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Internet Explained - Short & Sweet

   by Julian Padowicz

  Audio Cassette:
    Businessfilm Intl
    01 July, 1995


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Editorial description(s):

Booklist, 3/15/96
"Best-selling author Julian Padowicz deftly and patiently explains in easy-to-understand terms how Internet users can get onto the information highway. He explains how to work, bank, shop, educate, entertain, invest, and save with this access to ubiquitous cyberspace. this basic introduction is an effective, non-threatening exploration for Internet novices of all ages as they approach the daunting task of mastering software manuals. Public and college libraries will find this to be a well-done instructional tape."

From the Author
After the unexpected success of "60 Minutes Towards Computer Literacy," explaining computer concepts to people who could not deal with the techie-oriented, conventional instruction on the subject, the natural progression was an audio book on the new phenomenon of Internet for the same audience. This time, however, my computer consultant wife, who had co-authored the other audio book was not available to help me. I tried reading several books on the subject, but, as before, they were not very meaningful to me. I imposed myself on the good nature of friends who were already cybernauts, the appropriate department of my old college, where, I guess they're instructed to be tolerant of old alumni, and some governmental agencies, where they have to be responsive. Eventually I came to realize that digitizing was like not sending a chocolate cake through the mail and the Internet, itself, was something like dismantling a castle in Scotland and sending its parts by various routes to Las Vegas. As I had with the other audio book, I used this kind of analogy in this one, and, because humor is my weapon of choice, I applied that wherever I could.

From the Back Cover
Julian Padowicz, co-author of the acclaimed, best-selling "60 Minutes Towards Computer Literacy," makes the Internet phenomenon understandable to just about anyone in this 67-minute audio book. An understanding of Internet is a necessary part of 1990's awareness, whether one intends to ever go on line or not. "Internet Explained - Short & Sweet" gives a clear, intelligent, and enjoyable explanation. The program explains computer networking and the development of an inter-network, then describes and illustrates some of the activities and advantages that this offers, including chat groups, e-mail, bulletin boards, home page, the World Wide Web, and more. Mr. Padowicz's clear style with its touches of humor, so highly praised in magazine reviews, makes listening to this program a highly informative and enjoyable experience.

About the Author
Julian Padowicz is a veteran writer and producer of award-winning instructional and educational audio visual materials. His 60 Minutes Towards Computer Literacy, coauthored with his computer-scientist wife, Donna Carter, is a best-seller among instructional audio books. He has also recently authored audio books on photography, managing your own anger, conflict resolution, dealing with the irate customer, and the nature of cats.

Book Description
This audio book is for people who want to understand what the Internet phenomenon is all about, whether they chose to become cybernauts at this time or not. This often humorous audiotape explains the Internet concept in terms clearly understandable to the "non-techie."

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