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Liftoff to Lizard Island: Internet Coach-Teacher's Guide (version 1.0)

   by APTE

    18 August, 1997


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Editorial description(s):

Bits & Bytes, September 1998
The program fulfills its purpose as a way to teach Internet usage to young children. By playing the game - which they play just as any other computer game - they learn some Internet terminology in a very informal manner. There is a purpose - to build a plane - and this serves as a focal point and keeps them interested. At the completion of the task the plane gets assembled and Izzy flies the plane back to his island in a rewarding video. There is no score but the satisfaction in completing the project is very evident. This is a highly recommended CD-ROM for teaching young children Internet usage. It actually accomplishes it's purpose and is a pleasure to use. It teaches Internet terminology and basic methods of Internet navigation. In the process it reinforces the usefulness of written (read typed) language, basic math and logical thinking skills. For these reasons alone it would be a useful addition to a software library. However, in addition to these nice features it has some useful characteristics that may make it appealing to parents who are concerned about poorly written code. Many children's programs hog hard drive space, this one doesn't. Many programs make changes to system parameters, some without even asking, this one doesn't. Some programs have difficult or complicated installation procedures, this one doesn't.

Excerpted from Liftoff to Lizard Island: Internet Coach-Teacher's Guide (version 1.0) by APTE. Copyright © 1997. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved
Lesson Excerpt from Chapter Nine: After exploring North America with Izzy in Liftoff to Lizard Island, students can create their own web pages. Students will need to have access to the Claris(tm) Home Page or another similar publishing program in order to create a web page. Objectives: Develop an understanding of how to design a simple web page, Create web pages which focus on a particular area of study and Understand the processes of adding color and graphics. First, discuss what the students have learned and done while exploring North America with Izzy. Determine if the students remember how they located the missing plane part (they created a web page). Discuss web page design and how it is similar to desktop publishing. Introduce Claris(tm) Home Page or a similar publishing program to the students. Explain that children should not include any personal information (address or phone number) on their web pages. Hand out and review the Claris(tm) Home Page Quick sheet. Provide students with time to work on their own web pages.

Book Description
Companion Teacher Guide for the best-selling, award-winning educational CD-ROM of the same name. Designed for ages 5-8, the story of the adventure game concerns the homesick Izzy the Lizard, who wants to return to Lizard Island. A simulation of the Internet is used to help Izzy build a flying machine to go home again. First the user has to find the missing parts hidden on each of the seven continents. They use their computer and Izzy's map to hyperlink around the world. Players visit a rain forest in the Amazon. Swim with exotic fish in the Great Barrier Reef or shop in their own toy store on Main Street, USA. Along the way, both the player and Izzy meet new friends -- such as a talking parrot, a pirate and even a friendly dragon. They are key to finding the missing parts to the flying machine. At every stop there's a new adventure and a different Internet skill featured. Not just a learning game, Liftoff to Lizard Island delights children with unique animations, tricky puzzles and surprising special effects. In Liftoff to Lizard Island, activities emphasize how to use these Internet functions: Search, Mail, Download, News, Chat, Multimedia, Web Page Design. Self directed adventure pages stimulate children's imagination and creativity. Challenging activities build problem solving and analytical abilities, as well as sequential memory skills. Advanced 3-D modeling and realistic sounds immerse the child in a virtual world of fantasy. Surprising animations and special effects engage the child's attention and encourage experimentation. A connection to the Internet is not required since Web simulations are used to play the game.

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