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Learning from Cyber-Savvy Students: How Internet-Age Kids Impact Classroom Teaching

   by Anne Hird

    Stylus Publishing (VA)
    01 November, 2000


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
As the Internet shifts from novelty to common household utility, more and more students are coming to school with Internet experience.

How will students' and teachers' roles, and schools as institutions, change as these Internet-age kids enter classrooms that are fully equipped with networked computers?

This book offers a unique preview of the issues and challenges teachers will face as their classrooms become fully connected to the Internet.

Anne Hird spent six months observing a class at a school where the future has already arrived. She presents a vivid and insightful account--often reported through the students' own words--of how young teens use computers in and out of school; how they perceive the world shaped by the Internet; and how these factors shape their expectations for classroom learning.

Hird observes and reflects on the paradox that confronts teachers in this new environment. They are expected to guide students in learning with a cognitive tool that was not part of the teachers' experience as students, while students' familiarity with the Internet calls into question the authority of the teacher on which the traditional teacher-student relationship is based. She offers a strategy for professional development that recognizes and builds on this inevitable shift in the teacher-student relationship.

This is an absorbing, thought-provoking and practical book for all educators--individual teachers and administrators alike--concerned about the integration of computer technology into elementary and secondary school classrooms.
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Reader review(s):

Recommended reading regarding the real-world realities, June 8, 2001
Based on six months observing a class in a school where the students had easy and routine access to computers and the Internet, Anne Hird presents an informative and insightful report (often using the student's own words) of the impact of the new electronic communication resources and techniques upon classroom curriculum, teacher strategies, and student cognition in Learning From Cyber-Savvy Students. Impressive, scholarly, informative, ground breaking, thoughtful, and challenging, Learning From Cyber-Savvy Students is very highly recommended reading regarding the real-world realities of integrating computer technology and the Internet into elementary and secondary school classrooms and curriculums.

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