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The Internet and Problem-Based Learning: Developing Solutions Through the Web

   by William, J. Stepien / Peter R. Senn

    Zephyr Press
    01 April, 2001


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Editorial description(s):

About the Author
William J. Stepien is a former middle school teacher and is the director of the Consortium for Problem Based Learning. He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Peter Senn is Professor Emeritus of Economics at Wright College. He lives in Evanston, Illinois. William C. Stepien is a high school teacher. He lives in St. Charles, Illinois.

Book Description
Written for high school students and instructors, this guide will provide instruction for using the World Wide Web as a problem-solving tool-a skill that will serve students well for the rest of their lives. Teachers will learn how to exploit the latest Web technologies and use them as important classroom-teaching tools. Students will analyze eight real-life scenarios, identify the problem in each, seek solutions using Internet resources, and create resolutions. Each problem scenario that is presented has more than one possible solution and will initiate the same decision-making process as real-life problems while elevating the computer literacy skills of students. Coaching plans and guidelines for using the Internet in the classroom and developing new problem-based Internet units are provided for teachers.

Reader review(s):

Using the Internet to Problem Solve, June 2, 2000
Thgs excellent book, combines the best new tool from technology with the best educational methods.Best of all the authors are teachers who pracitce what they preach, the best of all world in a professional development setting. This family affair effort gets high marks from central Indiana teachers and trainers.

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