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Users' Guide to Logic Audio 5

   by Stephen Bennett

    Muska & Lipman/Premier-Trade
    16 October, 2002


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Editorial description(s):

About the Author
Stephen Bennett is a composer and post production engineer who uses Logic every day for many tasks in the studio.

Book Description
"Users Guide to Logic Audio 5" uses a step-by-step logical approach to help musicians learn the features of Emagics Logic Audio 5 so they can make great music. Author Stephen Bennett shows readers how to install the program on a Mac or PC, record audio and MIDI, use Logics editors and plug-ins, and take advantage of a number of tips and tricks. In short, this book is all anyone needs to get up and running with Logic Audio 5.

Reader review(s):

Good for Midi but very little else, April 17, 2003
I bought this book as a guide to use Logic for audio post & audio production however the entire book with the exception of a few messy pages deals entirely with the midi side of Logic. This book is perfect for keyboard players who want to compose and set up entire midi enviroments but forget the audio side..Not one page on syncing video to audio!! What gives?? The author is obviously a midi nerd who believes Logic has only one function**MIDI**.
The title needs to change to "USING MIDI WITH LOGIC5". I have purchased a lot of books on customer ratings so I feel I should warn any potential Logic user looking for an audio reference DO NOT PURCHASE THIS BOOK.......

Pretty Good, January 15, 2003
Firstly I haven't read this book cover to cover yet. It looks pretty good so far and definitely good for first time Logic users. Personally I found I already knew most of the content but I have been using logic 4 for a year or 2. The only thing I didn't like about it was the fact that the author has used screen shots that look like logic 3 in many places? I know you can change between old and new looks but like who would want to? The old logic is so ugly and clunky that the only reason anyone would still use it would because they have dinosaur tendencies....

EXTREMELY Disgusted that I wasted my money and time on this book. Poorly written and terrible attempt to convey information to the reader. Author repeatedly says what can be done but doesn't go into details of how to achieve the desired action. Sort of like buying a "How to build a Motorcycle" book and when you open it up to read it you find these instructions: put an engine in the frame and make sure it has wheels and tires, make sure all the settings are right and it is properly tuned up and start it up. I think anybody could write a "user's guide" to logic audio better than this attempt turned out. I wish I could get my money back.

What a disappointment!, May 11, 2003
Despite the amount of time and effort that the author put into this book, he has the same difficulties as the authors of the original manual as far as organization. Why is it so hard to explain how to use a software program using simple steps - A-B-C etc? The author will skim through A and go directly to C. This is not in keeping with the advertising for this book which makes it clear that a total beginner can learn Logic Audio quickly and easily. You may well be better of with the manual that comes with the program. His diagrams are NOT Logic 5, but an earlier version, therefore some of the commands that he describes just don't exist in version 5. He jumps all over the place and there is no structure whatsoever. Also, when paying this amount of money for a book, I don't expect so many typos and articles telling me to look at the diagram on the right when it is really on the left. I can't recommend this to anyone - as I said earlier, stick with the original manual as awful as it is, you'll learn more from it.

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