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Ultimate Internet Outlaw : How Surfers Steal Sex, Software, Cds, Games, And More Top-Secret Stuff On The Information Superhighway

   by Robert Merkle

    Paladin Press
    May, 1999


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
Find out how experienced surfers steal CD-quality music off the 'Net, break into adult "pay-only" Web sites; download software, arcade games and more for free; plus how to surf the Web without your IP (or anyone) knowing what you're up to. This is the hard-core stuff surfers have zealously guarded . . . until now!

Reader review(s):

I bought this book off It is a truly must read!, July 15, 1999
This is a truly knowledgeable no B.S. book! A must read for anyone who is interested in high-tech computer crime, without getting caught!!!

Good, but will get outdated fast since the net is changing., July 7, 2000
How surfers steal Sex, Software, CDs, Games and more stuff from the internet. This book goes from very simple explainations about he net, on to more complex items like finding "Pirate Sites", finding passwords, etc from web pages. It even covers how to lurk the net without anyone knowing where you travel... not even your service provider.

The author assumes you know such things as how to use compression tools (.ZIP format), what an internet service provider (ISP) is and how to open multiple broaswers, he takes off from there with pretty detailed information on how to steal, hack and basically get web stuff free.

The language gets kinda raw at some points, it was written in a way to keep the adult reader interested, but it is NOT for the kiddies.

The Down Side:

The language is a bit harsh as mentioned above, and the material will soon be dated since the net and computers change so fast, but it is a good up-to-date resource right now.

Ultimate Internet Outlaw (not!), March 4, 2001
If you're familiar with FTP's, email, finding MP3 files (which everyone and their brother can do without breaking a sweat), this book is NOT for you! The information in here is so basic it's embarrassing to think that I fell for reviews given by other readers. The information is VERY dated; he calls searching for mp3's "illegal". Oh, and he also talks about all the "secret and illegal" files you can find on FTP servers. Like, no one knows they're out there! If you're looking for a book on how to hack, or some really interesting, technical information that you can use while surfing the steamy side of the WWW, this ain't it!

Not ... worth my time., March 12, 2001
Uggh. Honestly. OK, so I'm a professional nerd, but I got curious. In the end, I... think this book is a good example of sensationalism and shock tactics. If you've spent more than a month or two on the internet, you've probably figured out everything in this book anyway. I must admit that several times I just started snickering. The processes he describes are what I would expect of a typical 'script kiddie', and really lack anything in the line of finesse, skill, or cleverness.

Seriously, don't spend your money on this book. If you are relatively new to the internet, get yourself one of those "

Don't waste your money on this book., January 6, 2003
very little info in this book. I am not a hacker in any sense of the word and i allready know everything in this book. maybe his other books are better but, i don't think i'll waste more money on them.

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