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Virtual Office Tools for a High Margin Practice: How Client-Centered Financial Advisors Can Cut Paperwork, Overhead, and Wasted Hours

   by David J. Drucker / Joel P. Bruckenstein

    Bloomberg Press
    October, 2002


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Editorial description(s):

Bud Elsea, FPA Director of Education
"A perfect mixture of practical tips and high-tech solutions... an invaluable tool--one that every planner should own and use!"

Deena Katz, author of Deena Katz's Tools and Templates for Your Practice
"Get this book. Then, control, simplify, and profit."

John E. Sestina
"A gold mine of strategies for working faster, smarter, and better!"

Book Info
Provides a perfect mixture of practical tips and high-tech solutions, an invaluable tool, one that every planner should own and use. Softcover.

About the Author
David J. Drucker, MBA, CFP, has been named one of the Best Financial Advisors in the U.S. by Worth magazine for eight consecutive years. He is a monthly columnist with Bloomberg Wealth Manager, NAPFA Advisor, and, and the original author of INTEGRATE2000 financial planning software. Joel P. Bruckenstein, CFP, CFS, CMFC, is the senior technology editor at He writes the technology column for Inside Information, and regularly for Horsesmouth, a company focused on helping financial advisers.

Book Description
Tired of spending more time with your filing cabinets than with your clients? Is overhead eating up your margins? Now, two leading financial planners and columnists deliver the help advisers have been begging for.

Virtual-Office Tools for a High-Margin Practice is a non-technical trove of technology, clever workarounds, and procedural efficiencies tailored to help you move toward a paperless office, while still complying with SEC record-keeping requirements. The authors show planners how to reduce the amount of paperwork in their office by 99%, slash overhead, and find anything they need in one minute or less by adapting innovative software tools and shifting from on-site employees to remote assistants and virtual work partners.

Until now, creative ways of working this smart were hard to come by. With this book, they are available, ready to go, and easy to implement.

Reader review(s):

Get This Book!, November 8, 2002
Are you stuck in the rut of working more and enjoying it less? Have you found your profits dropping while overhead skyrockets? Looking for a way to live your life the way you want to live? If so, buy this book today. In today's difficult investment climate many of us financial advisors have been trapped into doing more service duties, administrative functions and are making less. The authors are living our dream of enjoying the lifestyle we deserve. They show and demonstrate step-by-step complete with specific recommendations of software, hardware and technologies to improve your practice and help you make more money. This well written and extremely interesting book will give you hope and vision to make changes in your practice to enhance your quality of life. I bought this book because I am planning to spend more time in my condo in Colorado and needed ideas on how to do it. The authors delivered exactly what I need to know. As an extra bonus, Joel has been terrific about responding to my questions and emails. Thanks gentlemen; when's the next book coming out?

This Book is a MUST READ for All Advisors, October 23, 2002
I read this book from cover to cover in one night! There are so many great ideas in it that I had to reread the book to make sure I absorbed them all.

I have been a slave to the old model of adding more and more staff to handle the needs of a growing practice. The authors explain how to use technology to streamline our practices, stop drowning in paper, and how to outsource much or all the work currently being done by employees to contractors that work offsite.

If I implement all the ideas put forth by the authors, I could save many of thousands of dollars each month and increase my bottom line by the same amount.

I highly recommend this book for all practice owners that are interested in reducing their overhead AND increasing client satisfaction and retention.

A Plethora of New Ideas......, October 27, 2002
This book is the cornucopia of ways to help you streamline your practice and make it more efficient. While it contains some excellent reviews of products, its value is in showing you how with a few pieces of software and equipment your practice can operate more smoothly and that you will have more time to do what you want or need to do as opposed to worrying about filing papers and other mundane tasks.

Be forewarned though, you will need to spend time executing... the best things in life do require some effort!

An Excellent Resource, October 29, 2002
This book is an excellent resource for anyone starting up a financial planning office or seeking to make an existing office run more smoothly and efficiently. A survey of current systems, processes and technology to save a planner time and money. Dave and Joel know what they're talking about.

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