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Roads from the Ashes: An Odyssey in Real Life on the Virtual Frontier

   by Megan Edwards

    Trilogy Books
    01 May, 1999


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Editorial description(s):

From Library Journal
Most people are reluctant to make drastic changes in their lives, but sometimes events happen that cause us to re-evaluate ourselves and the direction in which we are going. In l993, after losing their California home to a raging fire, Edwards, her husband, and Marvin "the road dog" saw an opportunity to set forth on a new mobile lifestyle. Their ongoing journey resulted in an award-winning web site and a successful marketing company. Readers follow their adventures from the beginning of the trip to the present. The Phoenix One, the ultimate RV warrior, became a permanent residence and workplace. Readers will delight in the miracle of the albino buffalo and get caught up in the excitement of the 42-mile Kinetic Sculpture Race. By sharing unusual treasuresAa remote war memorial near Eagles Nest, the oversized Boeing Surplus StoreAEdwards demonstrates the joys of exploration. From the mountains to Manhattan, this tapestry of life on the road weaves the best of travel, technology, survival skills, and relationships into an engaging work of art.AJo-Anne Mary Benson, Osgoode, Ontario
Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

About the Author
"Home is where your dog is." It's just one of the lessons that author Megan Edwards has learned living life on a roll. Her adventure began when a firestorm roared out of the hills above Pasadena, California, in October 1993. Her home was among over 200 destroyed by the blaze.

Suddenly and utterly "stuffless," Megan, her husband Mark, and dog Marvin seized opportunity from catastrophe. They hit the road aboard the Phoenix One, the custom-built four-wheel drive motorhome that "rose from the ashes."

Reader review(s):

Good book but in need of an editor, October 22, 1999
Overall, I enjoyed this book. It was great to see how they dealt with what could have been considered a tragedy and turned it into a good thing. I do think she could have benefited from an editor --her thoughts were not always well organized and she tends to stray away from her subject and wander into disconnected thoughts.

The BEST things in life aren't things!, July 26, 1999
Megan Edwards is the true Phoenix risen from the ashes - NOT just her unusual vehicle. I was at the meeting she attended just two days after the fire. She'd lost everything, yet even then she knew that it was a great, and rare, opportunity to do whatever she could dream with no restrictions - no excess baggage.

You will paint vivid color images in your mind from Megan's lyrical writing. The challenge lies to NOT laugh out loud or NOT find yourself wiping tears from your cheek as Megan describes the good times AND the not-so-good times. She philosophically understands that to reach the real truth and the absolute freedom of your dreams, you must synthesize all times - good, bad, happy, sad - all of them part of the enlightenment ahead.

A wonderfully written inner and outer journey., June 29, 1999
The only regret I have regarding this book is that I've finished it. What a wonderful read it is. I very much enjoy a story that encompasses not only the actual physical happenings, but the storytellers personal transformation. The journey within the journey. This book is that kind of tale... it makes me long not only for the open road, but the inner vistas that accompany such a challenging, and potentially rewarding, experience. Thank you Megan, Mark, and Marvin.

A really excellent read! Don't miss this! Haunting., June 1, 1999
To all of you who have ever embarked on a road trip, large or small or dreamed of one, these stories will capture you. I am reminded of "The Martian Chronicles". There are dreams here, merged to reality. Here is an adventure of soul and faith and even Love. Just be glad that such a talented story teller like Megan Edwards brought it to you from the real and virtual world.

Ed Bramlett

Wow, what a gem (both the book and the people who wrote it), May 16, 1999
Wow! What a read! I got more than I bargained for with Roads from the Ashes. I expected a light-hearted travel log, which, in part, it is (and an absolutely delightful one, at that). What I didn't anticipate was Megan's thought-provoking observations on the world of work, relationships, possessions, and our very purpose as we pursue life's highways and byways.

This book touched me in so many ways. It made me want to do more, go more, see more, and be more. It made me put my "stuff" in perspective. It made me think about the "boundarylessness" that the Internet affords us. It made me feel as though I've personally toured the country with Megan and Mark and their faithful dog Marvin.

Megan is a wondrous writer . . . her word pictures are as clear and alive as a multimedia postcard. I gobbled up half of the book in one sitting, then carefully rationed myself the remainder, knowing I would be sad to say my farewells when the last page arrived. But, thanks to the wonders of technology, I didn't have to say good-bye . . . instead, I logged on to! I now have two new cyber-friends whose travels and lives inspire me to do more, go more, see more, and be more. You will, too, when you buy this book!

One of my favorite books ever, October 27, 2003
This was probably the first book I ever bought from I was doing research for how to stay online while going on a summer road trip and it turned out that had a lot of information for me. I ended up reading the introduction to this book and had to buy it. I loved the way Megan just captured my attention and imagination. I still get tears in my eyes remembering favorite sections and I've forced quite a few people to read it too.

(OK, that it isn't the most helpful review, but I wanted to write something and didn't have a lot of time.)

Phoenix One Rises!, January 30, 2001
There's always a catalyst to embarking on a "road less traveled" and, for Megan and Mark, it was a terrible tragedy. Yet embark they did, with all the courage and hope in the world that everything would turn out all right, no matter what happened to them along the way or how bleak things seemed. Megan takes us along to experience not only the external journey of new places and new friends but also the internal journey of doubts and frustrations. This is a delightful read for anyone who's ever wondered what it would be like to throw off the traces and explore.

Beautiful and inspiring, May 11, 1999
I read a lot. I also am picky about which books I pick to read. They'd better pay off or I put them down. Megan Edward's book was a great choice. I couldn't put it down. She's a wonderful writer. What makes a wonderful writer? I want to get to know her better and I want to see where she takes me. She's funny, she's insightful, big-hearted and she makes me want to read more. She asks, (I'm paraphrasing here...) "What would you do if one day you had no more stuff to tie you down?" She got to find out when her house and all of her belongings burned up in a wild-fire. She, her husband and their Road Dog, Marvin, took off in an RV and found out home is where you say it is.. I know for one thing, if I lost all of my stuff, I'd want Ms. Edwards book with me. What a great read.

I agree with secondnature review... could use editing., November 17, 2004
I have read many RV travel books. This book has good subject matter, however, I find it strays again and again to the "isn't the wonder of the computer world amazing" theme. When published, this may have had more impact, but now the "wonder" is old news. I enjoyed the first half of the book more than the last.

An incredible life adventure., May 9, 1999
I loved this book!! It is very inspirational and uplifting. Megan took what could have been a great tragedy in her life and made along with her husband Mark, something beautiful out of it. Her book really brings home the point - life is what you make of it!!!! A must read for anyone, especially those stuck in a rut. Megan will definitely inspire you to move out of it and live your dreams - she did and is. Great work - Megan!

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