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300 Incredible Things for Seniors on the Internet

   by Joe West / Paul Jofe / Ken Leebow

    01 September, 2000


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Editorial description(s):

Book Description
Incredible things for seniors . . .

Seniors are logging on to the Internet in droves, and this book has been created especially for this group of users. With over one billion total Web pages, the Internet can be an intimidating place. That is why we have provided information that quickly leads you to the best the Web has to offer. You'll find tutorials, health and financial resources, travel information, shopping and consumer protection sites, games, free services, educational sites and much more.

This book, (as well as 300 Incredible Things to Do on the Internet and other books in the series), serves as an invaluable resource. Buy copies for yourself, friends and family members. Together, you can all use the Internet to learn, have fun and get things done.

Reader review(s):

My Mother and Father Love It!, October 20, 2000
I have been surfing the web for 2 years but could never convince my mom and dad to do the same. I bought them this book and after my mom looked at all the wonderful things you can do online, she now wants Web TV. The book is loaded with great sites all well organized. It was good enough to make my mom want to start surfing. Thank you Joe and Ken.

Very Informative, March 27, 2001
My husband and I always turn to this book while on the internet. When ever we want to explore the internet, we just open the book. There are so many quality web sites it will take months to visit them all. I love the game section and have found many fun crossword puzzle sites. My husband likes the travel and military sites. I plan on buying more for friends.

GREAT!, December 16, 2000
I am somewhat of a novice when it comes to the internet but I am able to use this book to find many excellent web sites. I had no idea some of these sites even existed and would have never even thought to look for them, but thanks to 300 Incredible, I've found them. I use the book just about every day. My wife has to kick me off the computer so she can call her friends and vica-versa. I guess it may be time for a second phone line. I will buy other books from the series and hope they are all as helpful and well organized as "Seniors".

Nice Book to Have by the Computer, February 3, 2001
Good book to have. Very straight forward. No fat, just meat. Nothing but nicely organized web addresses that lead to great internet sites you can really use. Very helpful. I got this seniors book for Christmas and am now shopping for some of the others. Kids book the grand kids, Golf book for my sons, womens book for my daughter. Great idea.

A very handy and helpful resource., November 29, 2000
I use the book quite often to find high quality web sites. The index makes looking up specific topics quick and easy. I have found dozens of extremely helpful sites that I now visit on a regular basis. The travel and health sites have been particularly helpful. A great book for anybody hooked up to the internet.

Helpful to a Degree..., March 20, 2004
I found several sites to be helpful in "300 Incredible Things for Seniors on the Internet," but perhaps this is a book for seniors who are just starting out?

I have been on the Internet for approximately 10 years and have found that search engines such as,, or (which the book mentions) effectively help you to discover these sites without the book. Simply type in whatever you are interested in and the various websites will be revealed.

The book is good to have as a handy reference and I will keep it close to my computer. I think this is worth the money however only if you are a beginner on the computer.

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