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Internet Programming With VB

   by Budi Kurniawan

    September, 2000


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Editorial description(s):

Book Info
Covers what the professional developer needs to know about using Visual Basic, including how to combine Visual Basic and Microsoft Internet Information Server applications and how to avoid common problems and pitfalls. Softcover.

About the Author
Budi Kurniawan is an IT consultant specializing in Internet and object-oriented programming, and he has taught both Java and Microsoft technologies. He is the author of Internet Programming with Visual Basic and Java for the Web with Servlets, JSP, and EJB, and he has published articles in a number of publications. Budi comes from a solid programming background, developing applications for small to multinational companies and selling software used by major organizations such as Commerce One, Saudi Business Machine Ltd, and Baxter Healthcare Corporation.

Book Description

From seasoned developer Budi Kurniawan comes Internet Programming with Visual Basic, which teaches experienced Visual Basic programmers how to successfully combine two key Microsoft technologies used to drive the Web: Visual Basic and Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). This book covers what you as a professional developer needs to know to use VB to write WebClasses that combine all the elements of a robust, scalable Internet application.

This book guides you through the process of building a browser-independent Internet application using VB. Along the way, Kurniawan provides real-world code examples and detailed explanations of exactly what is occurring at each step in the development process. He also offers thorough coverage of IIS objects and concepts used by both WebClasses and ASP applications. You'll learn how IIS applications compare with other technologies, such as ASP, and why IIS applications are much faster and more scalable.

The first part of the book begins by reviewing and comparing the performance of the major Microsoft Internet technologies, including IIS applications. Kurniawan introduces the concept of IIS applications, shows how they're built, and provides related coverage of WebClasses, WebItems, and virtual directories. He also explains the role of ASP objects in IIS, the concept of ODBC and how to set up a Data Source Name connection, and the bases of Microsoft's Universal Data Access and MDAC strategies. In the second part of the book, Kurniawan discusses database optimization techniques, client-side processing, and how to manage state using the URLData property, Session object, database, cookies, and hidden fields. Finally, he addresses the crucial issues of security and successful deployment.

Reader review(s):

Plenty of information!, January 20, 2001
As an intermediate programmer with no knowledge whatsoever of IIS, I was intrigued by the possibilities of this book. I was not disappointed. There is a lot to learn here and I found it quite interesting. There's good info about how servers work(I never really knew how), using VB to generate WebClasses, email, databases, SQL...the works! Maybe an advanced programmer would have some gripes, but for a beginner in this area, I really enjoyed it.

An excellent book on Webclasses, November 17, 2001
I've been writing VB IIS apps (webclasses) for about two years, and I bought this book to see if I had been doing things correctly. In my opinion, webclasses are one of the best ways to write a web app, and everyone I've ever worked with that came from a straight ASP environment just loves IIS apps once they "see the light" of how they work. One of the best things about this book is that it covers all the other things you'll need to know to get the app completed and working on your web server. With this book, and maybe an HTML and Javascript reference, I think you could turn out a pretty good project even if it was your first time with a web application.

The book is well written, and cleanly laid out.

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