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The Complete Internet Handbook for Lawyers

   by Jerry Lawson

    American Bar Association
    15 September, 1999


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Editorial description(s):

Book Info
Designed to help lawyers and other legal professionals make the most of their opportunities in the coming Web revolution by providing an orientation to the Internet. Provides nuts-andbolts advice on how the Internet works, with warnings of traps to avoid, and a reference manual of technical information. Softcover.

Reader review(s):

Great book on a subject lawyers can't avoid, August 9, 1999
Rarely, law books are published which teach a complex and essential subject effortlessly. This is such a book for Lawyers about the Internet. The author's explanations of relatively new and still arcane subjects are excellent. His section discussing Public Key Encryption is a good example of the style and ease of learning thoughout the book. Other lawyers have tried and generally failed to explain this type of encryption in a way which is comprehended by the average lawyer who barely passed or may have even flunked algebra. Using a 250 word analogy, author Lawson teaches it in a manner that lawyer and layman alike can easily understand. Realizing that the Internet is new and changing in ways no single person can fully comprehend, the author also includes a unique chapter by a number of knowledgeable lawyers and support personnel who contribute their own observations and conclusions. No lawyer who has to practice for the next decade can ignore the Internet. For those who haven't started, or those who haven't yet incorporated the Internet and Email into their practice, there is no better place to begin than with this handbook.

Comprehensive, definitive, well organized, practical guide., June 5, 2000
The Complete Internet Handbook For Lawyers is comprehensive, definitive, and exceptionally well organized survey and explanation of the Internet specifically designed for law students, practicing attorneys, legal paraprofessionals, and law firm staffers. From the essentials for getting started on utilizing the Internet, to doing legal research on the Internet, to marketing legal services on the Internet, to ethic and security issues involving the Internet, to philosophical and practical considerations for the present and future practice of law and the influences of Internet, Jerry Lawson's The Complete Internet Handbook For Lawyers is a highly recommended, essential, practical reference and guide.

Buy it and guard it., December 14, 1999
You could run all over the Web just identifying the opportunies and issues presented by the Internet for your law firm. Then you'd need to evaluate a slough of disparate information to arrive at answers to those questions. Or, you could buy this book and have an astoundingly comprehensive and qualified treatment in one convenient and easy-to-ready package. I had a copy that somehow walked out of my office. I know why it's not coming back. Whoever has it is using it. I bought another copy, which I am now guarding.

T. R. Halvorson, author of Law of the Super Searchers: the Online Secrets of Top Legal Researchers.

"Complete" Means Complete; Buy This Book, April 20, 1999
Jerry Lawson's The Complete Internet Handbook for Lawyers (1999), is the standard reference for attorneys who use the Internet or who don't yet but should. Besides providing his own substantial guidance for using the Internet, Mr. Lawson surveys, organizes, and synthesizes data and resources from and about the Internet. If there is one book for attorneys about using the Internet, The Complete Internet Handbook for Lawyers is it. The book is a bargain at $50 given the time it will save and revenue it will help generate.

An outstanding survey of what lawyers need to know, June 18, 1999
If you practice law and are finding that clients are increasingly demanding you to be more tech-savvy, you'll want a copy of Jerry's book on your shelf. Sharing the same high-quality information that Jerry has put into his presentations for years, he makes this book a superb collection of lessons that will keep you flipping pages through to the end. This book is not one that you'll read once and put away - you'll find it answers just about any question you'll have about using the Internet on a day-to-day basis. Unlike most books about the Internet, this is one whose value will remain for quite some time.

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