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Streetwise Maximize Web Site Traffic: Build Web Site Traffic Fast and Free by Optimizing Search Engine Placement

   by Robin Nobles / Susan O'Neil

    Adams Media Corporation
    01 September, 2000


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Editorial description(s):
Search engine placement has become a key role and responsibility for those who are engaged in Web site marketing. Streetwise Maximize Web Site Traffic offers the lessons that have been learned by the authors' own trials and tribulations with search engines, with the goal of helping readers maximize the visibility--and, ultimately, the traffic--of their Web sites.

Authors Robin Nobles and Susan O'Neil guide readers through several different proven techniques with this easy-to-understand, instantly applicable book. The differences between a key word, title, and description tag are spelled out quickly, and reveal the importance of each. You find out how to use "doorway" pages to offer various entry points to your site without overusing them and violating search site policies. The book also includes a Search Engine Chart that summarizes all of the key facts about the various search engines, such as their size and crawling frequency. There also are summaries for quicker reference and a lengthy Helpful Links section.

One of the book's more important features is called "Meet the Search Engine," which is 159 pages of detailed information about each of the major search engines and directories. Tips and specific strategies alike arm you with what you need to use the Internet's search sites to market your own site for free.

If you want a successful online business and need to increase traffic to your site, this book is for you. It's a great resource for entrepreneurs, consultants, and owners of small- or medium-size businesses. --Stephen W. Plain

Topics covered:

Book Info
Step-by-step guide to what search engines look for, showing how to redefine a site for maximum visibility. Increase traffic to your Web site dramatically by designing it to trigger the highest possible ranking on the Web's most popular search engines. Softcover.

Reader review(s):

Mission Impossible...., September 12, 2000
After skimming through this strangely formatted book, I'm dismayed by its textbook approach. Almost everyone knows how to use Meta tags, good keywords, etc. To compete in today's crowded marketplace, you need to do more than the standard techniques presented in this book. Getting to the top of a search engine requires a great amount of efforts and the proper use of doorway pages. You also need to maintain the process continuously or the next day, someone else would be taking your position.

Just imagine 20 similar Web sites using the same techniques listed in this book, which do you think would be on top? I bet it's going to be a frustrative and unproductive experience for most people.

Moreover, search engine placement is not the only avenue. It's only good for new comers. As Al Ries pointed out in his branding book, it's like moving into a new neighborhood, you may need to use the Yellow pages to get around at first, but eventually, you learn to navigate by yourself. The search statistics presented in the book is obviously wrong. Just ask yourself, do you need to look up in a search engine?

This book promises a lot, but in reality, it won't work. A better book is Dan Janal's Guide to Marketing on the Internet.

An excellent resource for maximizing web traffic, August 17, 2000
After months and months of trying to get listed well in the search engines, I discovered this book. It took me step by step through the different procedures required for success in the major search engines, like Yahoo and AOL Search. Easy to read and very thorough, too. I recommend it highly to anyone looking for greater web traffic. It's working for me.

Badly Needs Updating, January 11, 2003
Good Book and easy to understand but it badly needs updating as many of the search engines and pay per click companies they refere to are no more! It's annoying buying a book which is well out of date, Not worth anything untill updated thats my view.

Good for the beginners and good for the pros, September 13, 2000
After 3 successful years of immersion in the search engine optimization business, I've read quite a bit and I've been to most of the conferences. "Maximize Web Site Traffic" is surprising in it's scope. Obtaining good position in the engines and directories is like surfing a large powerful wave; if you are not in the perfect position you either miss the wave or are buried beneath it.... In this business we have to have the best information and one needs to see the whole picture. This book works. I am using it for training inexperienced employees as well as giving our more experienced analysts very interesting techniques to use in their work.

It really MAXIMIZED my web site traffic!, March 7, 2001
I knew that getting my site listed in the search engines was important, but I had no idea how to get listed effectively. When I found this book I was skeptical at first. Who could teach me all there is to know about the search engines? I did my research and found out that Robin Nobles was co-founder of Academy of Web Specialists ... and Susan O'Neil ... I decided to go for it and buy the book, and I was very impressed. After only a short period of time I was already seeing results in my web site's rankings, and all I did was follow the step by step instructions in the book. If you want to know the secrets search engine positioning I highly recommend this book. I have more top ten rankings in the search engines than I ever dreamed. And I even got into Yahoo! Thank you for writing a book so easy to understand and so effective.

May be or May be not, December 21, 2000
I am an experienced search engine marketer who currently supplies companies of all sizes with full search engine promotion services at reasonable rates. I read almost everything that's out their for search engines and this book does do a decent job of covering the material. If you are new to the industry or have decided that you want to promote your site yourself (which I'd advise against), this is a place to start. If you've been in the industry for more than 2 years or so, a lot of this information is repetitive although it is a good source for referencing statistics and charts on the various search portals.

If you would like to discuss this book, search engines, or Internet promotions, you can contact me at my office.
Tim Martin
Director, Web Site Analysis and Promotion

Use as Training Manual, September 28, 2000
While any book on the search engines is basically out-of-date by the time it is published, there is basic information which needs to be understood in order to build a solid foundation in this business. Planet Ocean and the are great on-line resources for the latest information - but you do need a good solid understanding to grasp the issues. This book helps the newbie get up to speed quickly. We give the book to our new employees and they can get a solid grasp of this business in two days and ready for our extensive advanced training on search engine positioning.

Webmaster RushHohol.vom, September 1, 2000
I begin to build my web site in 1997 and tied to make traffic better. I had fewer than 500 visitors every month. After took courses in Web Positioning provided by Robin Nobles, director of training The Academy of Web Specialists, traffic of my site was increased to 9000 visitors every month. By fallow strategy described in their book "...Maximize Web Site Traffic..." now I have over 15000 visitors every month by working with pages of my site 3-4 hours a week only. Just use their strategy without any payment.

Easy to read yet informative, March 10, 2003
The authors have taken a step by step approach to deliver a good amount of useful information and resource links. The book is easy to read (or scan as a reference). The book proceeds from a general overview to the minutia of search engines and how they work. That section is outdated being that it is now 2004.The book remains a useful guide on analyzing top-ranking pages. The content is written with the professional in mind, but is easy enough for the do-it-yourselfer with basic web page editing skills to understand. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for legitimate ways to increase their web site placement on the search engines. The book was written in 2000 and therefore does not focus on Google and is somewhat outdated. However, I applied the optimization techniques in the book and still gained a top ranking for those targeted keywords in Google, MSN and others.

Spend Your Money Elsewhere, October 1, 2000
Nowadays, Search Engine utilization should be only a part of your overall marketing. Anyone who still believes that you can get to the top of a search engine is in a for a bad surprise. Is there any reason why the major portals are spending their marketing money elsewhere? Think again, think SMART!

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