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Learning Microsoft Frontpage 2000 (Office 2000 Learning Series)

   by Candy Weaver / Erich Rainville / Sean Murphy

    DDC Publishing
    01 July, 1999


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Editorial description(s):

From the Publisher
Our Learning Series books are ideal for corporate training, school courses, or individual use. Each book offers lessons and exercises that introduce and then build computer skills through step-by-step, illustrated directions.

A free CD-ROM is included with all newer Learning Series books. The CD houses the data files for the exercises. Each Internet title also includes simulated Web sites and hyperlinks used in the exercises, a multimedia tutorial on Internet browsing, and a copy of an Internet browser.

Our authors are certified teachers, so readers dont drown in unwanted narration or too much high-tech lingo. Small words and fewer of them; short sentences and fewer of them. By the end of the book you'll achieve total software proficiency in record time.

Reader review(s):

Disappointed, February 26, 2001
The good things about this book are: 1- It is spiral so it is easy to work with between the book and your computer; 2- It comes with a CD that has examples you can work with. The bad things I came across this book are 1- A lot of the examples were unclear as to what they wanted me to do; 2- Not enough illustrations to show how my work should look; 3- Annoying end-of-chapter true & false questions, fill-in's, matching... this style of questions are for 2nd graders. I'd much rather have mini-projects that reflect the exercises. All in all, I am returning the book, and am giving the FrontPage 2000 Bible a try. This Bible did not have any negative reviews so I am hopeful that this tutorial book will be more accomodating than Learning MS FrontPage 2000.

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