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Leading E-Learning

   by William Horton

    15 August, 2001


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Editorial description(s):

Allison Rossett, Professor, Educational Technology, San Diego State University, Author of "Beyond the Podium"
It offers clear guidance about both the why and the how of e-learning.

David Holcombe, President & CEO, Influent Technology Group
Getting started on e-learning is a daunting task, but this book ... make the job a whole lot easier.

Bengt Kallback, Senior Consultant, Ericsson University
This book's clear, concise, and practical approach answers just about any question you may have.

From the Author
This book is for people who want to lead their organization into the e-learning age. It is for those who want to see their organization use e-learning effectively and wisely, not just "do e-learning." It is for those who are willing to honestly deal with the complexities of e-learning to achieve its considerable potential. Moreover, it is for those who do not want suppliers and external consultants to take charge of the change, instead they want to lead their organizations into the realm of e-learning. These people are:

- training managers
- team leaders of e-learning initiatives
- people who want to be a training manager or a team leader
- HR executives in charge of performance improvement or knowledge management
- trainers who want to launch new careers
- anyone who wants to contribute actively to this fundamental shift in the way training is performed.

Your organization may be a training department within a large corporation, a stand-alone training firm, or a group that wants to use e-learning to expand your current offerings. Whatever your title and whatever your group, this book can guide you in creating your strategy and tactics to move your organization into e-learning.

By reading this book, thinking about the issues it raises, completing the included activities, and consulting the companion Website, you will develop an e-learning strategy that fits the needs of your organization. You will assemble a plan to mastermind this momentous change--with the help of others. This book will provide you with a broad perspective of how e-learning fits into other corporate activities. It exposes you to the rich breadth of e-learning, the many forms it can take, and the tasks necessary to bring it about. This book previews other books in the e-learning arena and supplies you with a vocabulary of concepts and terms so you can deal with specialists and suppliers as an equal. It spells out a practical, common-sense, needs-based approach to corporate change.

About the Author
William Horton has been designing technology-based training since 1971 when, as an undergradte, he designed a network-based course for MIT's Center for Advanced Engineering Study. He is president of William Horton Consulting and is a prolific author in the area of e-learning and the design of online training. He is the author of two other books in ASTD's E-Learning Series including "Evaluating E-Learning" and "Using E-Learning."

Book Description
Here's an easy-to-understand road map that will allow you to take charge of the e-learning initiative in your organization. Training professionals, team leaders of e-learning initiatives, HR executives, or anyone wishing to understand this fundamental change in the training profession will find this book to be a valuable learning tool. In addition to its practical contents, there are interactive "Your Turn" sections and a companion Website that allow you to apply concepts learned in the book. The Website also includes design forms, spreadsheets, live examples, and other resources that will speed your e-learning experience.

Reader review(s):

Strong book in a great ASTD e-learning series!, August 8, 2002
If you have anything to do with e-learning, your new "must-have" library should include Leading E-Learning and the other books in the ASTD E-Learning Series. Whether you are a chief learning officer, training manager, or instructional designer, this set of books will guide you through all phases of planning, development and evaluation. The series includes:
* Leading e-Learning, by William Horton, starts as the series' primer, defining the different types of e-learning, it's benefits, the importance of standards, and how to put together a team.
* Selling e-Learning, by Darin Hartley, provides a roadmap for gaining organizational support for e-learning initiatives, conducting a cost-benefit analysis, and how to build a formal case presentation.
* Evaluating e-Learning, by William Horton, shows the value of formal evaluations and explains in simple language how to apply the 4-level Kirkpatrick model to e-learning projects.
* Using e-Learning, by William Horton, illustrates how training departments can evolve into profit centers as e-learning improves operations and sales, while making performance improvement programs available to more people.

The ASTD e-Learning series is designed for action. Each book weighs in at very readable 100 - 150 pages. In addition to self-check exercises, each volume includes ample worksheets, case studies, online calculators, visual models, and lists of resources.

by Kevin Kruse
Founder, e-LearningGuru com
Author, Technology-based Training (Jossey-Bass)

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