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Use Your PC to Explore Digital Music (Survive and Thrive series)

   by Richard Griencewic

    Gateway Publishers
    01 October, 2002


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Editorial description(s):

About the Author
Richard Griencewic leads Gateway's digital audio solutions team. He lives in Poway, California.

Book Description
Allowing PC users to stick to the bare essentials of digital music or dig deep into the topics that interest them most, this book is designed as a blended learning adventure. Beginning with the essentials of analog and digital audio, users will learn the benefits of digital audio and acquire an appreciation of digital music's versatility and portability. Using the right hardware, connecting a PC to a home stereo, and working with listening software such as Media Player and MusicMatch Jukebox are discussed in detail. The adventure in digital music is made more enjoyable with ideas and recommendations for the latest audio hardware and tuning devices. Provided are an overview of software concepts, information on choosing a digital music player with the correct file formats, and tips for recording CDs. Also covered is the process of finding new music and sharing it while respecting copyright laws and consumer rights.

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