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Voice over 802.11 (Artech House Telecommunications Library)

   by Frank Ohrtman

    Artech House Publishers
    01 March, 2004


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Editorial description(s):

From Book News, Inc.
The combination of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and IEEE 802.11 (primarily Wi-Fi) has the potential to replace the public switched telephone network. This guide for telecommunications professionals describes in detail how to engineer each component of 802.11 and VoIP for reliable, high-quality voice transmission. Coverage includes such topics as the 802.11 standard, softswitch architecture, and related transport network technology. Ohrtman is a telecommunications systems consultant.Copyright © 2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Book Info
Text explains how IEEE 802.11 is a scalable, secure networking solution that supports today's demanding application needs. Covers the ins and outs of the 802.11 standard, softswitch architecture and applications, related transport technology, and the economics of 802.11 and softswitch. DLC: IEEE 802.11 (Standard).

About the Author
Frank Ohrtman is director of Mannaz Consulting, which specializes in sales, marketing and engineering of telecommunications systems. The author of several books on telecommunications, he holds an M.S. in telecommunications from the University of Colorado.

Book Description
Wi-Fi can further enhance your organization';s productivity and savings by increasing portability and eliminating charges for PBX maintenance and for wire-line and cellular phone service. However, concerns about the QoS of Wi-Fi and VoIP prevent many organizations from realizing the full savings and productivity improvements that Wi-Fi can deliver. This guide to deploying Wi-Fi telephony helps you overcome these concerns by showing in detail how to engineer each component of Wi-Fi for reliable, high- quality voice transmission.

This informative reference reveals how Voice over Wi-Fi is a scalable, secure networking solution that supports today';s demanding application needs. The book explains the ins and outs of the 802.11 standard, Softswitch architecture and applications, and related transport network technology so you can deploy full-featured Wi-Fi that has optimum range and signaling. You also learn the economics of 802.11 and Softswitch so you can measure the cost savings and return on investment of deploying Wi-Fi.

Reader review(s):

This book "rocks", September 10, 2004
This book rocks. Our guard unit just returned from Iraq where we used 802.11 phones to set up a small phone system for our Iraq friends. Cell phone stuff was too expensive and copper wire for regular phones were impossible to get, so our company commander downloaded this book off the amazon site, we read it, got some WAPS and Wi-Fi VoIP handsets and presto-phone service!

Wi-Fi VoIP on Wall Street, September 3, 2004
We recently installed a custom Wi-Fi VoIP solution for a Wall Street trading house. I don't think we could have done it without this book. It gave our engineers the background they needed to get the job done. Thank you Mr. Ohrtman for writing such a straight forward book on a difficult subject!

Good stuff!, September 3, 2004
We recently cut over a Fortune 100 client to a Wi-Fi VoIP solution. This book was VERY helpful in helping our data engineers "speak VoIP" and our telephone people to "speak VoIP". Our sales people also found having a hard back book on the subject to present the client erased their fears of this cutting edge tech technology- Wi-Fi VoIP. Without this book we possibly would have a) lost the project and b) lost the Fortune 100 client.

If you are doing anything in Wi-Fi VoIP, I highly recommend this book.

golden, June 24, 2004
It's really a poor book ! It's worse than a typical computer magazine's new technology introduction. Just a brief introduction of many terminologies on 802.11 and VoIP, real brief ! Worse than a secondary school text book ! Instead of $69.9, it's worth less than $9.9

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