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I've Got Mail!

   by Robert Messinger

    Little Mai Press
    01 October, 2001


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Editorial description(s):

About the Author
Robert Messinger is an advertising veteran who has worked for companies such as Montgomery Ward and American Movie Classics. He was the founding editor of American Movie Classics Magazine. In addition to his Little Mai Press duties, he is currently Marketing and Advertising VP for Focus One Promotions, a Pennsylvania corporation. Messinger has been a resident of Lake Hiawatha since September, 1993.

Book Description
This illustrated storybook fancifully portrays young Laura's fascinatioin with her Dad's computer, as well as her quest to get her own email.

I've Got Mail! is a playfully imaginative look at how one small child relates to the prevailing digital environment, and Laura is a character with whom children of the electronic age will most certainly identify.

Reader review(s):

Terrific -- Highly recommended, November 11, 2001
Since she was very little, Laura has been entertained by her dad's computer. Before she understood the words, Laura would go into gails of laughter over her dad's "silly chatter." While she eventually came to understand bits, bytes and bugs, Laura was entranced most by the words "You've got mail!" Even her very own program filled with her favorite things couldn't compare to her heart's desire for her own mail. Then finally, by the time she's almost six, she knows enough to ask for her own email.

I'VE GOT MAIL! adds originality to the truism of that children love mail addressed to them. Author Robert Messinger captures that excitement and enthusiasm marvelously, bringing his text vivaciousness by writing from a child's point of view. I'VE GOT MAIL! is certain to delight young readers with its simple rhyme scheme; indeed, adults will appreciate the smooth rhyming verse that becomes a delight to read out loud. In addition, Messinger's verse is nicely showcased with illustrations by John Salerno. I'VE GOT MAIL provides ample motivation for repeated readings. Highly recommended.

Wee Ones editor loves this book, October 30, 2001
I've Got Mail is an appropriate book on many levels. My own children ages 6 and 7 enjoyed it because they love the 'puter' just as the main character, Laura, loves the 'puter' and all the exciting things one can do with it. As Laura learns more about the Internet, she still feels something is missing- she doesn't get any e-mail. Her problem is soon resolved yet the author, Robert Messigner doesn't leave it here. He stresses the importance of safety while using e-mails and the Internet- a must in my opinion and that children need to be supervised while on the Internet. It is easy to read and fun as it is written in rhyme and the pictures are adorable. I'd recommend this book especially as children become more aware of computers and the Internet.

what a thrill!, May 28, 2002
Since she was an infant, Laura has been bouncing on her father's lap as he works on his computer. She laughs at his "mouse" & giggles at all the words he uses.

In the blink of an eye, or so it seems to Laura's Dad, she is ready & eager to learn how the computer works. Together they set up her own book, where her favorite pictures are kept.

Laura feels, somehow, that something is still missing. One day when her Dad opens up his email program & that chirpy voice tells him he's got mail, six-year old Laura knows that that's what's missing! She wants her own email, her Dad sets about helping her, & she writes a note to her best friend.

John Salerno's illustrations vividly portray the excitement & charm of this poetic adventure that just about every modern family is now enjoying.

I'VE GOT MAIL! will make a really fine Fathers' Day Gift - hint, hint!

Great book to share with a child, January 1, 2002
I'm not an editor or book reviewer, but I am a mother and have done my share of reading aloud. This book was a delight--so much that I bought another copy for my neighbor to read to her preschoolers. Children ARE fascinated when they see us using computers, and this book not only speaks to the child's point of view but will also encourage parents to see that they are the best ones to start their children's exploration of cyber space. Why wait for the schools to teach them and hope that the important safety message gets through? This book just provides an enjoyable way to teach without preaching and share this experience with your child.

The entertaining, bouncy rhymes beg to be read aloud, December 15, 2001
Brightly illustrated by John Salerno, and engagingly written by Robert Messinger, I've Got Mail! is a clever storybook for children about a four-year-old girl who enjoys learning about the family computer from her father's knee. More than anything else, young Laura wants an email account of her very own. The entertaining, bouncy rhymes beg to be read aloud, and the warm, simplistic illustrations bring the charming story for life. Recommended for family, school, and community libraries, I've Got Mail! is an excellent selection to help introduce the youngest minds into the exciting world of the personal computer.

Great Bedtime Reading!, June 5, 2002
Robert Messinger's new rhyming book, I've Got Mail!, is about a little girl who becomes intrigued with e-mail. It also supports my theory that children are more knowledgeable about the world than I was when I was growing up. But then again, I knew what an A-bomb was and how to take shelter.

This charming tale is of seven-year-old Laura who looks back over her life when she was a baby and her interest in the 'puter. Every evening Laura and her Daddy would log on and he would read his mail.

But it was those three little words, "You've got mail" that fascinated the tyke. She longed and wished to get e-mail of her own. But Laura must first make a promise to her Daddy before she gets an account of her own. (A lesson for Moms and Dads that supervision is a must.)

My five-year-old nephew, Joseph, loved Laura's tale, but now he wants his own e-mail account! Needless to say, my brother is not very happy with me.

John Salerno's illustrations are colorful, fun, and childlike without being condescending.

I've Got Mail! is a fun, happy book, sure to give those little ones happy thoughts before they go to sleep!

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