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Using the Internet in Business

   by Curt Robbins

    NetQuest Publishing, Inc.
    01 May, 1997


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Editorial description(s):

Gibran Majdalany, Ed.D., Associate Director, Teachers College, Columbia University, 1998
"My colleagues have all praised Quessing's products and were anxious to...apply them to our courses. I, for one, have benefited tremendously from it. I've referred to [Quessing's courses] in the graduate class I teach and also in my workshops on technology and the Internet."

Microsoft Corporation, 1997
"Microsoft has found Quessing's Internet courseware to be among the best in the industry. Training materials created by Quessing are easy for everyone to understand, yet detailed enough for an expert to gain valuable insight from each training module. Business scenarios cited within each module are especially helpful for individuals trying to comprehend these relatively difficult topics."

Eric J. Ursich, Staff Sergeant, United States Air Force, 1998
"Quessing's "Using the Internet in Business" truly lives up to their motto "teaching the world the Internet". This book is a comprehensive resource that addresses the enduring question, "is the Internet for me and my business?". This business-oriented course is very in-depth; its sheer content allows a new business not only to decide how the Internet can expand their horizons, but if the Internet is a medium that is even worth exploring. Once again, A+ work from Quessing."

From the Publisher
"Using the Internet in Business" is the Quessing Courseware Corp.s introductory course to using the Internet in your organization. This course is intended for employees and executives in a myriad of types of organizations, including non-profits, corporations, small businesses, government agencies, and associations. This course is a prerequisite for all other Quessing business courses.

The author, Curt Robbins, is one of the top Internet courseware authors, teachers, and lecturers in the United States. Mr. Robbins has over twelve years experience in the computer and Internet industry. He has authored nearly a dozen Internet courses used by tens of thousands of business people and college students throughout North America. His continued focus upon writing exclusively Internet training materials makes him one of the foremost authorities on how both individuals and organizations can practically and economically utilize the Internet. Mr. Robbins' unique and clear writing style and depth of knowledge appeal to both experienced computer users and novices alike and reflect his journalism, psychology, and information technology background.

From the Author
I wrote "Using the Internet in Business" to help my Internet students grasp the complex and often misperceived issues involved in integrating the Internet and its many technologies into an organization for improved efficiency and enhanced profitability. I update this course every three to six months to keep pace with the rapid technological development of the Internet and the proliferation of new business models and case studies. As the influence and power of the Internet expand exponentially, it is becoming an increasingly powerful business tool that organizations cannot afford to ignore.

This course is designed to enable all types of organizations to integrate Internet technologies, such as e-mail, mailing lists, and Web sites, into their business model and administrative processes. This course is not intended to show you how your organization can "get rich" using the Internet. However, this course does focus on reducing overhead and enhancing customer service, two effective methods of increasing profitability or at least keeping your organization within budget.

About the Author
Curt Robbins was one of the first full-time Internet instructors in the United States in 1993. The lack of high-quality Internet training materials at that time motivated him to develop a series of courses targeted at corporate and government employees, consumers, and college students. As a full-time Internet instructor for many years, Mr. Robbins is distinctly qualified and stands out among Internet courseware developers. Many of his workbooks, including "Internet Fundamentals I" and "Navigating the Web", have evolved over several years and are the result of hundreds of hours in the classroom, gathering feedback from students, fellow instructors, and training managers.

Book Description
This 160 page spiral-bound workbook is an in-depth review and examination of how organizations--including non-profits, large corporations, small businesses, associations, and government agencies--can use the Internet and its services to reduce overhead, increase profits, increase customer satisfaction, decrease time-to-market, improve employee morale, and strengthen vendor relations. "Using the Internet in Business" is written in plain English, rather than confusing technobabble. This course is updated every 90 days to keep pace with the rapid development of Internet research tools.

"Using the Internet in Business" employs useful aids to make learning about the World Wide Web enjoyable and easy. At the conclusion of each lesson is a detailed summary and a challenging quiz. An extensive glossary and detailed index close out the course. This comprehensive Internet course combines readable text with detailed, intuitive schematics that illustrate complex Internet mechanisms and processes. High-resolution graphics of actual Web sites and pages guide you through lecture text and dozens of hands-on exercises. Appendices listing useful Web sites and other beneficial pieces of information are also provided, allowing the workbook to serve as a valuable reference long after you have completed the course.

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