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Internet and PC Workstation Policies and Procedures

   by M. Victor Janulaitis

    InfoEdge, Incorporated
    01 May, 2001


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Editorial description(s):

About the Author
M. Victor Janulaitis has been an executive level management consultant since the late 1960's. His work in the Information Technology and Organization Theory is touted by many as some of the most progressive and forward thinking in the Information Processing and Organization Theory arena. He has helped many organizations to focus on the true value and costs associated with day-to-day operations that are dependent on computing power. Mr. Janulaitis' consulting is focused typically in larger enterprises going through periods of rapid change. In addition to his consulting, he has been called as an expert witness in trials associated with organizations that have downsized.

Book Description
The purpose of this HandiGuide(r) is to provide an enterprise with the tools to effectively and efficiently manage all of the capital and information resources associated with the Internet and PC workstation operations. All elements of the enterprise's technology management, control and oversight should be structured to maximize its value. This includes:

· Cost effective utilization of the resources
· Protection from damage which might result from accidental or intentional events
· Actions that might breach the confidentiality of enterprise records, result in fraud or abuse, or delay meeting of the enterprise' objectives.

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