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Internet Stalker

   by Ross L. Barber

    01 November, 2002


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
Jayne Keener is a young, single all-American girl who, like so many newcomers to the world of Cyberspace, finds herself drawn into the shadowy world of cybersex and adult chat rooms. Following the murder of a suave, mysterious Englishman she has met in a Manhattan bar, Jayne finds herself sucked ever deeper into the subculture of Internet chat rooms. It is in one such room that she encounters Philip Dreedle; professional hacker and convicted rapist and stalker. Suddenly, Jayne's once sane life is turned on its head, and not even her closest friends are what they seem. Set in New York City during the Summer of 2001, against a topical backdrop of terrorism, seething political turmoil in the Middle East, Internet Stalker is a thrilling blend of fact and fiction. And the heart-stopping twist at the end will leave you feeling like you have fallen off a cliff...

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