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Internet and Computer Based Faxing: The Complete Guide to Understanding and Building Ip and G3 Fax Applications

   by Maury Kauffman

    CMP Books
    April, 1998


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
Within the next few years $25 billion in fax costs will migrate from regular phone service to Internet transmission, thus saving organizations billions of dollars per year. This new, extensively expanded edition explains the standards and technology for IP faxing. It shows companies how they can take advantage of this development to save money, or to develop a new business as a service bureau providing IP faxing. This book will also teach you how to build or buy the most popular PC-based fax applications, including LAN Fax Server, Fax Broadcasting and Fax-On-Demand. Topics include: G3 and IP fax basics; compression; standards; routing; application generators and boards.

Reader review(s):

More like a catalog than a technical book, April 14, 2000
I bought this book thinking it would cover some of the technical issues of Group 3 fax and IP-based fax (e.g. T.37/T.38). Instead what I got was a collection of product reviews on various obscure fax service providers. It's almost as if the author just copied magazine reviews (or worse yet, press releases) on various fax-related companies. The level of technical content in this book is virtually nil.

This book would be more accurately titled "Buyers Guide to New Fax Services". It might be useful for the business owner or marketing person, but is pretty much worthless as a technical book. Given the real shortage of technical books on fax (other than McConnel and some of Douskalis), this is a real shame.

Faxing Review, April 22, 2000
This book was a tremendous help! Several weeks ago, I was tasked with researching replacement products for our existing desktop faxing package. Being new to the Telephony/faxing field, I was somewhat unfamiliar with the "faxtalk" faxing terminology, the telephony relationship, protocol, etc. After reading this book, I now have a much better understanding of how faxing actually works.....from dialing to routing. The book also has an overview of each major faxserver product. (This was very helpful, since I was tasked to research several the vendors!)

This is by no means a sole technical reference source, but if you are looking for an all-purpose faxing book that explains faxing/faxserver concepts and how faxing works in the enterprise, this is a good one.

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