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Disappointments Are Great! Follow the Money... The Internet and the Smart Daaf Boys - Stubblefield, Marconi, Ambrose Fleming, Reginald Fessenden, Tesla, DeForest, Armstrong, Alexanderson and Farnsworth.

   by Troy Cory-Stubblefield / Josie Cory

    Television International Publishing
    October, 2003


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Editorial description(s):

Donna Jefferies, TVI News Reviews, October 1, 2003
Troy and Josie have created an unusual new format "contextualized" that promotes a good intriguing treasure hunt on the Internet.

About the Author
About the Authors - Troy Cory-Stubblefield, and Josie Cory

"Disappointments Are Great! . . . Follow the money", was written and researched by two adventurous, bold and ambitious individuals, Troy Cory-Stubblefield, and Josie Cory. The book in itself is a Bibliothéque of manuscripts, writings, official recordations, film and video events, commenced in 1856 to 1973 by William, Nathan and Bernard Stubblefield, and continued by Troy and Josie Cory-Stubblefield from 1973 to date.

It';s their fascinating story about people, places, and events that have taken place in the world of civil wars, spies, political corruption, and Hi-tech crazes. The authors wittily use the written truths and lies they have learned from others to make this 260 page book into a well-worth-having, history and time-line edition about the people who put music and voice into both the wired and wireless flow of electricity.

Over the course of thirty-five years, Troy Cory-Stubblefield, an authority in the arts and sciences, and legacy holder of the wireless telephone, has produced music recordings and television shows with his producer, publisher wife, Josie Cory. They have traveled a road that wends its way through the heart and soulfinds of the world, which includes, China, Europe and the Americas, from one end of the globe to the other.

To the authors, the Internet is the spiritual grave yard for the truth, lies, and exaggerations of history, told by whistle blowers. Josie Cory was born in southern Germany, and brought up and educated in the Bavarian tradition, " be prepared for attacks on your faith and Germanic principles." Her liberal arts educational studies in the 1960s, brought her from the German Hopfen flat lands to Munich, and England, where she received her scholastic degrees, majoring in English studies, from the Munich School of Arts & Languages.

Troy Cory, the stage, movie and television performer, has been part of international musical performing arts scene, since the days of Reagan's inauguration and China's open door policies of 1981. His international concerts and tv shows played to audiences in Beijing, Shanghai, Anshan, Harbin, China; Basel, Switzerland, Munich and Innsbruck, Austria. Troy';s, 1988 Shanghai concerts, were the first to be telecast throughout China. They were seen by over 3.5 million television viewers.

Josie Cory has been the publisher/editor of TVI Magazine, since 1987. Her life as a publisher/editor commenced - when Josie bought the controlling interest of Television International Magazine in 1986. The magazine was founded by Sam Donaldson and Al Preiss in 1956. In 1976, Josie was one of the founders of Vine Street Video Centre, in Hollywood. She was and still is, the primary producer of musical, television and webcast productions, for VRA TelePlay Pictures and VRA RadioPlay Music.

Troy is the recipient of the International Festival Du Video-Clip Award De Saint Tropez; and international achievement awards coming directly from the White House and the State House in Beijing. He is a "get educated first" person and holds BS and Doctorate degrees in Business Law, Accounting and chiropractic medicine from George Pepperdine University, La Salle, and Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles.

Troy and Josie';s, "Cliches", "Bank of America, The Tortfeasor", and their Smart-Daaf Boys: "The History of Radio and Television", "Reinventing Radio and Television with a Glossary" and "Rediscovering Radio With Documents"- Published in 1993, were used in this book to footnote key financial, communication and historical Timeline issues.

Chapter by chapter, this contextualized book proves up its relevancy of the wireless electromagnetic wave to the Internet, which it seeks to replicate and become part of. Whereas most authors must live with each mistake, printed in their books, Troy & Josie have no worries. The publishers have provided,,,, and SoulFind .com, to those "whistle

Book Description
Disappointments Are Great! Follow the Money . . . the Internet and the Smart Daaf Boys

The contents of this book about the evolution of communications, present a refreshingly different type of reading as you've never seen before.

It is a collection of bibliography of manuscripts, first written by Capt. Billy, in 1856. Since then it has been updated by the writings, film and video events from Nathan, Troy and Josie Cory-Stubblefield, Traum Productions of Germany, STV Productions of China, VRA TelePlay Pictures, Video Record Albums, U.S.A., LookRadio and TimeLine Glossary Sections.

For the benefit of web users, the words "Disappointment Diaries" and "SmartDaaf Boys" have been shortened to mean, and "Smart90" is the acronym of five of nine "SMARTDAFF Boys"; Stubblefield, Marconi, Ambrose Fleming, Reginald Fessenden and Tesla, DAAF denotes, DeForest, Armstrong, Alexanderson and Farnsworth.

All nine of the inventors were the one';s who put the Pizzazz in the electromagnetic radio wave, which effected its relevancy to the Internet.

"Disappointments Are Great" has been contextualized, meaning the footnotes, query index, and each noun word and song you read about in this book, can be seen and heard on the Internet. When you';re doing a search on the Internet, this will help you find and understand exactly where the original news report came from, and more than likely, see the personality in a LookRadio movie video. Credit is given - where credits are due.

Web searching is the second most common on-line activity, with e-mail as the first. Smart90';s search engines perform millions of searches per day. To get started here, all you have to do is follow these four simple steps. (01) - go to; (02) - when it opens, at the top of the page you will notice several mainstream browsers, Google, etc., Click on your favorite; (03) - when the word Smart90 / appears, type after the slash forward / -- the name or italicized word you have read about in this book, like "tesla" -- Smart90 / tesla, then Click. Within seconds the "tesla" will materialize on the browser [Google] page. (04) - Click on the "tesla" query you wish to go to; within seconds, the proper selected web-page with stories about "tesla" should appear, depending on the speed of your modem.

We will remind you of these browsers, and Go To key "word" queries, at the bottom of each page as the: Contextualized - Go To The web crawlers include Google, Overture, Yahoo, LookSmart, Teoma and other choices like, or Alta Vista.

The Bibliothéque Key words are - Smart90 / or YES90/ or Ddiaries / or tviNews/ + key word. Other SmartSearch browsers you can utilize for research are:,,,,,,,,, and

It's unlike any movie for television you've seen. This book, like, has been cropped to fit the screen in front of you. It's fun reading with an unmatched "LiveText" pop culture style, a thing of extraordinary action, entertainment -- and a way of being informed.

MOST SERIOUS READERS ARE INTERNET DETECTIVES - The main characters in this book are also found in the short 4 to 6 minute movie segments delivered to you in the episodes. They include the three non-fictional mystery solvers -- Chancy Cab, GoodTime Charley and Amber, and the real ones, Troy Cory & each of the Brooke Sisters, Entertainers, Inventors, Presidents, Dictators and leaders of Corporate / Religious institutions.

Every name listed in this book has some sort of a relevancy to the Internet or was a contributing factor to the world of the SmartDaaf Boys. Depending on which side of the Disappointment they were on, their efforts helped win wars from 1856 to Now!

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