DOWN THE BOOK, August 8, 2003
This book is an excellent book, it was suggested on TechTV. it is true old but not outdated because the same Linux commands and the basics and advancced feathures in Linux have not changed. This focuess on Redhat not Mandrake people because Redhat is the most widely used distro of Linux! DUH! Why write a book on somethign that isn't as popular! Its an excellent book to get started. Download the newest Redhat version. dont use the cd. Its old. But the book is good so i give it 5 stars. i don't know why the others gave it bad ratings. THeyre just ignorant.

very practical intro, June 24, 2000
A good introduction to Linux. It assumes no prior knowledge of unix.

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