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The Internet Publicity Guide: How to Maximize Your Marketing and Promotion in Cyberspace

   by V. A. Shiva

    Allworth Press
    01 April, 1997


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Editorial description(s):

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The Internet Publicity Guide is a complete and practical explanation of the opportunities on the Internet and World Wide Web for businesses and individuals who want to publicize, market, and promote their products or themselves. V. A. Shiva explains how interactive marketing differs from conventional marketing and provides the knowledge and tools that will enable entrepreneurs and large companies to promote themselves successfully online. He describes the benefits of narrowcasting, niche marketing that is cost-prohibitive in conventional advertising media; cross-promotion, integrating your Website in a cohesive multimedia publicity program; the correct "netiquette" for selling through newsgroups; designing a home page to attract and direct potential customers; and a wealth of other helpful tips, strategies, and ideas. Included are extensive lists of media contacts and useful resources.

Reader review(s):

Very Basic, November 16, 1998
This book is best used by novice Internet users. If you are familiar with the Internet, don't waste your time. You know most of what is in this book and I guarantee you will figure out the rest on your own as you go through your promotional plan.

Excellent. Really well--written both for novices and expert, May 3, 1998
Simply great overview and details on carrying out a marketing campaign using the Web and the do's and dont's of netiquette. He pays a great deal of attention to the concept of community.

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