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Using E-Mail on the Internet (LEARN PC(tm) Professional Series)

   by --author not specified--

    Gartner Group
    01 March, 1996


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Editorial description(s):

From the Publisher
Now there is a convenient, easy and effective way to unleash the "power to perform" on your computer. The LEARN PC Professional Series offers user-friendly video and CD-ROM based instruction for today's most popular computer applications. T here are over 50 titles designed to help you learn the time-saving software that you need to keep your work on track and up to speed. LEARN PC programs have been sold to millions of users worldwide over the past 14 years. Each course follows a proven le arning model to ensure maximum skill retention.

From the Back Cover
System Requirements: Personal computer with 486, 33Mhz (IBM PC or compatible)***4 MB RAM Minimum*** Windows(r) 3.1 operating environment or higher ***Super VGA computer monitor ***Sound Blaster sound card or compatible.

Book Description
Grasp the basics of e-mail...what it is and how it works. Tour some typical e-mail screens and become familiar with the various functions and user interfaces. Using popular e-mail systems, along with step-by-step instruction, you will be ab le to compose...address and send a message...pick up or reply to one sent to you...add an attachment or insert a file.

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