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Internet Marketing for Less Than $500 Year: How to Attract Customers and Clients Online Without Spending a Fortune

   by Marcia Yudkin

    Maximum Press (FL)
    15 September, 2001


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
Huge businesses spend millions of dollars planning and executing their Internet marketing strategy. What these big corporations don't understand is that they could achieve similar results without breaking the bank. The secrets of making a big Internet marketing splash without spending more than $500 a year are revealed in this book. For entrepreneurs and small businesses alike, this book explains how to plan and execute a complete online marketing strategy for just a couple of dollars a day.

Reader review(s):

A MUST for doing business on the web, February 13, 2003
There's a lot of hype about web marketing and I am constantly warning clients not to believe most of it. Yudkin's information is solid. I would encourage anyone to buy this book before setting up a website. The checklist for a website is worth the price alone. Too many people want bells and whistles that increase download time with no upside reward. And, as we'd expect from a PR pro, the tips on dealing with the press are right on.

Most important, Marcia Yudkin is one of the few e-marketers who recognizes the importance of personalty on a website. Too many self-described gurus advise us to list benefits and create a far-out brand. Yet when you're selling coaching or consulting services, people hire a person, not a series of benefits. I am adding a quote from this book to my new website -- few other marketing gurus realizes how important voice can be to making the sale.

Good for proprietors, waste of time for C corporations., June 28, 2004
This book has some great ideas for building a customer base from the Internet, but these ideas were quite different from what I was expecting. The $500 in the title is almost entirely derived from web hosting and Internet Service Provider costs.

The book's strategy relies on building your own online community through discussions in USENET newsgroups, email communication, and making your site more interactive with message-board features. This leads to handling customers individually through one-to-one communication. While these ideas can sometimes be effective in generating a few sales, they are very time consuming. I was hoping the book would present tips on a larger scale of deployment, such pay-per-click advertising on other websites. Rather, the strategies in this book would require many hours at the computer talking to online acquaintances.

I recommend this book if you are already an established proprietor and would like to expand your business to the web. In particular, it is geared towards the less tech savvy businessman. However, if you are hoping to find a marketing strategy that does not require many hours at the computer chatting with individual people, this may not be the book for you.

Internet Marketing for Less than $500/Year, October 29, 2000
This is an excellent book for those who have sole proprietorships or small businesses. Yudkin clearly explains both marketing strategies and basics about the internet. You do not need to be a computer guru to implement her suggestions. You can read a chapter, then go on-line and follow thru with her strategies. A highly recommended book.

Buy this book!, October 19, 2000
From "Script Magic" author Marisa D'Vari: The first book I read of Yudkin's, Six Steps To Free Publicity, was so upbeat and straight forward in style and had such useful content I became a "Yudkin Junkie" and can't wait to buy each new book as they come out. Yudkin, a savvy marketing guru, shows corporations and small businesses alike how they can tap into the power of the internet for success and profit."

Marcia's the Best, March 27, 2003
Marcia's Book - " -- Under $500" is typical of the author. Honest, helpful, and offering informative sources.

Before you read the others, read all of her material. You'll then have the outline and perspective to skim the "others" and pull isolated info to patch into her outline. It won't be long and you'll be on your way to doing what's best for you.
Ed Jones

$500's About Right, September 1, 2002
I had been planning to go all-out on the Internet and develop a beachhead before my competition. Then, the Internet bubble spectacularly blew up. I didn't completely lose my faith in the Internet as another way to expand my business, but my faith wavered.

So, I was glad to get this book. $500 seems about right for an Internet marketing investment. I also used Mike levine's Guerilla PR: wired, which also is acutely aware that not everyone's budget resembles Microsoft.

The two of them allowed me to wage an effective, sound Internet marketing campaign for very little investment. Which has always been a key concern of mine, since ROI is very low.

Definitely Worth the Investment, August 16, 2002
I have been struggling with my website for awhile now, and I was about to throw in the towel when two great life-saving books came my way. This is one of them. I have learned how to cut costs, and save time while on-line. The other book I recommend is Guerrilla PR Wired by Michael levine. He offers a different slant but is still budget conscious.

Excellent Reading, June 1, 2001
Have a modest budget? Need to do web marketing for your business? Marcia Yudkin provides easy to do web marketing ideas and useful tips to get you on your way....a must buy for those who own small to medium businesses or those about to start a business.

Spend time; make money, February 19, 2001
The trick to making money on the Internet is to keep your expenses low. In her new book, Marcia Yudkin offers clear, easy-to-understand strategies for newcomers to the Internet who have more time to invest than money.

After reading this book I am finally making money, January 7, 2001
I have had a website for about a year now. All I need to do is promote it and the company sends me automatic commissions when people buy the products.

It sounds simple enough but everytime I went to promote it people would accuse me of spamming. After reading Marcias book "Internet Marketing for under $500 a year" things are happening fast. Just a little tip like putting my website address on the bottom of my postings while I interact with members of a business forum is producing results. People are coming and buying. I am only about a third the way through the book and I am making money hand over fist already. I am recommending this book to anyone that wants to make money on the net.

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