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Internet & Intranet Security

   by Rolf Oppliger

    Artech House Publishers
    15 January, 2002


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Editorial description(s):

From Book News, Inc.
Oppliger (computer security series editor at Artech House) presents the second edition of this text for computer, network, and security professionals, on the most current security technologies available today. The second edition provides practical guidance in TCP/IP networking and cryptographic fundamentals, firewall technologies providing access control services, the latest communication security protocols for securing today's Internet applications, and public key infrastructures. The book requires familiarity with the fundamentals of computer networks and distributed systems, cryptography and the use of crytographic protocols in networked and distributed systems.Copyright © 2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Book Info
Helps computer and network engineers understand, develop and support secure TCP/IP-based networks and build efficient systems for safeguarding commercial Internet applications. Covers OSI security architecture and other cryptographic techniques. DLC: Internet(computer network) Security --This text refers to the

Book Description
This pioneering guide to Internet and intranet security is the first to cover all of the relevant technologies in one comprehensive reference, and enhances your ability to create and deploy secure architectures. It gives you the knowledge you need for improved productivity, whether you're setting up commerce on line, assembling a firewall, or selecting access controls and cryptographic protocols to secure TCP/IP-based networks.

Everything you need to develop proper access, control, and communication security on TCP/IP-based networks is covered. A complete review of the various cryptographic techniques available gives you the tools you need to protect all of your on-line transactions. Internet, transport and application layer security issues, including packet filtering techniques and application-layer gateways, are covered in detail. You also learn how to compare and assess the benefits of various security protocols and technologies. Here, for the first time, is an essential road map to Internet and intranet security for systems and network administrators, application developers, communications protocol designers, university students, and lecturers.
--This text refers to the

Reader review(s):

An excellent beginning, May 16, 2003
I found Rolf Oppliger's INTERNET AND INTRANET SECURITY (SECOND EDITION) to be an invaluable tool for helping me get up to speed on some of the fundamental aspects involved in computer network security. This taught me a lot that I needed to know and it did so without being confusing. This book was an assigned text for an Enterprise Security class that I took, and it was an invaluable learning aid, as well as a great resource.

The text covers fundamentals (a TCP/IP networking overview, OSI Architecture, various cryptographic techniques and the attacks they are designed to thwart), access control (explaining packet-filters, application and circuit level gateways, and firewalls), and communications protocols/security (Network Access Layer, Internet Layer, Transport Layer, Application Layer, and message security protocols). Also included is a chapter on Public Key Infrastructures. The book is almost totally focused on teaching theory, with only scant attention paid to real-world implementations. This is not a drawback. If a student learns everything this book has to offer, then that will be a huge advantage when it comes time to turn one's attention towards actual applications.

Most topics that Oppliger discusses include a brief history of the subject. This allows the student to really get a handle on why a system evolved in the way that it did. Also helpful are the numerous pointers to web pages and other texts to supplement the information given here. This book is mostly text-based; pictures, figures and tables are present but used sparingly.

Overall, I would recommend this book to any student new to the field or any novice looking for insight into the topics of computer network security. It casts a very wide net, and while most specifics will be given more depth in other, more specialized books, the amount of information revealed here is more than adequate.

Security Generalism, June 3, 2000
A book that explains literally both Internet and Intranet security matters through firewalls (proxy), and other TCP/IP techniques. Good for computer know-how-ers not covering TCP/IP matters.

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