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Learning eZ publish 3: Building Content Management Solutions--Leaders of the eZ publish community guide you through this complex and powerful PHP-based Content Management System

   by Paul Borgermans / Tony Wood / Paul Forsyth / Martin Bauer / Bjorn Dieding / Ben Firt

    Packt Publishing
    26 May, 2004


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Editorial description(s):

About the Author
Tony Wood has over 16 years of experience working for both small and large clients, with work ranging from system administration to knowledge management.

Tony is an active member in the eZ publish community and regularly contributes to the eZ publish community. Tony works for VisionWT which was the first company outside of eZ publish to deploy an eZ publish version 3 site and has focused on creating only eZ publish sites.

Paul Forsyth is an active contributor to the eZ publish community, and lead developer at Vision with Technology. As Lead Developer, Paul helps to develop processes, methods and technical standards in addition to developing systems and overseeing the development team.

Ben Pirt studied architecture at Edinburgh University and at the Bartlett School of Architecture. His company, More Associates, specializes in eZ publish development, where he is able to combine his two main fascinations: design and technology.

Book Description
Leaders of the eZ publish community guide you through this complex and powerful PHP based content management system.

This book takes you through the process of designing and building content rich web sites and applications using eZ publish. Famed for its power and flexibility, eZ publish can be daunting on first approach. Moreover, it has advanced features that reward the investment in learning. This book exists to ease experienced PHP developers into thinking and developing the eZ publish way.

With hard-won experience of the practical difficulties faced by developers working with eZ publish, and technical approval from eZ systems (creators of eZ publish) this book is a distillation of the authors'; expertise, and the perfect way to master the system.

eZ publish is a PHP-based, Open Source Content Management System and development framework. With over 950,000 downloads of the system to date, and now at version 3, eZ publish has evolved from a standard CMS to a framework for developing your own robust, PHP applications.

This book covers installing eZ publish, an outline of the basic concepts of eZ publish and the structure of an eZ publish site, content management with eZ publish, controlling your page output with eZ publish templates, the eZ publish core libraries, creating eZ publish extensions, creating new modules and datatypes, working with RSS import and export, deploying an eZ publish site, case studies of real eZ publish sites, optimizing your eZ publish installation.

Reader review(s):

Good book: very technical, September 1, 2004
With this book, our intrepid micro-publisher has sought to lay out an understanding of the complex content management system eZ Publish ( eZ Publish is a very powerful php based CMS solution, and really does meet the requirements of an Enterprise CMS solution.

However, it has not been a very well documented project despite great efforts by the developers, especially for the more complex functionality.

This book addresses many of the things that are left wanted by the documentation, such as the modification of core classes. However, it oddly combines them with basic information like how to set up the system -- information which was almost out of date before the book was released.

Sadly, the book fails to go deep enough to satiate the demand of our more technical users while also failing to provide enough introductory material for beginners. This lack of clear audience focus plagues the book and lessens it's utility for real world developer or beginners.

This book is absolutely worth the money, if you've got a little php under your belt and you're looking to really buckle down and start developing eZ Publish sites. But if you're a beginner, or you don't have a solid understanding of php, you'll probably find this book to be over your head past the first chapter.

This publisher is coming out with a revised version which I am sure will address many of these issues, as they are one of the best computer book publishers to hit the scene since WROX. The fourthcoming Plone book by the same publisher looks like a good title, and the OpenCMS book by Packt Publishers is very good.

Love the CMS, love the book!, September 13, 2004
Having worked with Content Management Systems (CMS) for a good while now, it is always nice to run into a nice implementation of one and, with more than a million downloads, a very successful one at it.

In this case, for most matters and purposes, eZ Publish 3 comes accross as a platform that will cater to most content management needs. Perhaps it is a stretch to say that it will serve anyone and everyone, but from the book, it is clear that this PHP-based, open source CMS and development framework will answer the needs of most sites requiring to maintain their content dynamically.

The book is the result of the contribution of six leaders of the eZPublish community. The volume is very thorough in its discussion of the steps needed to set up, configure and maintain the system. In general, newcomers into eZPublish will find it extremely valuable and veterans will benefit from the shared experience of other eZPublish colleagues. All in all, highly recommendable as a content management tool and the book itself, as a reference to master it.

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