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Internet Job Search Almanac (Adams Internet Job Search Almanac)

   by Robert Kehn / Adams Media Corporation

    Adams Media Corporation
    01 July, 2002


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Editorial description(s):

Book Info
Sixth edition plugs you directly into millions of opportunities and helps you research them quickly and easily. Find millions of newly advertised job listings and get the most up to date lowdown on job sites. Softcover.

About the Author
Robert Kehn is a freelance writer/editor living in Troy, NY. He has worked on several WebTutor® projects, developing online content. Additionally, he has worked as a project manager for a national management consulting firm, developing content for and managing the company';s Web site, as well as various research, marketing, and writing projects.

Book Description
Get hired without pounding the pavement!

Everyone';s using the Internet to search for opportunities -but not everyone is finding all the jobs that might interest them, or applying in the way that will get them hired.

Completely revised and updated, the sixth edition of the Adams Internet Job Search Almanac plugs you directly into millions of opportunities and helps you research them quickly and easily. Whether you are a newcomer to the Internet or an expert, this comprehensive reference helps you:

-Find millions of newly advertised job listings

-Get the most up-to-date lowdown on job sites

-Find the sites and listings most relevant to your search

-Create electronic resumes readable to computers and intriguing to prospective employers

-Post resumes without a hitch

-Research the hidden job market

-Target the right employers

-Network with peers in cyberspace

-Secure interviews nationwide

Land the job of your dreams with guidance from Adams Media, the #1 career publisher!

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